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Dredd (2012)

  • Rate: 7.2/10 total 45,472 votes 
  • Genre: Action | Crime | Sci-Fi | Thriller
  • Release Date: 21 September 2012 (USA)
  • Runtime: 95 min
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Dredd (2012)

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  • IMDb page: Dredd (2012)
  • Rate: 7.2/10 total 45,472 votes 
  • Genre: Action | Crime | Sci-Fi | Thriller
  • Release Date: 21 September 2012 (USA)
  • Runtime: 95 min
  • Filming Location: Cape Town Film Studios, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
  • Budget: $50,000,000(estimated)
  • Gross: $13,401,683(USA)(28 October 2012)
  • Director: Pete Travis
  • Stars: Karl Urban, Olivia Thirlby and Lena Headey|See full cast and crew
  • Original Music By: Paul Leonard-Morgan   
  • Soundtrack: Jubilee (Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around)
  • Sound Mix: Datasat | Dolby Digital
  • Plot Keyword: Judge | Executioner | Jury | Metropolis | Rookie

Writing Credits By:

  • John Wagner (characters) and
  • Carlos Ezquerra (characters)
  • Alex Garland (screenplay)

Known Trivia

  • Duncan Jones was offered the film, but turned it down, not because he didn’t like the Alex Garland script (Jones said it was great), but because he had such a strong idea of what he wanted to do with a Dredd movie, that he felt he could not bring himself to take it on and not do it his way.
  • Unlike the previous Judge Dredd movie, Karl Urban has confirmed that the helmet will never come off to keep true to the comic book character.
  • Michael Biehn auditioned for the lead role.
  • The Peach Tree block is named after a restaurant in Shrewsbury, the place where screenwriter Alex Garland and Judge Dredd creator John Wagner first met to discuss the film.
  • Judge Joe Dredd is a fictional character whose comic strip in the British science fiction anthology 2000 AD is the magazine’s longest running, having been featured there since its second issue in 1977. Dredd is a law enforcement officer in a violent North American city of the future where uniformed Judges combine the powers of police, judge, jury and executioner. Dredd and his fellow Judges are empowered to arrest, sentence, and even execute criminals on the spot. The character was created by writer John Wagner and artist Carlos Ezquerra, although editor Pat Mills also deserves some credit for early development.
  • The graffiti throughout Peach Trees contains the names of characters that appear in the Judge Dredd strip, such as Chopper and Kenny Who?
  • With the exception of Peach Trees, the city blocks are named after notable 2000 AD creators and characters.
  • In the Judge Dredd comic strip, all blocks are given names relevant to some form of connection to the creators, the inspiration for the characters/story or current affairs at the time of writing. The nearest block to Peach Trees, where the film is set, is ‘Sternhammer’- which is visible in the opening scenes and at the end of the film. It is also referred to as being where one of the Ma-Ma clan’s rivals are based. Wulf Sternhammer was a popular recurring character in the Strontium Dog comic strip in 2000 AD, which shared many writers to Judge Dredd and has even had cross over stories.
  • Karl Urban’s voice for Dredd is comparable to that of Clint Eastwood. The character of Judge Dredd is in fact partly based on Eastwood’s character of Dirty Harry Callahan from the film Dirty Harry, while the initial look of the character was partly inspired by the original poster art depicting the David Carradine character of Frankenstein from Roger Corman’s original Death Race 2000. In the comics, as a tribute to Eastwood’s strong influence on the character, Judge Dredd lives in Rowdy Yates Block, which was the name of the character Eastwood played in the TV series Rawhide.
  • The Chief Judge is not referred to by name in the film. In appearance she is a combination of Chief Judges MacGruder and Silver, and the setting (the boundary wall and the Fergee memorials are both referred to) would place the time of the film in Mega City history as Macgruder’s first period in office.

Goofs: Miscellaneous: The character MaMa (played by Lena Heady) has a scarred face. In some scenes the scar looks different than in others.

