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Love and Other Drugs (2010)

  • Rate: 6.6/10 total 73,622 votes 
  • Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance
  • Release Date: 24 November 2010 (USA)
  • Runtime: 112 min
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Love and Other Drugs (2010)

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  • IMDb page: Love and Other Drugs (2010)
  • Rate: 6.6/10 total 73,622 votes 
  • Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance
  • Release Date: 24 November 2010 (USA)
  • Runtime: 112 min
  • Filming Location: USA
  • Budget: $30,000,000(estimated)
  • Gross: $32,357,532(USA)(13 February 2011)
  • Director: Edward Zwick
  • Stars: Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway and Judy Greer|See full cast and crew
  • Original Music By: James Newton Howard   
  • Soundtrack: Rude Boys Outta Jail
  • Sound Mix: Dolby Digital | DTS
  • Plot Keyword: Viagra | Zoloft | Prozac | 1990s | Love

Writing Credits By:

  • Charles Randolph (screenplay) and
  • Edward Zwick (screenplay) &
  • Marshall Herskovitz (screenplay)
  • Jamie Reidy (book "Hard Sell: The Evolution of a Viagra Salesman")

Known Trivia

  • The film is based on a book (‘Hard Sell: The Evolution of a Viagra Salesman’) by a former Pfizer rep. He says the book is a “jumping off point.” In the book there is no love interest. The author, Jamie Reidy, says he left all of that out because he thought his mother would read the book.
  • In designing the sex scenes, Director Edward Zwick had the principals watch romantic comedies and sexually charged films (everything from “Pillow Talk” to “9 Songs” to “Last Tango In Paris”) and talk about what turned them on. Then some of those shots and ideas were incorporated into the making of.
  • In setting up the sex scenes the actors were encouraged to improvise, but with their clothes on. Edward Zwick says that it’s “colder” on a set because there are people all around, the camera, and distractions. So the improvisation was useful in setting the scene and shots for the actual shoot.
  • Lawyers for both principals prepared documents about how much the film would show. In the end, though, Edward Zwick simply pledged that there would be nothing in the film they weren’t comfortable with.
  • At one point Director Edward Zwick jumped into bed with Anne and Jake for a group shot. That shot was used for the movie’s poster, with Zwick digitally removed.
  • To prepare for their respective roles, Jake Gyllenhaal spent time with Jamie Reidy, the author of the book this film is based on, and Anne Hathaway spent time with Lucy Roucis, an actress stricken with Parkinson’s disease, who has a role in the film.
  • Some of the clothes Anne Hathaway wears in the film come from costume designer Deborah Lynn Scott’s own wardrobe.
  • Patti Podesta designed Maggie’s loft to be in stark opposition to the cold, sterile, medical buildings Jamie works in.
  • The anti-parkinson drugs Sinemet and ropinirole mentioned in the movie can cause sexual hyperactivity/hyperarousal in some patients as a side effect.
  • This is the second film that Jake Gyllenhaal and ‘Anne Hathaway’ (qy) have worked together on since ‘Brokeback Mountain’ (qy) (2005).

Goofs: Errors made by characters (possibly deliberate errors by the filmmakers): Trey refers to himself as "an ex-Marine". An actual Marine would never use that phrase. The status of being a Marine is retained for life, hence the motto "Once a Marine, always a Marine". It would have been more appropriate to have him refer to himself as "a Marine veteran".

Plot: A woman suffering from Parkinson's befriends a drug rep working for Pfizer against 1990s Pittsburgh backdrop. Full summary »  »

Story: Maggie (Hathaway) is an alluring free spirit who won't let anyone – or anything – tie her down. But she meets her match in Jamie (Gyllenhaal), whose relentless and nearly infallible charm serve him well with the ladies and in the cutthroat world of pharmaceutical sales. Maggie and Jamie's evolving relationship takes them both by surprise, as they find themselves under the influence of the ultimate drug: love.Written by Twentieth Century Fox  


Synopsis: Pittsburgh, 1996. Jamie (Jake Gyllenhall) is seen working in an electronics store. He’s talking and flirting with women of all ages into buying phones and stereos while flirting with the store owner’s girlfriend, Christy. Jamie and Christy sneak into the back to have sex and she accidentally calls her boyfriend on the intercom phone and he hears them everything. After getting punched in the face by his boss, Jamie runs out of the store (stopping to flirt with a woman, named Amber, on the way out).

