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Flight (2012)

  • Rate: 7.4/10 total 22,791 votes 
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2 November 2012 (USA)
  • Runtime: USA:138 min
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Flight (2012)

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  • IMDb page: Flight (2012)
  • Rate: 7.4/10 total 22,791 votes 
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2 November 2012 (USA)
  • Runtime: USA:138 min
  • Filming Location: Georgia, USA
  • Budget: $31,000,000(estimated)
  • Gross: $89,418,704(USA)(16 December 2012)
  • Director: Robert Zemeckis
  • Stars: Nadine Velazquez, Denzel Washington and Carter Cabassa|See full cast and crew
  • Original Music By: Alan Silvestri   
  • Sound Mix: SDDS | Datasat | Dolby Digital
  • Plot Keyword: Sex | Syringe | Jesus Freak | Cocaine | Baseball Stadium

Writing Credits By:

  • John Gatins (written by)

Known Trivia

  • Olivia Wilde and Dominique McElligott were considered for the role of Nicole.
  • Reunites Denzel Washington and John Goodman, who worked together in Fallen. It also reunites Washington with Don Cheadle, who worked together in Devil in a Blue Dress.
  • Robert Zemeckis’ first live-action movie since Cast Away.
  • The story depicted closely resembles real-life events occurred in 2001, when Canadian Captain Robert Piche skillfully glided a fuel-less Airbus 330 to a safe landing, saving 306 passengers from a certain crash. Becoming an overnight hero, he quickly learned the other side of fame when a journalist exposed his long forgotten criminal past and private life. However the plane never flew inverted. The film mirrors his life story, not the events of the landing
  • This is the first R-rated film to be directed by Robert Zemeckis’ since Used Cars and only the second R-rated film he has directed overall (as of September 2012).
  • According to producers Steve Starkey and Jack Rapke (during a Q&A session with the Producers’ Guild on October 18th, 2012), the primary airplane in the film is a pastiche of several existing commercial airliners so as to not ID a particular plane or airline in the film. Also, no promotional consideration was paid by any of the alcohol brands featured in the movie; they decided to feature beer, wine and hard liquor brands for one shot only so as not to “endorse” any of them.
  • During the NTSB animation of the accident, the aircraft is identified as a JR-88, similar to a MD-88 (which was used for the flying and crash scenes.)
  • When the audience is first introduced to John Goodman’s character, he’s listening to “Sympathy For The Devil”. This song also appeared in Fallen which also starred him and Denzel Washington.
  • When whip first arrives at Nicole’s apartment the rear license plate is visible (GA-CNH320) this is the same fictional plate used on the General Lee in the Dukes of Hazzard.

Goofs: Errors made by characters (possibly deliberate errors by the filmmakers): When Walt asks Margaret to pull the lever that will restore manual power to him during the crash scene, Walt refers to the lever as red when it clearly yellow.

Plot: An airline pilot saves a flight from crashing, but an investigation into the malfunctions reveals something troubling.  »

Story: An airline pilot saves a flight from crashing, but an investigation into the malfunctions reveals something troubling.


Synopsis: Whip Whitaker (Denzel Washington) wakes before it’s time to take off on a new flight, after an evening of drinking and sex with one of his plane’s stewardesses, Katerina Marquez (Nadine Velazquez). Still trying to rouse himself from his hangover, his phone rings, and he answers a call from his ex-wife Deana (Garcelle Beauvais). Deana wants to discuss putting their son through a private school, but Whip doesn’t want to discuss it at the moment, claiming he’ll talk to her about it when he gets back to Atlanta.

While Katerina quickly heads off to the airport to prepare, Whip is unable to collect himself until he snorts a line of cocaine. This wakes him up, and he is next headed to the airport, where rain pounds the building and the airplanes. Whip does a quick inspection of the airplane, then enters into the airplane, speaking with a flight attendant named Margaret (Tamara Tunie), and meeting his co-pilot Ken Evans (Brian Geraghty).

Ken seems a little apprehensive of Whip (who is wearing sunglasses), but goes along with his story that he’s alright to fly. The plane takes off through rain, and Whip pushes it higher and faster, attempting to find a break in the clouds, causing the ride to seem downright turbulent. However, once Whip finds a break in the storm, the plane stabilizes, and the passengers applaud.

