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Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (2010)

  • Rate: 5.8/10 total 65,299 votes 
  • Genre: Adventure | Fantasy | Mystery
  • Release Date: 12 February 2010 (USA)
  • Runtime: 118 min
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Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (2010)

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  • IMDb page: Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (2010)
  • Rate: 5.8/10 total 65,299 votes 
  • Genre: Adventure | Fantasy | Mystery
  • Release Date: 12 February 2010 (USA)
  • Runtime: 118 min
  • Filming Location: Mission, British Columbia, Canada
  • Budget: $95,000,000(estimated)
  • Gross: $226,497,209(Worldwide)(15 April 2012)
  • Director: Chris Columbus
  • Stars: Logan Lerman, Kevin McKidd and Steve Coogan|See full cast and crew
  • Original Music By: Christophe Beck   
  • Soundtrack: POKER FACE
  • Sound Mix: Dolby | Dolby Digital
  • Plot Keyword: Lightning | Lightning Bolt | Teenager | Poseidon | Hades

Writing Credits By:

  • Craig Titley (screenplay)
  • Rick Riordan (novel)

Known Trivia

  • In Greek mythology, Chiron was a centaur and a master of the healing arts, and passed that knowledge on to the mortal hero Asclepius.
  • When they drive off from the Casino, they are in a Maserati, which happens to have the trident as emblem.
  • Luke is seen playing the multiplayer mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Kevin McKidd is a voice actor for that videogame.
  • When Luke is seen playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, he is playing for the Militia, on the Favela level.
  • In Roman mythology, the goddess Athena is a symbol of virginity. She never had any children.
  • When Chiron is calling for the campers to gather around to go over the rules for Capture the Flag, he yells for Dylan and Paris to stop “lollygagging”. Chiron is played by Pierce Brosnan, whose two younger sons are named Dylan and Paris.
  • The statue of Athena at the Parthenon in Tennessee has a carving of Medusa on her chest plate.
  • The substitute teacher, Mrs. Dodds, writes, “I understand a fury in your words But not your words” from Othello 4.2 on the blackboard. Shortly thereafter, she turns into a Fury.
  • In Greek Mythology Medusa was turned into a Gorgon because her great beauty lead to her being raped by Poseidon, Percy’s father, in the temple of Athena, Annabeth’s mother, who took offense and cursed her. Hence Medusa’s hatred for them, and her reference to unfinished business.
  • Percy was named, by his mother, after Perseus, Zeus’ demigod son, and therefore Percy’s cousin, who battled against Medusa, cutting off and collecting her head, which Percy also does. Perseus then gives the head to Athena, Annabeth’s mother, who places it on her shield, the Aegis.

Goofs: Continuity: At Auntie Em's Emporium her lip color changes between scenes from red to purple.

Plot: A teenager discovers he's the descendant of a Greek god and sets out on an adventure to settle an on-going battle between the gods. Full summary »  »

Story: When his lightning bolt is stolen, Zeus accuses Poseidon's son Percy Jackson and gives Poseidon's son fourteen days to return it, otherwise he will initiate a war amongst the gods. Meanwhile the teenager, Percy, who is dyslexic and has ADHD is visiting The Museum of Metropolitan of Art and is attacked by a Fury disguised in his teacher. His crippled best friend Grover reveals that Percy is a demigod and that he is his protector and his teacher Mr Brunner gives him a pen telling him that it is a powerful weapon. They go to Percy's house and together with his mother Sally they drive to the Camp Half-Blood. However Sally is attacked by a Minotaur and vanishes before Percy can help her. In the camp, Percy befriends the gorgeous Annabeth; when they are attacked by Hades who wants the lighting bolt for himself, Percy discovers that his mother is in the Underworld with Hades. Percy decides to travel on a dangerous quest to retrieve the lightning bolt and save his mother…Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  