Later that night, Jamie is at his parents house for dinner. His father and his sister are doctors and his bumbling brother, Josh, is rich from owning a medical software company. At dinner, Josh and his wife fight and he brings up Jamie getting fired and the family gets on him for dropping out of med school. Jamie blows them off and brings up that Josh is going to help him get set up as a pharmaceutical sales rep.

With Josh’s help, Jamie goes to work for Pfizer after he attends several seminar classes. After that, Jamie goes out practicing his sales pitch and trying to get doctors to prescribe Zoloft and Zithromax. He is rebuffed constantly by doctors much to the dismay of his partner Bruce (Oliver Platt) who sees Jamie as his ticket to the "big leagues" of Chicago so Bruce can be near his wife and kids. Bruce tells Jamie if he can get Dr. Knight (Hank Azaria) to prescribe Zoloft instead of Prozac then all the other doctors will follow his lead. After trying to chat Dr. Knight up several times unsuccessfully, Jamie flirts with his receptionists and sneaks into the back medicine cabinets to steal all of the Prozac samples and throw them in the dumpster.

Over the next few days, Jamie is still unable to raise his sales so he pays Dr. Knight a bribe of $1,000 to let him shadow him. The doctor accepts and Jamie spends the day babbling about how Zoloft is better than Prozac.

Dr. Knight goes in to see a patient and Jamie (wearing a white lab coat) pretends to be an intern. Knight’s patient is Maggie (Anne Hathaway) a 26-year-old woman diagnosed with an early onset of Parkinson’s Diease. Maggie tells Jamie that someone broke into her house and stole all her medication and she gives him a long list of refills that she needs. While there, Maggie asks Jamie to look at a weird lump on her breast, which turns out to be a spider bite.

Later in the parking lot, Maggie stops Jamie while he is throwing away the Prozac medication that he stole from Dr. Knight’s medicine closet, and punches him in the face for pretending to be an intern and for looking at her breast. She takes his picture with an instant polorid camera and leaves.

Jamie comes home to find Josh who has split from his wife and wants to stay with him for a few weeks while he finds a place to live. Jamie calls Dr. Knight’s receptionist (who he is sleeping with) and gets Maggie’s address and home phone number. He calls Maggie and asks her out for coffee. At first she says ‘no’, but then she gives in and meets him. The date is basically him being charming and her being rude. After 10 minutes, they head back to her apartment and have very casual sex. Afterwards, she kicks him out right away and we see a montage of Jamie getting booty calls and him and Maggie having sex everywhere and whenever she calls him. Maggie even once shows up one night at Jamie’s apartment, stark nude under a coat for sex, only to have Jamie’s brother/roommate Josh, wakening where he was sleeping on the living room couch, see all of her.

Later at work, Jamie is throwing away the Prozac pills in a parking lot dumpster when he looks up to get punched in the face by Trey (Gabriel Macht), the hot-tempered rep for Prozac. Trey is the top seller in the region and gives the doctors and staff big kickbacks (trips to Florida and Hawaii) for pushing Prozac. He says he knows what Jamie is doing and that he will take him down if he doesn’t stop. Trey and Jamie fight some more and he leaves Jamie on the ground after telling him to stay way from Maggie.

Jamie gets take-out food and goes to see Maggie at her downtown loft. After briefly discussing Trey (he’s married but was seeing her on the side) and Maggie’s Parkinson’s (she’s a waitress in a small coffee shop and has no health insurance) they start to have sex but Jamie is unable to get errect for the occasion. After a few kind words from Maggie, they just hang out and she teases him that he should use some new erection drug that his company has developed. The next day before Jamie leaves, Maggie begins having problems with tremors in her left hand, which she hides from him as she pushes him out the door. Jamie approaches Bruce about the new drug and Bruce says he will look into it.

