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Bad Milo (2013)

  • Rate: 5.4/10 total 854 votes 
  • Genre: Comedy | Horror
  • Runtime: 85 min
  • Gross: $12,346 (USA) (11 October 2013)
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Bad Milo (2013)

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  • IMDb page: Bad Milo (2013)
  • Rate: 5.4/10 total 854 votes 
  • Genre: Comedy | Horror
  • Runtime: 85 min
  • Gross: $12,346 (USA) (11 October 2013)
  • Director: Jacob Vaughan
  • Stars: Ken Marino, Gillian Jacobs, Patrick Warburton | See full cast and crew »
  • Original Music By: Ted Masur   

Writing Credits By:

    (in alphabetical order)
  • Benjamin Hayes 
  • Jacob Vaughan 

Known Trivia

    Plot: A horror comedy centered on a guy who learns that his unusual stomach problems are being caused by a demon living in his intestines. Full summary » |  »

    Story: Ken is an average guy who works at an average office job. But he starts to get pains in his stomach whenever he feels stressed out. Things get worse every time he tries to just hide his stress, by burying it inside. It all comes to a head when that “stress” is turned in to an actual little beast that exits his body via his butt and takes revenge on the things that stress him out. But it soon starts to threaten the one thing he loves, his wife. Written byMichael Hallows Eve

    FullCast & Crew

    Produced By:

    • Gabriel Cowan known as producer
    • Jay Duplass known as executive producer
    • Mark Duplass known as executive producer
    • Clay Floren known as executive producer
    • Jack Heller known as executive producer
    • Kerry Johnson known as executive producer
    • John Norris known as executive producer
    • Michelle Poole known as line producer
    • Adele Romanski known as producer
    • Aimee Shieh known as executive producer
    • Dallas Sonnier known as executive producer
    • John Suits known as producer

    FullCast & Crew:

    • Ken Marino known as Duncan
    • Gillian Jacobs known as Sarah
    • Mary Kay Place known as Beatrice
    • Claudia Choi known as Jillian
    • Toby Huss known as Dr. Yeager
    • Patrick Warburton known as Phil
    • Erik Charles Nielsen known as Allistair
    • Peter Stormare known as Highsmith
    • Kumail Nanjiani known as Bobbi
    • Steve Zissis known as Dr. Yip / Milo (voice)
    • Jake Broder known as Bradley
    • Jonathan Daniel Brown known as Joey
    • Nick Jaine known as Abhilash
    • Dee Baldus known as Diane
    • Diana Toshiko known as Brittany
    • Tisha French known as Susan
    • Stephen Root known as Roger
    • Sergio Enrique known as FBI Agent #1
    • Holly Kaplan known as Wife #1
    • Wayne Hellstrom known as Dr. Hatch
    • Adrian Quinonez known as Janitor
    • David Herman known as Ralph (voice)
    • Sashen Naicker known as Indian Husband
    • Russell Becker known as Angry Office Worker (uncredited)
    • Tommy Shayne Manfredi known as Office Worker Tom (uncredited)
    • Chris Mervyn known as Indian Husband (uncredited)
    • Marguerite Nocera known as Wife (uncredited)
    • Chris Nuñez known as Office Temp (uncredited)
    • David Jason Perez known as Mover (uncredited)
    • Brendan Wynne known as Office Worker (uncredited)



    Supporting Department

    Makeup Department:
    • Justin Raleigh known as special make-up effects supervisor
    • Martha G. Sanchez known as makeup artist
    • Hugo Villasenor known as key makeup/hair

    Art Department:

    • Blanca Casas known as set dresser
    • Tenniel Chu known as leadman
    • Sarah Farmer known as art coordinator
    • Taylor Jean known as swing gang
    • Taylor Moore known as set dresser
    • Vasilia Niles known as props
    • Chauncey Pierce known as storyboard artist
    • J.D. Ramage known as set dresser
    • Alex Sparks known as set dresser
    • Matthew Young known as property master




    Production Companies:

    • New Artists Alliance
    • Floren Shieh Productions
    • Duplass Brothers Productions

    Other Companies:

    • ABS Payroll & Production Accounting Services  payroll services
    • Central City Studio  set and props provided by
    • Lotus Post  sound post-production
    • Ramo Law PC  production legal services (as Law Offices of Elsa Ramo)


