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Devious, Inc. (2009)

  • Rate: 3.1/10 total 31 votes 
  • Genre: Musical
  • Release Date: 2011 (USA)
  • Runtime: USA:90 min
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Devious, Inc. (2009)

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  • IMDb page: Devious, Inc. (2009)
  • Rate: 3.1/10 total 31 votes 
  • Genre: Musical
  • Release Date: 2011 (USA)
  • Runtime: USA:90 min
  • Budget: $30,000(estimated)
  • Director: xuxE
  • Stars: Jimmy Rider, Monique Jenkinson and Meg O'Connor
  • Original Music By: Jaswho?  xuxE   
  • Soundtrack: Fight-Ballad
  • Sound Mix: Stereo

Writing Credits By:

  • Kia Resnick (screenplay) and
  • Bryan Snowden (screenplay)
  • xuxE  story

Known Trivia

    Plot: Ron Everett just wasn't cut out to be a shoe farmer. All his life, he's dreamed of bright lights, glamor… See more »  »

    Story: Ron Everett just wasn't cut out to be a shoe farmer. All his life, he's dreamed of bright lights, glamor, riches, success and fabulous hair. But alas, he is slated to inherit the family footwear farm, prime responsibility for a horde of younger siblings for whom the farm provides sole support, and a life of drudgery in the orthopedic sandal and work boot fields… unless he can make it big in New Cityville in just one week!Written by Kia Resnick  


    Synopsis: The story opens with flashback prologue in which Grandpa Zeke regales the vast, multiracial Everett clan with the Legend of the Magic Sparkly Shoes that Changed Everything. It’s an epic tale: a natural disaster, a secret, and the most fabulous shoes since the dawn of time. But that was long ago – the sparkly shoes are now extinct, and the child Ron sadly scans the endless fields of serviceable but clunky orthopedicswhy oh why must he live in such a dull world, a world where shoes don’t shine? The legend ends with a small ray of hope as Grandpa Zeke intones, ‘Well, now, some folks say there’s one pair left, out there somewhere.’

    Monday. Ron Everett trudges the fields with his clipboard, flashing back to a childhood of not fitting in, longing for a different life. He is ripped from his daydreams by the sight of Ma and Pa Everett, suitcases packed, about to retire, in Florida, leaving him in charge. Noooo! Ron’s agonized yell echoes across the landscape. He burst into song, tearing off his overalls to reveal a zoot suit underneath. Seeing the depth of his anguish, his parents agree to stay for one more week so Ron can go to the nearby metropolis and seek fame and fortune.

    Ron steps off a bus in New Cityville later that very morning with but a dime to his name. Fortunately, he secures immediate employment at a high-class footwear emporium, De La Sole, where his facility for matching people with the shoes of their dreams attracts the attention of a cute Latina co-worker, Lupita.

    Suddenly, Ron is entranced by the entrance of a fantabulous mystery woman with an intimidating entourage. She is most clearly in a league of her own, with an impeccable, sophisticated style.

    All other customers fade back as the clerks, respectfully murmuring, ‘Hello, Bitch,’ proffer sleek designer pumps, but only Ron presents the most perfect pairs. Without a word, Bitch accepts Ron’s selections, then sweeps out of the store, flunkies following. For the first time, Ron has seen true fabulosity in real life. He adores Bitch; But who is she?

    Tuesday brings bad news: the Shanghai shoe market has crashed and De La Sole is defunct. Ron is out of a job, but someone has to deliver Bitch’s purchases! Ron makes his way to her lavish office at Ms BigStuff, Inc, where he hopes to secure employment for himself and Lupitabut the poor boy has no idea what kind of business Bitch is in! Bitch’s global conglomerate runs like clockwork under her strict control.

    But could Bitch be under the thumb of her mother, the infamous Ms BigStuff herself, who sees business competition mounting and is not at all pleased? Could Bitch be dreaming of something besides running the family business? In her office, Bitch lovingly tends a tiny bonsai and stares wistfully at her travel posters. Perhaps she also finds solace in the pair of wondrous glittering shoes encased in clear Lucite and spot-lit on a stand beside her desk.. When Ron arrives at Bitch’s office with her new Shoe Supreme delivery, he barely has time to take it all in and say ‘Hello, Bitch’ before he is swiftly escorted out the front door.

    Ron wonders if all is lost when he is tossed into the alley by Ms BigStuff’s security, until he spies a poster on a nearby post and thinks he may have his lucky break after all. Ron rushes back to Lupita with a vague but exciting plan: they will start their own business! With enticements like, ‘Have you always fantasized about your fantasies?’ and ‘Could you, too, be really rich if only you had lots of money?’