At work, Jamie gets the green light to sell Viagra and suddenly he is extremely popular and the doctors pursue him.

Back at his apartment, Maggie and Jamie talk and he tries to convince her to have a relationship with him. She says no and leaves. The next day, Maggie is helping senior citizens onto a bus to go to Canada to get cheap prescription drugs when Jamie shows up. They argue about their relationship some more and she leaves. Jamie waits in the parking lot for her to come back and the next day when the bus does come back Maggie is touched that he waited for over 24 hours. Maggie tells him that she will have a relationship with him but that she gets to hate him and slam him to her girlfriends when he dumps her.

Back at her apartment after having another round of hot and heavy sex, Maggie talks about how she use to be a painter but since her diagnosis with Parkinson’s, she has switched to photography/collages. Jamie talks about how he dropped out of med school because he has ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).

One night after networking at the bar, Jamie comes home and starts to mess around with Maggie when he starts to hyper ventilate and tells her that he loves her and that she is the first person he has ever told that to.

A few days later, Bruce and Jamie are talking about an upcoming conference in Chicago and Jamie says he doesn’t want to leave Maggie to go because of her illness. Jamie comes home to find Maggie drunk. Earlier in the day, she realized that she ran out of meds and couldn’t get to the pharmacy in time to get a refill due to the wait in the clinic. They have a fight and Jamie leaves. After he walks out, Maggie starts to cry and throws her glass of water against a wall for she cannot stop her tremors in her left hand. Jamie comes back and holds her and they make up.

Jamie asks Maggie to go the conference with him. She accepts and while at the conference she gets invited by a woman, who sees her hand tremors, to a Parkinson’s convention across the street. She is moved by the people (mostly elderly and middle aged) and their stories about dealing with Parkinson’s. Maggie texts Jamie to come over and join her. While at the refreshment table, Jamie meets and talks with a middle-aged man whose wife is in the final stages of the disease (stage 4). Jamie asks for advice and the man tells him to make a run for it. The man tells Jamie that he should not be in a relationship with a person with an incurable disease which will lead to a major heartache for both parties as well as his financial ruin over medical expences as Maggie (whom still is in stage 1 of Parkinsion’s) will get sicker and sicker with uncontrolable body twitches which will lead to her slow death. This shakes Jamie and, after the convention, Maggie tells him how much she loves him and how happy she is that she found out about the Parkinsons conference and that he is with her now that she no longer has any fear about what her Parkinson’s will do. Jamie is beside himself, bearly able to hide his insecurity.

In a montage, we see Jamie researching all about Parkinson’s Disease on the Internet and at various medical libraries and pushing Dr. Knight for info on specialists to help her find a cure or at least slow the progress of the disease. Over the next few weeks, Jamie starts taking Maggie to specialists and seminars across the country, paying for her to have tests done and maxing out his credit cards on hotel rooms and airfares. At one doctor’s office in Boston, Jamie gets angry with a receptionist because their appointment was re-scheduled and they had flown in to see the doctor for only that one day. While he is yelling at the receptionist, Maggie walks out and Jamie runs after her. They fight and Maggie says that there is no cure for her Parkinson’s and that she isn’t having fun anymore. They break up against Jamie’s wishes.

Jamie is depressed over his breakup with Maggie, but Dr. Knight talks him into going to a pajama party at another doctor’s house. Jamie and Josh show up and Josh hooks up with someone right away. Jamie takes Viagra and has a three-way with two female co-workers. Jamie wakes up later in pain and sees that he is having a bad reaction to the Viagra. As his brother drives him to the ER, Josh tells him that he doesn’t envy Jamie’s random empty sex life and that he misses his wife and he is going back to her.

The next night, Jamie goes to meet Bruce for dinner at a restaurant and runs into Maggie who is on a date with some rebound guy. After some awkward conversation, Bruce shows up and says that Jamie has been promoted to the Chicago office. Maggie congratulates him and hurries off.