    • Magnet Releasing (2013) (USA) (theatrical)
    • Magnolia Home Entertainment (2013) (USA) (DVD)
    • Rialto Distribution (2013) (Australia) (DVD)
    • Rialto Distribution (2013) (New Zealand) (DVD)



    Other Stuff

    Special Effects:

    • 11:11 Mediaworks (visual effects and titles)
    • Fractured FX (special make-up effects and creature creation)

    Visual Effects by:

    • Teague Chrystie known as visual effects artist
    • Bo Howe known as visual effects artist
    • Roger Nall known as visual effects supervisor
    • Kevin J. Williams known as vfx supervisor: Locktix

    MPAA: Rated R for bloody comic horror violence, and for language and some sexual content



    Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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    Voyou Nobodysbusiness from Turkey says:

    I watched that due to IMDb reviews comparing it to Gremlins or KillerClowns from Outer Space. My bad.

    I gave up after half an hour of poop humour. And not a single smile. Ican only take so much anus-centred jokes in so short a time span.

    Comparing that dumb script to some of the most imaginative movies Ihave ever seen doesn't make any sense to me. Apart for the lack ofideas and surprises, the direction and acting are also largelyinferior, albeit decent. Either that, or the cast does a good jobportraying unbelievable characters as requested by their director, Iwonder. Nobody seems real, instead they feel like people from a dream.In short, I didn't feel involved at all, and at the same time I was putoff by the monomaniacal childish scatology.

    At least, it's technically good enough to avoid the lowest note.

    jondpilgrim from Austin, Tx says:

    Clearly the guy who reviewed this hilarious film right before me didn'tget the point. It's SUPPOSED to be a little corny, campy and retarded:It's about a really nice guy, albeit a very stressed out nice guy, whogenetically inherits this adorably scary "turd guy" that comfortablylives inside his colon. This Lil' guy is so cute, but naturally causesall kinds of stomach/anxiety problems. His stress and aggravationphysically manifest themselves as this lil' guy, and when he's had toomuch (and can't take it anymore) his "turd guy" slides out and dealswith it, almost always ending in murder.

    There's of course more to it, but it would be pointless to describe. Ifyou have a sense of humor and a couple hours to kill I highly recommendthis film. The cast was great, script was tight and didn't stay in oneplace long enough for the audience to get bored, and the cinematographywas surprisingly beautiful.

    Bollywood_Stoolsoftener ( from New Delhi says:

    This film is profound on so many levels (whether you agree or not isyour opinion – the fact is that it is) but at the same time it doesn'twant you to read too much into it. The ending is the main thing thattotally blows you away. This film is not crap. It is a significantpiece of cinematic art. How to gather all the pieces of it together inorder to describe it cohesively, I don't know, but that is not to saythat it leads to nowhere. Though, that's not to say it doesn't either.There is a painting in the Cincinnati Art Museum that reminds me of itsstructure. It is apparently a portrait of the subconscious, colors,shapes and vectors seemingly exploding from an unassuming black dot inthe middle. But what makes the film so astonishing is not simply itsexplosive, hyper-colorful, surprising, non-sequitary, often joyouslysacrilegious juxtapositions, for it could hardly hold one's provocationthroughout its entirety. The subject matter of which it's wildlycomposed is what ignites the spark.

    Most people who have seen this movie ARE, in fact, intellectuals. Let'sface it – mainstream films are mindless violence or idiotic teen movies- not much more. I looked for this film because I found Nolan's entireourve and the works of Edgar Wright highly appealing.

    Xander Othen from U.K says:

    Well I wasn't expecting much from this movie, maybe a cheap laugh ortwo. What I got was an enjoyable, highly entertaining, fun movie. Theconcept is stupid, but of course, that's the point and just adds to thecharm. The way in which its done means it never really goes over thetop or for the easy laugh. I think this is a well written and very wellacted movie. There's a host of familiar faces on show, Peter Stormare(Fargo), Gillian Jacobs (Community) and Patrick Warburton (Rules ofEngagement) to name a few. I felt this movie to be very much from asimilar vein as Gremlins even down to Milo himself who reminded of aShaved Gizmo. Just Fantastic, highly recommend.

    jffphllps86 says:

    When presented with the plot of "Bad Milo" one can't help be a littlecautious. A movie about a "butt monster" doesn't seem like the mostpalatable of premises. But in spite of initial misgivings, this moviewas a pleasant surprise.