Shortly after this, Whip addresses the passengers personally, while secretly pouring some mini-vodka bottles into a bottle of orange juice. After disposing of the bottles, Whip returns to the cockpit, and naps while Ken takes over.

A sudden jolt stirs Whip, before the plane suddenly pitches into an uncontrolled dive. Steering mechanisms don’t respond, and numerous houses can be seen out the window. Staying relatively calm, Whip has the plane’s fuel ditched, before proposing a crazy maneuver: roll the airplane! With Ken and Margaret’s help, Whip inverts the plane upside down, leveling it out, before rolling it to crash-land on its belly in a field near a small church. The impact slams Whip’s head against the steering mechanism, knocking him out.

Whip wakes up in a hospital, where he finds his friend Charlie Anderson (Bruce Greenwood) in the room. Though Charlie claims Whip saved a lot of lives with his maneuver, he tells Whip (off-the-record) that there were 6 deaths, including Katerina.

Shortly afterwards, Whip is visited by an acquaintance of his, Harling Mays (John Goodman). Harling brings Whip some cigarettes and some extra things, and fields Whip’s request for some clothing and items from his house.

Looking for a place to smoke one evening, Whip goes into a stairwell, where he encounters Nicole (Kelly Reilly), a recovering addict. They are soon joined by a cancer patient named Mark Mellon (Tommy Kane). Mark soon realizes who Whip is, and steers the conversation towards God and if disasters can be prevented or not. In Mark’s mind, there’s no way to stop things from happening. To him, he was meant to get cancer, just as much as the three were meant to meet in the stairwell, and Whip was meant to land that plane. After Mark leaves, Whip tells Nicole that he would like to see her after they are released from the hospital, and she gives him her address.

Eventually, Whip is released, and Harling sneaks him out a back way to avoid the press at the front of the hospital. Whip has Harling take him to his father’s old farm house out in the country, where a small cessna resides in a nearby garage. Going through the house, Whip finds all the alcohol stored around the place, and empties them all out.

Whip refuses to respond to any of the messages on his phone, but is surprised when Charlie calls him at the farmhouse, leaving a message to meet him after a check-up in a few days. Whip gives into the request, and sits down with Charlie, and Hugh Lang (Don Cheadle), a lawyer from Chicago. Hugh explains that at the crash site, blood was drawn from Whip, indicating he had an elevated blood alcohol level, and cocaine in his blood. The two indicate to Whip that Hugh is going to fight the findings, but that Whip could face charges of manslaughter, and jail time.

Whip does not handle the news well, and heads off to a liquor store afterwards. He then attempts to find Nicole’s address, and finds her being kicked out of her apartment by the landlord. Whip manages to help her pay her rent, and seeing as she has nowhere to go (and her car won’t start), offers to let her stay with him.

Whip continues to avoid the press, but soon realizes that reputation could be plagued by the others who were around him. At the funeral for Katerina, he meets Margaret, who claims she could tell that Whip was drunk when she encountered him that morning. Whip then starts to get personal, claiming that if not for him, she could have ended up dead as well.

In the hospital, his co-pilot Ken explains he hasn’t told the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), who have been investigating the crash, about his suspicions about Whip’s condition at the time. Even though he may never walk again, Ken and his wife believe that his surviving was a miracle.

Meanwhile, Nicole has been turning her life around, getting a job, and attending an ‘alcoholics anonymous’ meeting. She suggests Whip come along with her, but he is unable to stomach much of the meeting. Shortly afterwards, Nicole finds Whip working on the Cessna in his father’s garage. Whip claims that they can fly away and start over, but Nicole refuses his advancements, and Whip (who has been drinking) angrily yells after her as she leaves.

Eventually, she leaves Whip and he grows even more out-of-control with his drinking. When the press finally find the farm house, he drives off and ends up in the neighborhood of his ex-wife and son. Both demand that he leave, but Whip refuses to listen, causing them to call the Police on him.

Needless to say, Charlie and Hugh are incensed at Whip’s behavior, claiming that this does not bode well for their upcoming case with the NTSB. Even though Hugh has managed to have Whip’s alcohol test thrown out, they still need to have Whip present his side of the story to Ellen Block, the investigator for the NTSB.

Whip gives into their requests to clean up his act, and the evening before the hearing, he is escorted to a hotel room near the presentation. A security guard is stationed at the door, and all traces of alcohol have been cleaned out of the mini-fridge in the room. Whip attempts to relax, but finds himself unable to sleep or even go over the documents that Hugh has prepared for him.