Synopsis: The movie begins with the camera panning over New York City, past Coney Island and along a pier. Water rises from Brighton Beach and coalesces into the form of a huge being looking like a man– the god Poseidon (Kevin McKidd). Poseidon strides through the water along the pier, glancing nonchalantly at a gawking fisherman, and steps onto the streets of New York, shrinking to human size and his garments changing to resemble normal contemporary attire. He arrives at the observation deck of the Empire State building and meets another man there, similarly attired– his brother Zeus (Sean Bean), king of the Greek gods. Zeus asks Poseidon to look to the sky. Poseidon notes heavy thunderclouds, and Zeus points out there is no lightning– his master bolt, which gives him control over lightning, has been stolen. Zeus gets directly into Poseidon’s face and tells him that he is convinced that Poseidon’s son is responsible for the theft. Poseidon insists that his son doesn’t know who he is, and warns Zeus about crossing a line, and that if Zeus harms Poseidon’s son, he will be in for the fight of his life, but Zeus does not back down. He tells Poseidon that unless the bolt is returned to him by midnight on June 21st, the summer solstice, there will be war.

We then see young teenager Percy Jackson (Logan Lerman) sitting calmly at the bottom of a swimming pool. On surfacing, he is told by his best friend Grover (Brandon T. Jackson) that he had been underwater nearly seven minutes. Hardly possible for most people, Percy thinks little of it. Being under water helps clear his mind and is one of the few places he can think.

Percy and Grover are at school at the Yancy Academy, and we see that Grover uses crutches. They walk through the halls, disgusted as several students fight openly in the halls before it is broken up by faculty. In class, there is a substitute teacher, Mrs. Dodds (Maria Olsen), writing a quote from Othello on the blackboard. She asks the class if anyone can explain the quote. Several students raise their hands, but Mrs. Dodds notices Percy glancing away and calls on him. He looks at the blackboard, blinking as the letters seem to twist and dance around confusingly in front of his eyes. Finally he says he doesn’t know the answer.

Percy arrives home, kissing his mother, Sally (Catherine Keener), hello. She asks him about school and he is clearly very frustrated. Percy suffers from both dyslexia and ADHD, impairing his school performance. He thought the Yancy Academy was supposed to make things better. Sally tries to assure him that one day, everything will make sense, but he is very dubious.

At that moment the door opens and in walks Gabe Ugliano (Joe Pantoliano), Sally’s husband and Percy’s stepfather. Gabe is bald, paunchy, and dirty, with granny glasses attached to a chain around his neck. He sits at the table and asks where his beer is. Sally says it’s in the fridge, but Gabe clearly expects her to bring it to him. Sally complies without a word of complaint, much to Percy’s disgust. He insists that Gabe show some respect to Sally. Gabe gets up and leans against the wall close to Percy, and says that it’s his house and Percy is the one who needs to show some respect.

Gabe retreats to his room and Percy asks Sally why she stays with him. Gabe Ugliano is a crass, crude pig of a man with foul armpit stench, who cannot hold a steady job because of his demeanor and smell. Sally tries to insist that Gabe is good to her and Percy in ‘ways he doesn’t understand.’ Percy can only say that Sally is right– he doesn’t understand.

Percy is going with his school class to a museum to look at a gallery of ancient Greek and Roman exhibits. A voiceover from Poseidon tells Percy that everything as he knows it, is about to change. Percy glances around, and Poseidon is seen looking at him across the street, though Percy does not recognize him as he has never seen Poseidon before. A bus moves past Poseidon, in front of him, and he’s gone.

At a gallery showing sculptures of the Greek gods, a teacher named Mr. Brunner (Pierce Brosnan) is lecturing on them. Mr. Brunner is in a motorized wheelchair, his legs covered in a blanket. Mr. Brunner explains how the gods often came down to Earth and had love affairs– and sometimes children– with mortals. He asks Percy if he can tell the class what these children were called. Percy correctly replies, ‘demigods.’ Mr. Brunner says that many of these demigods became great heroes, such as Hercules and Achilles. He then asks Percy to name another, giving him a hint: he has something in common with this hero.