During dinner, Bruce tells Jamie that he didn’t get promoted and that he just received a raise. Jamie goes home and starts to pack to move to Chicago when he finds a video that he and Maggie had made of their talking in bed. He realizes that he wants to be with Maggie and goes to the dinner where she works. Her boss tells him that she has left for a med run to Canada and Jamie speeds off after her.

Jamie chases the bus down on the highway and gets them to pull over at a rest stop. Maggie gets off and says that Jamie has three minutes to talk. He tells Maggie about how she makes him a better person, that he loves her and needs her. She starts to cry and says that she will need him more. He says thats okay and she says she can’t ask that of him. He says "you didn’t" and tells her that even if in some alternate reality there was a healthy version of both of them with no worries or problems that he would still choose their reality and problems. They hug and kiss and the movie cuts to yet another montage with a voice over from Jamie. It shows Maggie and Jamie living together and Jamie studying for med school.

In the final shot, there is a image of a video of Jamie talking about living everyday to the fullest and how money isn’t everything and you should follow your dreams.


FullCast & Crew

Produced By:

  • Pieter Jan Brugge known as producer
  • Marshall Herskovitz known as producer
  • Arnon Milchan known as executive producer
  • Troy Putney known as associate producer
  • Charles Randolph known as producer
  • Margaret Riley known as executive producer
  • Darin Rivetti known as associate producer
  • Scott Stuber known as producer
  • Edward Zwick known as producer

FullCast & Crew:

  • Jake Gyllenhaal known as Jamie Randall
  • Anne Hathaway known as Maggie Murdock
  • Oliver Platt known as Bruce Winston
  • Hank Azaria known as Dr. Stan Knight
  • Josh Gad known as Josh Randall
  • Gabriel Macht known as Trey Hannigan
  • Judy Greer known as Cindy
  • George Segal known as Dr. James Randall
  • Jill Clayburgh known as Nancy Randall
  • Kate Jennings Grant known as Gina
  • Katheryn Winnick known as 'Lisa'
  • Kimberly Scott known as Gail
  • Peter Friedman known as California Man
  • Nikki Deloach known as Christy
  • Natalie Gold known as Dr. Helen Randall
  • Megan Ferguson known as Farrah
  • Michael Benjamin Washington known as Richard
  • Bingo O'Malley known as Sam
  • Dorothy Silver known as Sophie
  • Lucy Roucis known as Un-Convention Parkinson's Speaker
  • Joan Augustin known as Joan
  • Michael Chernus known as Jerry
  • Kate Easton known as Amber
  • Michael Buffer known as Pfizer Convention MC
  • Maite Schwartz known as Texas
  • Maximilian Osinski known as Ned (as Max Osinski)
  • Ian Harding known as Pfizer Trainee #1
  • Josh Breslow known as Pfizer Trainee #2
  • Ian Novick known as Pfizer Trainee #3
  • Tess Soltau known as Pfizer Trainee #4
  • Constance Brenneman known as Pfizer Trainee #5
  • Nicole Thomas known as Pfizer Trainee #6
  • Jasper Soffer known as Pfizer Trainee #7
  • Kwame Rakes known as Doctor In Parking Lot
  • Scott Cohen known as Ted Goldstein
  • Sharon Wilkins known as La Boheme Receptionist
  • Brian Hutchison known as Homeless Man
  • Dana Dancho known as Smiling Receptionist
  • Lisa Ann Goldsmith known as Nurse Janice
  • Rick Applegate known as Viagra Doctor
  • Ray Godshall Sr. known as Friendly Senior (as Ray Godshall)
  • Jean Zarzour known as Viagra Sample Nurse
  • Harry O'Toole known as Man with Walker
  • Jennifer Delaeo known as Viagra Receptionist
  • Deidre Goodwin known as Viagra Nurse #1
  • Geneva Carr known as Viagra Nurse #2
  • Vanessa Aspillaga known as Viagra Nurse #3
  • Patricia Cray known as Kindly-looking Woman
  • Frank Catanzano known as Himself
  • Brian E. Jay known as Himself
  • Francis J. Ferrara known as Himself (as Frank Ferraro)
  • Judy Pergl known as Herself
  • Kim Cagni known as Herself
  • Kerry Huffman known as Herself
  • Kristin Spatafore known as Convention Girl #1
  • Larissa S. Emanuele known as Convention Girl #2
  • Loretta Higgins known as PET Scan Doctor
  • Kimberly M. Rizzo known as Front Desk Receptionist
  • Jason Bernard known as Quack Doctor
  • Nicole Perrone known as Determined Receptionist
  • Jo Newman known as Bree
  • Christina Fandino known as Khae
  • Teri Clark known as ER Receptionist (as Teri Clark Linden)
  • Kevin McClatchy known as Justin
  • Kimberly Bressi known as Dancer
  • Gabriella Deakin known as Dancer
  • Kendra Dennard known as Dancer
  • Kendra Dennard known as Dancer
  • Lauren Eldridge known as Dancer
  • Karen A. Fuhrman known as Dancer
  • Mia Gatto known as Dancer
  • Joan Heeringa known as Dancer
  • Joli W. Irvine known as Dancer
  • Ashley Klinger known as Dancer
  • Gwyneth E. Larsen known as Dancer (as Gwyneth Larsen)
  • Kaylee Lohr known as Dancer
  • Marissa Magnuso known as Dancer
  • Marissa Magnuson known as Dancer
  • Alison Manning known as Dancer
  • Amanda L. McCormick known as Dancer
  • Megan Melville known as Dancer
  • Mallory Mikita known as Dancer
  • Brooke Miyasaki known as Dancer
  • Ashley Munrek known as Dancer
  • Jenna Rifkind known as Dancer
  • Jillian Weinstein known as Dancer
  • Conan O'Brien known as Himself (archive footage)
  • Jaimie Alexander known as Carol (uncredited)
  • Tony Amen known as Hospital Patient (uncredited)
  • Diedra Arthur-O'Ree known as Medical Convention Attendee (uncredited)
  • David Barckhoff known as Medical Convention Vendor (uncredited)
  • Robert R. Bell known as Doctor (uncredited)
  • Aaron Bernard known as Bartender (uncredited)
  • Kyle Fields known as Party Rep (uncredited)
  • Nicole George known as Viagra Receptionist (uncredited)
  • Ryan Goimarac known as Phizer Drug Rep. Graduate (uncredited)
  • John W. Iwanonkiw known as Viagra Guy #1 (uncredited)
  • William Kania known as Hospital Visitor (uncredited)
  • Sharyn Kmieciak known as Un-Convention Attendee (uncredited)
  • Wayne Leya known as Un-Convention Attendee (uncredited)
  • David Dale McCue known as Phizer Pharmaceutical Salesman (uncredited)
  • Tiffany Sander McKenzie known as Hospital Visitor (uncredited)
  • David Morse known as Lilly Rep Tony Lerma (uncredited)
  • Phil Nardozzi known as Visitor (uncredited)
  • Jackson Nunn known as Viagra Guy #2 (uncredited)
  • Dawn Renee known as Viagra Rep (uncredited)
  • Nayli Russo known as PJ Party girl (uncredited)
  • Morgan Wolk known as Lilly Spokesmodel (uncredited)



Supporting Department

Makeup Department:

  • Vivian Baker known as key makeup artist
  • Alan D'Angerio known as hair stylist: Ms. Hathaway (as Alan Dangerio)
  • Cheryl Daniels known as key hair stylist
  • Nancy Keslar known as hair stylist
  • Rachel Kick known as additional makeup artist
  • Peter King known as makeup artist: Ms. Hathaway
  • Karen Lovell known as hair stylist
  • Geri Mataya known as hair stylist
  • Elaine L. Offers known as makeup artist: Mr. Gyllenhaal (as Elaine Offers)
  • Jerry Popolis known as hair department head
  • Jerry Popolis known as hair stylist: Mr. Gyllenhaal
  • Linda Williams known as hair stylist
  • Sandra Linn Koepper known as additional makeup artist (uncredited)