Later on, he hears a thumping sound. He soon find it leads to the room adjoining his, where he finds a fully-stocked mini-fridge with alcohol.

The next day, Charlie and Hugh show up, but when Whip doesn’t answer the door, they find him passed out in the bathroom with a cut on his head, and empty mini-bottles littering the room. With the hearing’s time coming closer, they hatch a bold plan.

They call in Harling Mays, who provides Whip with the cocaine he needs to get himself woken up. After paying off Harling, Whip, Charlie, and High head to the hearing.

During the hearing (with Ellen Block presiding), it is determined that the cause of the plane’s locked dive, was a screw in the tail-section that had not been repaired a few years prior. This seems to exonerate Whip, but Ellen then brings up the findings of two empty mini-liquor bottles in one of the trash cans near the pilot’s cabin. Given the blood-test findings (of which Whip’s has been thrown out), only one other member of the flight crew was found to have drank alcohol: Katerina.

When Ellen asks Whip if it’s possible that Katerina drank the bottles, he hesitates…before confessing that he drank the bottles. Charlie and Hugh attempt to quell Whip’s words, but he confesses to his alcohol problems, claiming that he is drunk at the moment, and has taken cocaine.

After the hearing, we segue into a small group in a prison, with Whip among the prisoners. Whip explains to the others about his confession, and that how it seemed that that moment at the NTSB hearing was his breaking point: he couldn’t tell another lie.

In his time in prison, Whip has become clean of alcohol, and has gained the trust of his ex-wife and son again. His son Will soon after comes to visit him, asking to interview him for a report, to find out more about his father, whom it seems has been absent through much of his life.


FullCast & Crew

Produced By:

  • Laurie MacDonald known as producer
  • Cherylanne Martin known as executive producer
  • Walter F. Parkes known as producer
  • Jack Rapke known as producer
  • Steve Starkey known as producer
  • Robert Zemeckis known as producer

FullCast & Crew:

  • Nadine Velazquez known as Katerina Marquez
  • Denzel Washington known as Whip Whitaker
  • Carter Cabassa known as Son on Plane
  • Adam C. Edwards known as Father on Plane (as Adam Ciesielski)
  • Tamara Tunie known as Margaret Thomason
  • Brian Geraghty known as Ken Evans
  • Kelly Reilly known as Nicole
  • Conor O'Neill known as Kip
  • Charlie E. Schmidt known as Tiki Pot
  • Will Sherrod known as Schecter
  • Boni Yanagisawa known as Camelia Satou
  • Adam Tomei known as Fran
  • Dane Davenport known as Derek Hogue
  • John Crow known as Field Reporter
  • Bruce Greenwood known as Charlie Anderson
  • E. Roger Mitchell known as Craig Matson
  • Ravi Kapoor known as Dr. Kenan
  • John Goodman known as Harling Mays
  • Jill Jane Clements known as Morning Nurse
  • Tommy Kane known as Mark Mellon
  • James Badge Dale known as Gaunt Young Man
  • Don Cheadle known as Hugh Lang
  • Susie Spear Purcell known as Waitress
  • Philip Pavel known as Bartender
  • Piers Morgan known as Himself
  • Jim Tilmon known as Himself
  • Reverend Charles Z. Gardner known as Pentecoastal Minister
  • Peter Gerety known as Avington Carr
  • Tom Nowicki known as Len Caldwell
  • Jason Benjamin known as Carr's Business Guy
  • Ric Reitz known as Carr's Attorney
  • Timothy Adams known as Whip's Dad
  • Darius Woods known as Young Will
  • Ron Caldwell known as Trevor
  • Dylan Kussman known as Two Beer Barry
  • Bethany Anne Lind known as Sheila
  • Sharon Blackwood known as Peach Tree Employee
  • Pam Smith known as Peach Tree Employee
  • Garcelle Beauvais known as Deana
  • Justin Martin known as Will
  • Shannon Walshe known as Tilda Banden
  • Rhoda Griffis known as Amanda Anderson
  • Michael Beasley known as Officer Edmonds
  • Ted Hall known as TV Reporter
  • Laila Pruitt known as Girl on Elevator
  • Precious Bright known as Mom on Elevator
  • Melissa Leo known as Ellen Block
  • Steve Coulter known as NTSB Officer at Hearing
  • Ted Huckabee known as Prison Guard
  • Travis Pressley known as Inmate
  • Anthony W. Allen known as Democrat Staff Member (uncredited)
  • Jennifer Olympia Bentley known as Naked Girl in Helmet (uncredited)
  • Candace Blanchard known as Reporter #7 (uncredited)
  • Nicky Buggs known as Reader (uncredited)
  • Cabrenna H Burks known as Hospital Patient Visitor (uncredited)
  • Miller Carbon known as Airplane Passenger (uncredited)
  • Charles Casey known as Hotel Bellman (uncredited)
  • Alonzo Cook known as NTSB Hearing Member (uncredited)
  • Jonathan Cook known as Waiter (uncredited)
  • Brian F. Durkin known as Young Cop (uncredited)
  • Thomas Elliott known as Orderly Mike (uncredited)
  • Holly Firfer known as Reporter (uncredited)
  • Curtis Gammage known as Margaret's Husband (uncredited)
  • Anthony B. Harris known as Republican at NTSB Hearing (uncredited)
  • Bradford Haynes known as News Reporter (uncredited)
  • Anisa Johnson known as NTSB Hearing Board Member (uncredited)
  • Tara Jones known as Reporter (uncredited)
  • Marie Keefe known as Field Reporter (uncredited)
  • Zack Kibria known as NTSB Board Member (uncredited)
  • Todd Maynor known as NTSB Agent (uncredited)
  • Kevin Michael Murphy known as Passenger #7 (uncredited)
  • Camille Murray known as NTSB Attendee (uncredited)
  • Miles Mussenden known as Passenger (uncredited)
  • Sean Nix known as FAA Investigator (uncredited)
  • Christopher Payne known as NTSB Hearing Republican (uncredited)
  • Keith Ratchek known as Doctor (uncredited)
  • L. Stephanie Ray known as NTSB Hearing Democrat (uncredited)
  • Tammy Luthi Retzlaff known as Photographer (uncredited)
  • Joel Rogers known as Senior FBI Agent (uncredited)
  • Timothy Scott known as Prisoner (uncredited)
  • J.T. Seidler known as Funeral Attendee (uncredited)
  • Harley Shellhammer known as Pilot (uncredited)
  • Al G. Sillah known as NTSB Officer (uncredited)
  • Tony D Sims known as Bus Boy (uncredited)
  • Gregory Marshall Smith known as Greg / Driver (uncredited)
  • Don Teems known as Red Cross Volunteer (uncredited)
  • Jermaine Thomas known as News Reporter (uncredited)
  • Jackson Walker known as Passenger (uncredited)
  • Wayne Webb known as Wounded Passenger (uncredited)
  • Memi West known as Hospital Patron (uncredited)
  • Amy Wolkis known as Airline Passenger (uncredited)
  • Jacqueline Marie Zwick known as TV Reporter (uncredited)



Supporting Department

Makeup Department:

  • Stephanie Barnes known as key makeup artist
  • Katrina Chevalier known as key hair stylist
  • Lawrence Davis known as hair stylist
  • Teressa Hill known as hair department head
  • Bill Johnson known as special makeup effects artist
  • Tracey L. Miller known as makeup artist
  • Quintessence Patterson known as makeup artist
  • Toby Sells known as special makeup effects artist
  • Nikoletta Skarlatos known as makeup department head

Art Department:

  • Rose Ashikyan known as props
  • Bil Barnes known as set dresser
  • Kip Bartlett known as on-set dresser
  • Danny Brown known as set designer
  • Jonathan Carlos known as assistant art director
  • Sam Carter known as set dresser
  • Sarah Carter known as set decoration buyer
  • Michelle Caruso known as art department: production assistant
  • Michael D'Imperio known as assistant property master
  • Robert Danté Denne known as paint supervisor
  • Carol Francoso known as on set painter
  • Keith A. Frutiger known as scenic foreman
  • Laurie Garner known as property assistant
  • Nelson Hagood known as additional set dresser
  • Rob Hamby known as toolman
  • Sammy Ray Hill known as set dresser
  • David Hobbins known as vehicle designer
  • John Paul 'J.P.' Jones known as property master
  • Rich Koll known as shop foreman
  • Konrad Lewis known as gang boss
  • Ruth Mitchell known as scenic artist
  • Sarah Myers known as set dresser
  • Mark Nave known as metal foreman
  • Taraja Ramsess known as gang boss: set dressing
  • JoAnna Robinson known as set dresser: day player
  • Patrick Rofoli known as art department coordinator
  • Thomas Michael Ryan known as foreman
  • Jeffrey Schlatter known as construction coordinator
  • Bob Smith known as leadman
  • James Vasilovic known as set dresser
  • Christopher 'Woody' Wdowin known as key greens foreman
  • Alexandra West known as assistant property master
  • Nichole Wleklinski known as props