Percy happens to glance up at a wall mural above Mr. Brunner’s head. The Ancient Greek writing seems to dance and twist around before Percy’s eyes, and to his surprise, he can read it: Perseus. Percy realizes that his own name is similar to Perseus.

As Mr. Brunner begins to explain the labors of Hercules and his victory over the Nemean lion, Mrs. Dodds quietly asks if she can speak to Percy alone, away from the other students. She opens a door into an adjacent, unfinished room, and enters behind Percy. But when he turns around, she is standing high up on a scaffolding.

In a harsh, grating voice, Mrs. Dodds demands, "Where is it?" Percy is completely confused, and then confounded as Mrs. Dodds changes into a hideous winged beast with long fangs that swoops down and demands that Percy give her the lightning bolt he stole. Percy is horrified and with no idea as to what is going on. The creature swoops again and seizes Percy, lifting him high up in the air and threatening to bite his heart out unless he returns the stolen lightning bolt.

Grover and Mr. Brunner burst into the room, The creature turns, recognizing Mr. Brunner, who demands that it release Percy or he’ll tear the creature to pieces. The winged monster drops Percy and crashes through the window, flying off.

Percy is sick with disbelief at what happened– and then even more so as Mr. Brunner turns to Grover and curses himself for not having realized that a "Fury" was concealed in their school. He asks Percy what the Fury wanted from him, and he shrugs and says that she said something about him stealing a lightning bolt. Mr. Brunner says in a very worried tone, "they found him," and Grover looks horrified, confusing Percy even further. Mr. Brunner tells Grover that Percy is no longer safe, and they should move him to "the camp." Percy confronts them on talking about him, right in front of him, without talking TO him. Mr. Brunner only hands Percy an object, telling him it is a powerful weapon and he should guard it well. Percy stares in amazement at what, to him, appears to be an ordinary writing pen. Mr. Brunner instructs Grover to bring Percy to Sally and not to take his eyes off of him. Grover nods and urges Percy to come with him. Neither Grover nor Mr. Brunner offer Percy any further answers, so for now he goes with Grover.

Hurrying down the street, Grover warns Percy to simply keep walking and not to look at anyone. Percy demands to know why Mr. Brunner wanted Grover to watch Percy, and Grover only says that he is Percy’s protector. He insists he is quite capable of doing this despite apparently being on crutches.

At Percy’s house, Gabe is playing poker with friends while Sally waits on them uncomplainingly. Percy comes in with Grover and urgently tells Sally they need to talk. Gabe crudely tells Percy to beat it, and Percy calls him a bald-headed freak. Gabe jumps up to hit Percy, but Grover slams a crutch down onto his foot and then hits him in the groin with it, which impresses Percy. Grover tells Sally that Percy has to leave immediately. Sally acquiesces and hurries out of the house with him.

Driving across a bridge, Sally is no more straight with Percy than Grover or Mr. Brunner had been. She only tells him that she’s bringing them to a "camp for really special people." She says it’s about Percy’s father– his true father.

As they drive on, Sally starts to tell Percy about how she met Percy’s father… a man she never addresses by name. She says she was truly in love with him, and he loved her and Percy in turn. She admits that Percy’s father left, but insists that he was forced to do it, and didn’t abandon either of them.

As they drive past a field with cows, one horned head rises up, looking much larger than the other cows’ heads. Grover suddenly shouts urgently for Sally to watch out. She gapes in horror as the corpse of a cow is suddenly thrown into the road right in front of them. Sally loses control of the car and it flips over.

The sound of heavy, ponderous footsteps begin to approach them. Percy stares as Grover removes his pants, revealing that his legs are those of a goat, complete with hooves. Grover uses them to smash through the car windshield so they can all get ouf of the car. The crutches, as he hurriedly says, are "just for show–" Grover can walk and run perfectly well, without them. The three of them flee from the approaching horror– a huge bull-like humanoid. The monster picks up the car and hurls it at them.