    I really thought this movie was going to be more in line with some ofLloyd Kaufman's Troma flicks after seeing the trailer online. I wasprepared for a plethora of poop and penis jokes with little emphasis onstory or characters. But what I ended up witnessing was an oddlycharming blend of "Basket Case", "Little Shop of Horrors" and"Gremlins."

    Ken Marino is a perfectly affable bumbling lead. His development andinternal struggle (in more ways than one) with fatherhood are thecenterpiece of the movie. I was quite impressed with all the supportingcast as well(Peter Stormare was exceptionally funny.)

    After all the blood-splattering and crude jokes you're left with oneoddly sentimental story that may even bring a tear to your eye.

    RevRonster from United States says:

    I really, really, really, really, (one more) really liked this film!It's just brilliant and it did its satire of the horror genreunbelievably perfect! It's easy to not be able to look past that thisfilm is about a monster living where the sun doesn't shine in anoverworked and under-appreciated man but this film is so much more thanbottom of the barrel poop jokes. Everything about this film–the tone,the story's build-up and scare gags–all harken back to monster/puppethorror/dark comedy movies of old like "Basket Case" and "Gremlins."This movie is a loving representation of such works and the productiondid it so well.

    Ken Marino–established funnyman and leading man in this film–showedhe has the ability to headline a film and carry it to epic proportionsas he was just amazing to watch and was hysterical without having to besilly. Seriously, all it took from him was a single sign of exhaustionover his situation and my sides split open. And then when you add thefantastic cast that had Patrick Warburton, Peter Stormare and StephenRoot (to name a few), you have a movie with a recipe for success!

    "Bad Milo" is a dark comedy done incredibly right!

    Farid_Hijab_Nadweed from Lapjat says:

    BAD MILO is, for what it is, what Tarantino aspires to without avail.

    That's not to say it is technically proficient or boasts particularlygood performances from its actors. But it's intelligent, creepy andviciously horrific.

    A young man, Ken is an ordinary guy who works an average office job.But it starts to get a pain in his stomach whenever he feels stressedout. Things are getting worse every time he was trying to only Hidestress him, by burial at home. It all comes to a climax when runningthe "tension" in the actual to وحشا bit that exits the body through thebutt and takes revenge on the things that stresses him out. But it soonbegins to threaten the likes one thing and his wife.. Now the pair isin Manhattan, to do away with the doctors who performed the operation.

    The very premise is as bizarre and sordid as any one can imagine. Andthe movie doesn't disappoint. Everything is washed out with red andblue neon, every location is dirty and grungy, every character istwisted or crazed. The movie jerks the viewer's emotions aroundbrutally, going from silly to grim to nightmarish to funny tohorrifying to tragic. It may take the movie a little while to sink in.If you allow it to, it will leave you speechless at all times.

    BAD MILO is a classic of exploitation cinema. It's as gruesome as anysplatter movie and sleazy as any grindhouse porno, but it's far betterwritten and crafted than most of its type. It's a nightmare not unlikeDavid Lynch's ERASERHEAD, but with a more EC-comics feel. If a mixtureof sleaze, extreme gore, expressionism and poetic justice are your cupof tea, don't pass up on yhis thing we call BAD MILO!

    DrMovieKMDB ( from InterWebz says:

    Now i have to say movies like this are all to rare. This is a moviethat you can compare to "Troll" and"Killer Klowns From Outer Space". ijust LOVED this movie, but i am truly sick in the head 😀 The story wasperfectly psychopathic and twisted.. kinda like me 😀

    When i saw this i was amazed by how they actually are able to make amovie to look like it was a B Movie from the eighties, I really want tosee more movies like this but as stated the most of them where made inthe eighties :/

    I recommend this movie to everyone liking Really SICK B Movies

    This movie gets 8.5/10 Stars!!!

    Michael 'Hallows Eve' Smillie from New Zealand says:

    This movie was quite well done. It had great old-school effects andcreature effects which I loved, as it was a throwback to movies likeCRITTERS and GREMLINS – except more "Adult" orientated. I was happywatching this film from start to finish and I laughed out loud at someparts. Milo (the creature) is kind of cute in some parts of the film,and you kind of grow to like him, even though you know he is going tokill people. Ken Marino plays the part of 'Ken' very well, for me hekeeps this movie rolling along nicely. And with people like PeterStormare and Patrick Warburton in it, this film is a very goodcomedy/horror. I give it a good 7.5 out of 10.

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