Plot: In a violent, futuristic city where the police have the authority to act as judge, jury and executioner, a cop teams with a trainee to take down a gang that deals the reality-altering drug, SLO-MO. Full summary »  »

Story: The future America is an irradiated waste land. On its East Coast, running from Boston to Washington DC, lies Mega City One – a vast, violent metropolis where criminals rule the chaotic streets. The only force of order lies with the urban cops called "Judges" who possess the combined powers of judge, jury and instant executioner. Known and feared throughout the city, Dredd is the ultimate Judge, challenged with ridding the city of its latest scourge – a dangerous drug epidemic that has users of "Slo-Mo" experiencing reality at a fraction of its normal speed. During a routine day on the job, Dredd is assigned to train and evaluate Cassandra Anderson, a rookie with powerful psychic abilities thanks to a genetic mutation. A heinous crime calls them to a neighborhood where fellow Judges rarely dare to venture – a 200 storey vertical slum controlled by prostitute turned drug lord Ma-Ma and her ruthless clan…Written by Production  


Synopsis: The future United States is an irradiated wasteland known as the Cursed Earth. On the east coast lies Mega-City One, a violent metropolis with 800 million residents and 17,000 crimes reported daily. There, an addictive new drug called "Slo-Mo" has been introduced, which slows the user’s perception of time to 1% of normal. The only force for order are the Judges, who act as judge, jury and executioner. Judge Dredd is tasked by the Chief Judge with evaluating new recruit Cassandra Anderson, a powerful psychic who failed the aptitude tests to be a Judge.In Peach Trees, a 200-storey slum tower block, drug lord Madeline Madrigal, also known as "Ma-Ma", executes three rogue drug dealers by having them skinned, infused with Slo-Mo and thrown down the atrium from the top floor. Dredd and Anderson are sent in to investigate and learn of a drug den, which they raid. They arrest a thug named Kay, whom Anderson’s mind probe reveals to be the one who carried out the drug dealers’ execution. Dredd decides to take him in for questioning. In response, Ma-Ma’s forces seize the tower’s security control room and seal the building, using its blast shields under the pretence of a security test, preventing the Judges from leaving or summoning help.

Ma-Ma orders Dredd and Anderson killed, and the Judges fight their way through dozens of armed thugs. Arriving at the 76th floor, the Judges are assaulted by Ma-Ma and her men with miniguns that rip through the walls, killing numerous residents. By breaching a damaged outer wall, the Judges become able to call for backup. Meanwhile, Ma-Ma sends her henchman Caleb to confirm the Judges’ deaths, but when they meet, Dredd throws Caleb off the tower in full view of Ma-Ma.

Dredd suspects Ma-Ma is desperate to keep Kay quiet and beats him for information. Anderson intervenes and uses her psychic abilities to read Kay’s mind and learn that Peach Trees is the centre of Slo-Mo production and distribution. Anderson suggests they hide while awaiting assistance but Dredd insists they move up the tower and pursue Ma-Ma. Judges Volt and Guthrie respond to Dredd’s call, but Ma-Ma’s computer expert denies them entry by persuading them the call is part of the security drill. A pair of armed teens confront Dredd and Anderson, allowing Kay to disarm Anderson and escape with her as hostage. He brings her to Ma-Ma’s base on the top floor.

While Dredd works his way toward Ma-Ma, she bribes the corrupt Judges Lex, Kaplan, Chan and Alvarez to kill Dredd. Dredd encounters Chan and is suspicious that he does not ask about Anderson’s status. Seeing his cover blown, Chan attacks Dredd, who kills him. Meanwhile, Kay tries to execute Anderson with her own weapon, but the pistol’s DNA scanner does not recognize him and blows his arm off. Anderson escapes and later encounters Kaplan, whom she promptly kills after reading her mind. Elsewhere, Dredd kills Alvarez but runs out of ammunition, and Lex shoots him in the abdomen. Lex moves in to execute Dredd, but Dredd stalls him long enough for Anderson to arrive and kill Lex.

Anderson and Dredd obtain the code to Ma-Ma’s apartment from her hacker and confront her. Ma-Ma tells Dredd that in the case of her death, a device on her wrist will detonate explosives on the top floors, destroying the building. Dredd reasons that the detonator’s signal will not reach the explosives from the ground floor, so he forces Ma-Ma to inhale Slo-Mo and throws her down the atrium to her death.

In the aftermath, Anderson accepts that she has failed her evaluation by getting disarmed, and leaves. The Chief Judge asks Dredd about Anderson’s performance; he responds that she has passed.