They arrive at a stone arch surrounded by torches, which Grover says is their destination. As Percy stares up at the arch, Greek lettering dances around before his eyes to form recognizable words: "Camp Half Blood." He and Grover dash through the arch… but Sally is unable to pass through; some kind of barrier repels her. She urgently tells Percy that she cannot pass through the gate because she is "not like him." Percy refuses to leave without her but Sally begs him to do so. Just then, the huge minotaur grabs Sally from behind, and Percy watches in horror as the monster holds her aloft in one hand. She begs him to run, saying he’s safe inside the gate, but Percy insists on facing the monster down. Grover shouts for him to take out the pen Mr. Brunner gave him, and click it. Percy does so and is shocked to see it transform into a Greek sword. The minotaur squeezes Sally and she screams briefly before disappearing in a flash of smoke and gold-colored dust.

Enraged, Percy charges at the minotaur, swinging the sword. The minotaur dodges and hurls a punch that blasts Percy into a tree. It charges at him on all fours, and he jumps away. One of the minotaur’s horns lodges in the tree, and part of the horn breaks off when it tries to pull it loose. Percy grabs the broken-off horn as the minotaur charges again, and drives it into the monster’s middle, killing it. Percy faints and collapses into Grover’s arms.

He awakens lying in a cot with Grover watching over him. Grover is now clad in a leather vest with a dagger sheathed at his hip. He tells Percy that he is in the camp infirmary and has been unconscious for three days. He asks what Percy remembers. Percy thinks he awoke from a crazy dream, but then glances down and sees Grover’s goat-legs and hooves. Grover says that he is a satyr. Percy breaks down in misery realizing everything was real, and his mother is gone. Grover tries to comfort him, saying he feels responsible as it’s his job to protect Percy, although he is just a junior protector and doesn’t have his horns yet.

Grover begins to take Percy around Camp Half Blood. People are seen in a mixture of modern and ancient Greek attire, and are training in combat with Greek weapons– swords, shields, and bows. Grover finally begins to explain the truth about Percy, much to his continuing disbelief– Percy is a demigod; one of hundreds throughout the world. Camp Half Blood is where demigods learn to harness their abilities, and while many go to lead "normal lives," many go on to become great leaders and heroes, though Percy cannot see himself as a hero. Grover then explains Percy’s dyslexia and ADHD– written letters and words seem to twist and dance around before his eyes because his brain is hardwired to read ancient Greek, not modern English; like back at the museum when he was able to read the Greek writing. And his ADHD is his divine battle reflexes. He was never able to be still, and this is what allowed him to survive– and prevail, in his battle with the minotaur. As Grover says, no "loser" (as Percy thinks of himself) can defeat one.

Grover brings Percy to a field along a river where the students do most of their battle training. Percy stops and watches a beautiful young woman with long brunette hair battling several students at once– and winning handily. She wields her sword with a grace and agility that Percy thinks he can only dream of. Percy asks Grover who she is, and he just laughs and warns him that the girl could tear him apart. But he says the girl’s name is Annabeth (Alexandra Daddario), and she is the daughter of Athena, goddess of wisdom. Still holding her sword at the throat of her last opponent, Annabeth happens to look in their direction, her expression unreadable as she look at Percy, almost as if recognizing him.

Grover leads Percy to another field where he sees another amazing sight– several centaurs engaged in a running exercise. But what’s even more amazing is the lead centaur– Mr. Brunner, or as he explains, here in this world, he is the legendary teacher, Chiron. He apologizes for hiding his true form, but he needed to keep an eye on Percy.