    Ron draws a substantial group of prospective employees, and triumphantly reveals the poster’s content: that very week, there is to be a huge, gala contest where all fetish companies are invited to vie for the coveted multi-million-dollar Gigantic MacroHard Corporation contract – before a live audience! and in direct competition with the world-famous Ms BigStuff escorts!! Most people, seeking a more standard opportunity, stalk off, leaving a crew of five unfabulous fetish newbies: a nun, a punk, a housewife and a scientist.

    Undaunted, Ron and Lupita spend Wednesday putting together costumes. Fortunately, Lupita is a fashion designer-wannabe and has a closet full of failed creations that Ron configures into fetish outfits. Inexperienced but enthusiastic, each member is assigned a kink, and they practice, using household objects. Ron and Lupita officially register their new company: Devious, Inc. New Cityville’s newest fetish business is born.

    Thursday, the two-night contest begins! Team Devious watches, stunned, as fetish practitioners, including the slick Ms BigStuff pros, strut their heart-stopping stuff for the MacroHard judges. During a sumo-fetish performance, with much floor shaking and stomping, the scoreboard malfunctions. A scatterbrained scorekeeper reassembles the board and places Devious, Inc., along with Ms BigStuff, as first-round winners. They haven’t even performed, but no one notices!

    The stage is reconfigured while the Devious team trembles, utterly stunned. Before they can speak, a giant Wheel of Fetish is rolled out, which spins for the head-to-head competition with the most fabulous escorts on the planet from Team Big Stuff. Bitch orchestrates, strutting the stage, dazzling in the sexy, sparkling shoes. Devious, Inc. loses miserably, in every category from food fetish to latex, then slinks off to Lupita’s to drown their humiliation in cheap beer.

    Ron’s week is running out, and only a miracle can save him from the shoe fields. How can his untrained team possibly prevail? Ron dozes on the couch. In a haze of exhaustion and frustration, Grandpa Zeke’s legend returns to him in a dream. Magic. Shoes. Sparkly shoes. Ron wakes and hatches a mad, desperate plan: they must steal the magic shoesperhaps they are the real key to Bitch’s unstoppable success?!

    Will Ron and his team of misfits make their Devious dreams come true? Or will Bitch, heir extraordinaire to Ms. BigStuff’s glorious fetish escort empire, continue to dominate the industry?


    FullCast & Crew

    Produced By:

    • Stephen Byrne known as executive producer
    • Monique Jenkinson known as associate producer
    • Debbie Rakotomalala known as associate producer
    • Michael Soldier known as associate producer
    • Samantha Sullivan known as co-producer
    • Samantha Sullivan known as executive producer
    • Romanus Wolter known as co-producer
    • xuxE known as executive producer

    FullCast & Crew:

    • Jimmy Rider known as Ron Everett
    • Monique Jenkinson known as Bitch
    • Meg O'Connor known as Lupita
    • Stefanie Goldstein known as Rosalinda MonPepperoni (as Stephanie Hornby)
    • Hossam Albazian known as Limo Driver
    • Marc Alexander known as Head of Security
    • Shelah Barr known as Spacegirl
    • Jazon Blasher known as Ron Everett – Age 12
    • Andrew Bradshow known as Everett Kid
    • Laureen Briggs known as Shoe Store Customer / Devil-Ettes
    • Devi Buchmiller-Luna known as Shoe Store Customer / Devil-Ettes
    • Steve Budd known as Hellvetica's Client
    • Kim Burly known as Ursula Manfrey
    • Steve Byrne known as Chet's Client / Talk Show Host
    • Aaron Calimlim known as Everett Family
    • Darlene Calimlim known as Everett Family
    • Lito Calimlim known as Everett Family
    • Sean Calimlim known as Everett Kid
    • Miss Trixxie Carr known as Showgirl
    • Goldie Chan known as Bathories' Victim
    • Maggie Connard known as Shoe Store Customer / Devil-Ettes
    • Daisy known as Steve the Bunny
    • Pollo Del Mar known as Hellvetica Van Dyke
    • Arlene Del Orbe known as Bathories
    • Cookie Dough known as Barbi Bustimi
    • Michael Duca known as Radio Newscaster V.O. / Lateck's Twin Client
    • Sofia Vittoria Fields known as Everett Kid
    • S. Carol Forward known as Kissing Woman
    • Tarisai Garande known as Mop Lady
    • Kristin Goldsmith known as Shoe Store Customer / Devil-Ettes
    • Justin Green known as Pedestrian
    • Conner Habib known as Bang Cocks / Kinky Commandoes / Booty Buccaneers
    • Jody Handley known as Shoe Store Customer / Devilettes
    • Ranae Michelle Hanks known as Bathories / Spacegirl
    • Christa Hill known as Pedestrian
    • Eric Holter known as Shabadoo Moncreif
    • Devon Hood known as Audience
    • Hooper known as Dog
    • L. Ron Hubby known as Latex Twin
    • Sharon Huff known as Candidate
    • Barbara Jue known as Bag Lady
    • D.C. Kasundra known as Artist (as Digant Kasundra)
    • Kegel Kater known as Mint Tulip
    • Callum Keith-King known as Mr. Bigstuff's Lackey
    • Niki Khanna known as Nail Technician (as Nicole Khanna)
    • Austin Lai known as Everett Kid
    • Julianna Lai known as Everett Kid
    • Nicolas Lai known as Everett Family
    • Ranae Michelle Lee known as Spacegirl
    • Gavin Lustre known as Rosalinda's Client
    • Mychael Mann known as Farm Family
    • Christen McClelland known as Everett Family
    • Sally McLeod known as Ma Everett
    • Nolan Mecham known as Manager: Jesus
    • Todd Royal Minson known as Mint Tulip' Client
    • Shona Mitchell known as Shoe Store Customer / Devil-Ettes
    • Anjie Myma known as Vainan Tite
    • Cher Nobyl known as Everett Family / Bang Cocks / Kinky Commandoes / Booty Buccaneers
    • Nsa Ntuk known as Racquel
    • Sandra O. Noshi-Di'n't known as Kamera Ho
    • Unique Parsha known as Fashionista
    • Sean 'Goofy' Patton known as Sumo
    • Jamie Pickard known as Shoe Store Customer / Devil-Ettes
    • Joe Pierce known as Santa
    • Steve Potts known as Featherman
    • Debbie Rakotomalala known as Sister Agnes
    • Suzanne Ramsey known as Intermission Act (as Kitten on the Keys)
    • Kate Richards known as Mint Tulip
    • Diane Rinella known as Space Girl / Galactigogo
    • Mark Roman known as Serena's Client
    • Mark Roman known as Serena's Client
    • Brian Sanderson known as Hope Itgowzup
    • Chad Saxelid known as Rosalinda's Husband
    • Don Schwartz known as Sister Agnes' Client
    • Jeromey Shafer known as Ski bum
    • Brett Sharenow known as Security / Bus Driver V.O.
    • Mark Shepard known as Pa Everett / Contest Announcer V.O.
    • Cooper Simpkins known as Everett Family
    • Michael Soldier known as Ms. Big Stuff / Kinky Commandoes Victim / Narrator
    • Art Stoll known as Audience
    • BeBe Sweetbriar known as Lateck's Twin / Lola
    • Sarah Rose Thomas known as Serena
    • Jeremiah Turner known as Sashimi's Client
    • Bert van Aalsburg known as Audience
    • Claudia Vittora known as Farm Family
    • Kenshi Westover known as Sashimi Aperatif
    • Sandra White known as Everett Family
    • Justin Whitney known as Chet
    • Jason Williams known as Grandpa Zeke
    • Rock Williams known as Everett Kid
    • Zen Williams known as Everett Kid / Farm Kid
    • Romanus Wolter known as Businessman
    • Andrew Zivic known as Pedestrian
    • Kerry Zobel known as Shoe Store Customer / Devil-Ettes



    Supporting Department

    Makeup Department:

    • Monique Jenkinson known as special makeup effects artist
    • Kegel Kater known as special makeup effects artist
    • Christen McClelland known as key hair stylist
    • Christen McClelland known as makeup artist
    • Ric Ray known as hair stylist
    • Michael Soldier known as special makeup effects artist
    • Kenshi Westover known as special makeup effects artist

    Art Department:

    • Conrad Cimarra known as graphic design
    • Ken Gulley known as set builder
    • Kegel Kater known as props
    • Samantha Sullivan known as set designer




    Production Companies:

    • Hella Fresh Films
    • Scary Cow Productions (in association with)

    Other Companies:

    • De La Sole Footwear  the producers wish to thank (as De La Sole Shoe Store)
    • Queer Ballroom, The  the producers wish to thank
    • Temple Nightclub  the producers wish to thank



    Other Stuff

    Visual Effects by:

    • Sergey Berezin known as visual effects artist
    • David Davis known as visual effects artist
    • Brian Doom known as visual effects artist
    • John Pilgrim known as visual effects artist
    • Diane Rinella known as visual effects graphics
    • Drew Stephens known as visual effects artist

    Release Date:

    • USA 2011



    Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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