FullCast & Crew

Produced By:

  • Michael Elson known as co-executive producer
  • Stuart Ford known as executive producer
  • Alex Garland known as producer
  • Chris Kingsley known as co-producer
  • Jason Kingsley known as co-producer
  • Andrew Macdonald known as producer
  • Michael S. Murphey known as co-producer
  • Deepak Nayar known as executive producer
  • Allon Reich known as producer
  • Adi Shankar known as executive producer
  • Joanne Smith known as associate producer
  • John Wagner known as consulting producer

FullCast & Crew:

  • Karl Urban known as Judge Dredd
  • Rachel Wood known as Control Operator 1
  • Andile Mngadi known as Passenger
  • Porteus Xandau Steenkamp known as Driver
  • Jason Cope known as Zwirner
  • Emma Breschi known as Hostage
  • Olivia Thirlby known as Anderson
  • Rakie Ayola known as Chief Judge
  • Lena Headey known as Ma-Ma
  • Tamer Burjaq known as Ma-Ma Bodyguard
  • Warrick Grier known as Caleb
  • Wood Harris known as Kay
  • Shoki Mokgapa known as Woman with Child
  • Yohan Chun known as Girl in Window
  • Eden Knowles known as Girl in Window
  • Desmond Lai Lan known as Homeless Man
  • Deobia Oparei known as Paramedic TJ
  • Patrick Lyster known as Control Operator 2
  • Travis Snyders known as Slo-Mo Junkie
  • Chad Phillips known as Slo-Mo Junkie
  • Domhnall Gleeson known as Clan Techie
  • Joe Vaz known as Big Joe
  • Scott Sparrow known as Japhet
  • Martin Kintu known as Big Joe Gang Member
  • Nicole Bailey known as Cathy
  • Daniel Hadebe known as Judge at Entrance
  • Francis Chouler known as Judge at Entrance
  • Junior Singo known as Amos
  • Luke Tyler known as Freel
  • Langley Kirkwood known as Judge Lex
  • Edwin Perry known as Judge Alvarez
  • Karl Thaning known as Judge Chan
  • Michele Levin known as Judge Kaplan
  • Allen Irwin known as Slo Mo Den Leader (uncredited)
  • Brandon Livanos known as Member of the coyote clan (uncredited)
  • Santi Scinelli known as Resyck Man (uncredited)



Supporting Department

Makeup Department:

  • Talia Barak known as makeup artist
  • Kerry Skelton known as key makeup artist
  • Clinton Smith known as prosthetic consultant
  • Simone Stubbs known as makeup artist
  • Megan Tanner known as hair designer
  • Megan Tanner known as makeup designer
  • Francesca Van Der Feyst known as key hair stylist
  • Francesca Van Der Feyst known as makeup artist
  • Jenna Wyatt known as makeup artist: dailies

Art Department:

  • Lorraine Alvarez known as conceptual designer: hero concept art
  • Alex Baily known as draughtsman
  • Zayne Bartley known as leatherworker
  • Anneke Botha known as set dresser
  • Faye Brinkworth known as graphics assistant
  • Lars Canty known as conceptual artist
  • Rob Carlisle known as fabricator
  • Graeme Cowie known as conceptual designer: hero concept art
  • Katrina Dunn known as stand-by art director
  • Silke Eckard known as set dresser
  • Lize Gene Gerneke known as art department assistant
  • Kyle Grobbelaar known as art department runner
  • Kathy Heaser known as graphic artist
  • Daniël Hugo known as conceptual designer: hero concept art
  • Andre Human known as concept artist
  • Andre Human known as storyboard artist
  • Jason Human known as concept artist
  • Marit Jansen known as graphic designer
  • Jock known as concept artist
  • Paula Jones known as graphic designer
  • Etienne Maree known as set dresser
  • Aristedes Marinos known as leatherwork supervisor
  • Alicia Grace Martin known as on-set art department assistant
  • Thabile Fabio Mbazwana known as standby set dresser: second unit
  • David McHenry known as lead draughtsman
  • Gary Middlewick known as set dresser
  • Frederick Mpuuga known as storyboard artist
  • Alan Munro known as assistant art director
  • Patrick O'Connor known as assistant art director
  • Tom Olive known as assistant set decorator
  • Catherine Palmer known as draughtsman
  • Daniel Pierce known as fabricator
  • Joe Pistorius known as conceptual designer: hero concept art
  • Amandeep Rahi known as petty cash buyer
  • Mark Risk known as storyboard artist
  • Nigel Salter known as property master: UK shoot
  • William Sharp known as practical lighting technician
  • Pierre Smit known as scenic artist
  • Brendan Smithers known as construction manager
  • Olly Steele known as key armourer
  • Christo Strydom known as art department coordinator
  • Ulf Suhrmuller known as art runner
  • Ulf Suhrmuller known as model maker
  • Cobus Van Der Waal known as set dresser
  • Michael van Kesteren known as concept designer
  • Kerry van Lillienfeld known as property master
  • Mark Walker known as assistant art director
  • Ivan Weightman known as concept artist