As they continue through the camp, Grover is called to by a group of daughters of Aphrodite, goddess of love. Chiron smirks as Grover goes to join them, suggesting to Percy that he knows where it will lead. Chiron brings Percy into a house which he says is Percy’s quarters at the camp. The house is filled with nautical objects, and includes a heavy trident. Picking up the trident, looking at it, Percy realizes that some of the walls are carved with a symbol resembling the trident. Understanding dawns on him– Percy is the son of Poseidon, god of the sea. Chiron says this has been kept from Percy for all these years for his own safety– for a child to be sired by one of the "big three" Greek gods (Zeus, Poseidon and Hades) is exceptionally rare, and as the son of Poseidon, Percy is one of the most powerful of the demigods, which makes him a threat to the Olympian gods. Chiron then explains that Sally knew all of this, and the reason she married Ugliano was that his foul armpit stench hid and masked the smell of Percy’s blood from anything that the gods could have sent to eliminate him. Percy is quiet and thoughtful as he realizes how much Sally sacrificed for him– why she tolerated Gabe’s treatment of her so gracefully.

Chiron then finally tells Percy about the reference to him as "the lightning thief–" Zeus’ lightning bolt is the most powerful weapon ever created. Zeus’ belief that Percy stole it centers aorund a very valid worry that it could pose a threat to Zeus’ station as ruler of all the gods. Chiron warns Percy in a dire tone, that in ten days, if the bolt is not returned, the resulting war between Zeus and Poseidon would force all of Olympus to choose sides, and Earth would be torn asunder. Chiron plans to bring Percy to Olympus and make an appeal directly to Zeus as to Percy’s innocence. As to why they can’t go right now– outside the gates are dangers; the Fury and the Minotaur being only the beginning. First, Percy needs to train so he will be able to handle these dangers.

Grover and Percy are heading to the training field; Percy suited up properly in leather and mail armor and feeling very awkward in it. Chiron orders all the students to fall in and gather around him. He introduces Percy to all the other students and says he will need a team. Stepping forth to volunteer to take him, is Luke (Jake Abel), son of Hermes and camp leader. Luke is a bit cocky and a bit of a jokester but takes to Percy right off. He gives Percy a helmet and welcomes him to his team– the Blue soldiers. Chiron then orders all the students to prepare for game of Capture the Flag– Ancient Greek style.

The two armies rush forth on command, swords and shields clashing. Luke tells Percy that he knows where the enemy flag is and to follow him. Ambushed by several Sons of Ares fighting for the red team, Luke and Percy fend them off, Percy amazed at having knocked out two of them. Luke urges Percy to hurry to the red flag while he holds off the rest of the Sons of Ares.

Percy hurries to a stream, where he removes his helmet and kneels to take a drink. But before he sips the water, he looks up and sees the red flag, completely unguarded, just across the stream. Grabbing his sword, he rushes in delight over to the banner.

But one red soldier is there to meet him– Annabeth. The daughter of Athena quickly deals Percy several slash wounds and knocks him about the stream bank, seemingly toying with him. Chiron, Grover, Luke and a number of soldiers from both teams find their way there. Annabeth slashes Percy again and again, and kicks him down to the ground. The red soldiers cheer and gloat as she walks back to them.

Suddenly Percy hears his father’s voice telling him to go to the water, and it will give him power. Slowly, painfully, he crawls to the stream. Everyone turns and looks as he dips his hand into the water. Curiosity turns to surprise and then shock as the water flows up his arm and shoulder, and over his whole body, healing all his wounds. Percy climbs to his feet, surging with new power and strength, and makes a beeline for Annabeth, easily swatting aside all Red soldiers that try to stop him. Quickly the tip of his sword is at her throat, and she looks at him in amazement. Regaining her focus, Annabeth bats Percy’s sword aside and they fight once again. But this time Percy matches her, strike for strike, parry for parry. They grapple at close quarters and Percy wrests her sword from her grip, putting its blade to the back of her neck, and the point of his own sword to her throat as Grover and Chiron clap excitedly.

Annabeth surrenders, looking at Percy with a mixture of surprise at her defeat and admiration for the power he wields. He returns her sword and marches to the red flag. Nobody stands in his way as he plants his sword in the stream bank and lifts the red flag up high over his head in victory, the blue soldiers all cheering and applauding.