Art Department:

  • Luke Andrade known as set dresser
  • Chuck Askerneese known as assistant property master
  • Judie Bamber known as artist: Maggie's artwork
  • Kristin Beinner James known as artist: Maggie's artwork
  • Troy Borisy known as leadman
  • Lisa Bradley known as construction auditor
  • Paul Bucciarelli known as on-set dresser
  • Martin Charles known as graphic designer (as Martin T. Charles)
  • Sean Dylan Conley known as art department assistant
  • Jonathan Curotola known as set dresser
  • Jolene Elyse Dames known as scenic gang boss (as Jolene Elyse Drylie)
  • Josh Drylie known as painter
  • Chip Eccles known as construction gang boss (as Charles C. Eccles)
  • Karen Frick known as set dressing buyer
  • David Hassinger known as set dresser
  • Drew Hittie known as draftperson
  • Joshua Hogan known as scenic gang boss
  • Gregory Jones known as greens foreman
  • Lara Lampenfield known as charge scenic
  • Jordan Lippert known as set dresser
  • Jason Lopez known as plasterer (as Jason Robert Lopez)
  • Mike 'Bubba' Matestic known as construction foreman
  • Tim McGrane known as scenic gang boss
  • Beth Pedone known as additional graphic designer
  • Justin Pelissero known as set dressing gang boss
  • Buster Pile known as construction coordinator
  • Ray Pivirotto known as set decorating gang boss
  • Laura Pliskin known as art department assistant
  • Julie Ray known as draftperson
  • Michael G. Richer known as construction foreman (as Michael Richer)
  • Jesse Ross known as stand-by greens
  • Mared Scutti known as plasterer (as Nared G. Scutti)
  • Kelley Snyder known as second assistant property master (as Kelly Snyder)
  • Vickie Toner known as art department coordinator
  • Jonathan Henry Way known as set dressing coordinator
  • Timothy S. Wiles known as property master (as Tim Wiles)
  • Scott B. Wood known as construction gang boss
  • Jeno Dellicolli known as set decoration buyer (uncredited)
  • Adam Dunhoff known as painter (uncredited)
  • Kyle Ethan Fischer known as greensman (uncredited)
  • Kyle Ethan Fischer known as scenic painter (uncredited)
  • Kate Gladstone known as greens (uncredited)
  • Smith Harper Hutchings known as props assistant (uncredited)
  • Smith Harper Hutchings known as set dresser (uncredited)
  • Brett Kennedy known as carpenter (uncredited)
  • Lendie Lee known as set painter (uncredited)
  • Merissa Lombardo known as buyer (uncredited)
  • Ted Lubonovich II known as propmaker gangboss (uncredited)
  • Gregory Puchalski known as scenic painter (uncredited)
  • James Radcliff known as utility (uncredited)
  • Donald Lee Rager known as set dresser (uncredited)
  • Steve Tolin known as special prop fabricator (uncredited)




Production Companies:

  • Fox 2000 Pictures (presents)
  • Regency Enterprises (presents)
  • New Regency Pictures (as New Regency)
  • Stuber Productions (as Stuber Pictures)
  • Bedford Falls Productions (as Bedford Falls)

Other Companies:

  • 20th Century Fox Studios  post-production facilities (as Twentieth Century Fox Studios)
  • Air Lyndhurst Studios  score recorded at
  • Behind the Scenes Freight  shipping
  • Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment  camera cranes and dollies
  • Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment  remote and stabilized camera systems
  • David Haddad  transportation equipment
  • EFilm  digital intermediate
  • EMS Payroll  extras payroll
  • Gallagher Entertainment  insurance
  • Haddad's  transportation equipment
  • Intelligent Media  international monitoring agency
  • Island Film Studios  thanks (as Island Studios)
  • James Newton Howard Studios  score mixing facility
  • Jo Anne Kane Music Services  music copying (as JoAnn Kane Music Service)
  • Lightnin' Production Rentals  transportation equipment
  • London Session Orchestra, The  orchestra (uncredited)
  • Mogul Mind Studios  facilities
  • Moving Target  titles
  • Pacific Studios Inc.  chromatrans background
  • Pyrotechnico – New Castle  fireworks: Pfizer event
  • Realms of Catering  catering: pre-shoot
  • Rockbottom Rentals  cell phone rentals
  • Soho Square Productions  production services
  • Three Rivers Entertainment & Prodyction  stage setup and lighting: Pfizer event
  • Transportation Resources  transportation equipment
  • Twentieth Century-Fox Studios, Hollywood  post-production facilities (as Twentieth Century Fox Studios)


  • Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation (2010) (USA) (theatrical)
  • 20th Century Fox Netherlands (2011) (Netherlands) (theatrical) (through Warner Bros.)
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  • 20th Century Fox (2010) (France) (theatrical)
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  • 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment (2011) (USA) (DVD)
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  • Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment (2011) (Netherlands) (DVD) (Blu-ray)



Other Stuff

Special Effects:

  • Moving Target (visual effects)
  • Image G (motion control services)
  • VCE (visual effects)

Visual Effects by:

  • Patrick Clancey known as digital opticals: EFilm (as Pat Clancey)
  • Daren Dochterman known as visual effects artist: Moving Target (as Daren R. Dochterman)
  • Adam Francis known as motion control technician: Image G
  • Brian Jochum known as visual effects producer: Moving Trget
  • Jay Johnson known as compositor: titles, Moving Target
  • Peter Kuran known as visual effects artist: VCE Inc., Moving Target
  • Mike Leben known as motion control operator: Image G
  • Alan Munro known as visual effects supervisor
  • Jon Terada known as visual effects artist: Moving Target
  • Kurt Wiley known as visual effects artist: Moving Target
  • Ryan Washlaski known as special effects grip (uncredited)

Release Date:

  • USA 4 November 2010 (AFI Film Festival)
  • Canada 24 November 2010
  • USA 24 November 2010
  • France 2 December 2010 (Bordeaux Cinémascience Film Festival)
  • Australia 8 December 2010 (limited)
  • Australia 16 December 2010
  • Belgium 29 December 2010
  • France 29 December 2010
  • Ireland 29 December 2010
  • Switzerland 29 December 2010 (French speaking region)
  • UK 29 December 2010
  • Hong Kong 30 December 2010
  • Finland 31 December 2010
  • New Zealand 1 January 2011
  • Egypt 5 January 2011
  • Denmark 6 January 2011
  • Greece 6 January 2011
  • Hungary 6 January 2011
  • Netherlands 6 January 2011
  • Singapore 6 January 2011
  • Lithuania 7 January 2011
  • Germany 13 January 2011
  • Israel 13 January 2011
  • Malaysia 13 January 2011
  • South Korea 13 January 2011
  • Switzerland 13 January 2011 (German speaking region)
  • Austria 14 January 2011
  • Estonia 14 January 2011
  • Spain 14 January 2011
  • Turkey 14 January 2011
  • Serbia 20 January 2011
  • Mexico 21 January 2011
  • Norway 21 January 2011
  • Romania 21 January 2011
  • Sweden 21 January 2011
  • Russia 22 January 2011 (Moscow)
  • Kazakhstan 26 January 2011
  • Philippines 26 January 2011
  • Argentina 27 January 2011
  • Peru 27 January 2011
  • Portugal 27 January 2011
  • Russia 27 January 2011
  • Brazil 28 January 2011
  • Panama 28 January 2011
  • Uruguay 4 February 2011
  • Poland 11 February 2011
  • Armenia 13 February 2011
  • Italy 18 February 2011
  • Slovenia 3 March 2011
  • Bulgaria 4 March 2011
  • Iceland 11 March 2011
  • Venezuela 20 May 2011
  • Japan 19 November 2011

MPAA: Rated R for strong sexual content, nudity, pervasive language, and some drug material



Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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