Production Companies:

  • DNA Films
  • IM Global
  • Peach Trees
  • Reliance Big Entertainment (financed by)
  • Reliance Big Pictures
  • Rena Film

Other Companies:

  • Ardis DDP  production network
  • Anvil Post Production  foley recording
  • Bickers Action  camera cars
  • Dolby Laboratories  sound mix
  • Fugitive Studios  main title animation
  • Hero Concept Art  conceptual design
  • HireWorks  Avid Nitris DX rental
  • Ignition Print  poster design (uncredited)
  • Kalahari Pictures  production service company
  • Pyranha Stunts  stunt team
  • Sapex Scripts  post production script services
  • WIRED Camera & Stunt Flying Systems  cable cam


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Other Stuff

Special Effects:

  • Baseblack
  • MXFX Special Effects
  • Mark Roberts Motion Control
  • Post Republic, The
  • Prime Focus Film (visual effects)

Visual Effects by:

  • Abubakar Abrar known as stereo rotoscopy supervisor
  • Pranay Agarwal known as digital compositor
  • Carmine Agnone known as 3D generalist td: Baseblack
  • Juan Antonio Alamo known as 3d technical director
  • Dominic Alderson known as lighting technical director
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  • Tim Young known as digital compositor: Baseblack
  • Salvador Zalvidea known as compositor
  • Bruno Fernandes known as digital compositor (uncredited)

Release Date:

  • USA 11 July 2012 (San Diego Comic-Con)
  • Canada 6 September 2012 (Toronto International Film Festival)
  • Ireland 7 September 2012
  • Spain 7 September 2012
  • UK 7 September 2012
  • France 16 September 2012 (L'Étrange Festival)
  • Philippines 19 September 2012
  • Russia 20 September 2012
  • Singapore 20 September 2012
  • Thailand 20 September 2012
  • USA 20 September 2012 (Austin Fantastic Fest)
  • Brazil 21 September 2012
  • Canada 21 September 2012
  • Colombia 21 September 2012
  • Estonia 21 September 2012
  • Iceland 21 September 2012
  • India 21 September 2012
  • Pakistan 21 September 2012
  • Panama 21 September 2012
  • USA 21 September 2012
  • Sweden 26 September 2012 (Lund Fantastisk Film Festival)
  • Cambodia 27 September 2012
  • Denmark 27 September 2012
  • Israel 27 September 2012
  • Kuwait 27 September 2012
  • Portugal 27 September 2012
  • Serbia 27 September 2012 (Belgrade) (premiere)
  • Bulgaria 28 September 2012
  • Mexico 28 September 2012
  • Norway 28 September 2012
  • Poland 28 September 2012
  • Turkey 28 September 2012
  • Venezuela 28 September 2012
  • New Zealand 4 October 2012
  • Argentina 11 October 2012
  • Netherlands 11 October 2012
  • Sweden 12 October 2012
  • Australia 16 October 2012 (Popcorn Taxi)
  • Indonesia 16 October 2012
  • Hong Kong 18 October 2012
  • Australia 25 October 2012
  • Chile 25 October 2012
  • Finland 31 October 2012 (Night Visions Film Festival)
  • Finland 2 November 2012 (limited)
  • El Salvador 9 November 2012
  • Taiwan 9 November 2012
  • Germany 15 November 2012
  • Switzerland 15 November 2012 (German speaking region)
  • Belgium 21 November 2012
  • Hungary 10 January 2013
  • Japan 16 February 2013

MPAA: Rated R for strong bloody violence, language, drug use and some sexual content



Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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