Production Companies:

  • ImageMovers
  • Paramount Pictures
  • Parkes/MacDonald Productions

Other Companies:

  • Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment  camera cranes
  • Dolby Laboratories  sound mix
  • Harris Diversified  a/c & power rental
  • LightIRON Digital  digital intermediate
  • Movie Movers  cast trailers
  • Movie Movers  hair and makeup trailers
  • Movie Movers  star trailers
  • Movie Movers  trucks
  • Performance Filmworks  Edge Head System
  • Road Rebel  production travel
  • Scarlet Letters  end titles
  • Scroggins Aviation  commercial aircraft mock-up
  • Sessions Payroll Management  extras payroll services
  • Transportation Resources  transportation equipment
  • ZYNC  rendering services


  • Paramount Japan (2013) (Japan) (theatrical) (as Paramount Pictures Japan)
  • Paramount Pictures (2012) (USA) (theatrical)
  • StudioCanal (2013) (Germany) (theatrical)
  • United International Pictures (UIP) (2013) (Argentina) (theatrical)
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  • Universal Pictures International (UPI) (2013) (Netherlands) (theatrical)
  • Alarm Clock Films (2012) (USA) (all media)
  • TriPictures (2013) (Spain) (all media)



Other Stuff

Special Effects:

  • Atomic Fiction
  • Third Floor, The

Visual Effects by:

  • Jessica Alcorn known as digital compositor: Atomic Fiction
  • Daphne Apellanes-Ackerson known as digital compositor: Atomic Fiction
  • Kevin Baillie known as visual effects supervisor: Atomic Fiction
  • Natalie Baillie known as digital compositor (as Natalie Nolan)
  • Mauricio Baiocchi known as computer graphics supervisor: Atomic Fiction
  • Kirstin Bradfield known as digital compositor: Atomic Fiction
  • YouJin Choung known as digital compositor: Atomic Fiction
  • James Galen Clark known as systems engineering: Atomic Fiction
  • Andrew Cottingham known as previsualization coordinator: The Third Floor
  • Chris Edwards known as previsualization creative director: The Third Floor
  • Jenn Emberly known as animation supervisor: Atomic Fiction
  • Brian Freisinger known as digital artist: Atomic Fiction
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  • Catie Vercammen-Grandjean known as production assistant: Atomic Fiction
  • Colie Wertz known as digital artist: Atomic Fiction
  • Huck Wirtz known as animator: Atomic Fiction

Release Date:

  • USA 14 October 2012 (New York Film Festival)
  • USA 22 October 2012 (Austin Film Festival)
  • Canada 2 November 2012
  • USA 2 November 2012
  • Kuwait 8 November 2012
  • Sweden 13 November 2012 (Stockholm International Film Festival)
  • Russia 15 November 2012
  • Turkey 7 December 2012
  • Portugal 10 January 2013
  • Germany 24 January 2013
  • Hungary 24 January 2013
  • Italy 24 January 2013
  • Lithuania 25 January 2013
  • Norway 25 January 2013
  • Spain 25 January 2013
  • Sweden 25 January 2013
  • Belgium 30 January 2013
  • Australia 31 January 2013
  • Netherlands 31 January 2013
  • Ireland 1 February 2013
  • Mexico 1 February 2013
  • UK 1 February 2013
  • New Zealand 6 February 2013
  • Argentina 7 February 2013
  • Chile 7 February 2013
  • Brazil 8 February 2013
  • Finland 8 February 2013
  • France 13 February 2013
  • Czech Republic 21 February 2013
  • Hong Kong 21 February 2013
  • Singapore 21 February 2013
  • Bulgaria 22 February 2013
  • Poland 22 February 2013
  • Denmark 28 February 2013
  • Japan 1 March 2013

MPAA: Rated R for drug and alcohol abuse, language, sexuality/nudity and an intense action sequence



Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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