In the evening at dinner, Percy is approached by several nymphs inviting him to a party at their quarters. As he fills his cup, Annabeth comes up to fills hers, and they talk. Annabeth explains to Percy that her mother and his father have been long time enemies for many centuries. She says she has strong feelings for Percy, but hasn’t decided if they’re amicable or hostile yet.

The dinner feast is interrupted by the arrival of a massive, terrible winged demon appearing through a bonfire– Hades. Hades calls Percy out and tells him that Sally is alive and well, but she is his prisoner, and he will release her to Percy only if he brings Hades the lightning bolt.

After Hades vanishes, Percy wants to travel to the underworld to negotiate Sally’s release, thinking Hades will have no reason to hold her once Percy explains he didn’t steal the ilghtning bolt and doesn’t have it. But Chiron warns him that Hades doesn’t work that way, and will kill both him and Sally. He insists that Percy stick to the original plan of appealing directly to Zeus first, and then they can formulate plans to rescue Sally.

Later that night, Grover finds Percy preparing to leave camp to set out for the Underworld, determined to rescue his mother. When Grover finds he cannot dissuade Percy, he insists on coming along, this being his job as Percy’s protector. Annabeth also wants to come along. She’s trained many years at the camp, but that’s all she’s done– she’s never embarked on an actual quest and hardly gotten to see the outside world. In addition, she’s won a great many more battles than Percy, so her experience will come in handy. Percy is reluctant at first but then assents to their going with him.

The first puzzle is reaching the underworld… none of them knows how to get there. But Annabeth believes she knows who would.

The three of them visit Luke at his quarters, finding him playing video games. Luke’s quarters are decked out with a lot of amenities from the modern world, including electronics, which he prefers over the "Renaissance Fair" decor of the camp. Annabeth knows that Luke’s father, Hermes, as the messenger of the gods, has traveled to the underworld many times, and she asks if he knows anything about how to get there. Luke says he doesn’t speak to his father and doesn’t at all care for him (‘we all have daddy issues,’ he explains), but he says he broke into his father’s house once and has some things that may help them. One is a pair of flying winged shoes, one of hundreds of pairs Hermes owns and uses to travel. Another is a map that will help locate three of the Pearls of Persephone. Luke explains that Persephone is more a prisoner of Hades than his wife, and she is miserable there. For comfort and companionship, she has many paramours and lovers. She gives them the pearls as a means of leaving the underworld unnoticed by Hades– one needs only to crush a pearl underfoot and concentrate on where to go.

The map will help them find three of the pearls that are hidden in the United States. It shows one pearl located in a Garden Emporium owned by someone named Auntie Em, and located in Leeds Point, New Jersey. When the pearl is found, the map will show the location of the next one. When all three pearls are collected, the map will show where they can find a secret entrance to the underworld.

As a final gift, Luke asks Percy to take his favorite shield, saying it will be of help to him.

Percy, Grover and Annabeth catch a bus and make their way to Auntie Em’s garden Emporium. They find it seemingly unoccupied and nearly delapidated; what appears to be an icebox with free soft drinks only contains a nest of rats. There are a lot of stone statues around. Annabeth notices a stone fountain with a number of Greek gold drachmas, meaning they’re on the right track. She gives them to Percy. The three decide to split up and search the whole Emporium, hoping to find the pearl.

Annabeth walks past more statues, eerily carved as if cowering in terror from whatever they are pointed to face. Suddenly a strange, middle-aged woman rushes up out of nowhere, hysterically begging for her help. Barely coherent, she only manages to get out that she and her husband stopped for directions. She grabs Annabeth’s forearm, hysterically begging for Annabeth to come and help her.

Grover finds his way to a shed where one of the statues is of a satyr, which strongly resembles his uncle Ferdinand. In fact, it’s a near perfect stone replica of him, right down to the mole on his forehead. Grover muses, deciding it can’t be his actual uncle, because he was killed by…

Grover freezes in horror. His uncle was killed when he was turned to stone by Medusa. Auntie *EM’s* Emporium… M for Medusa. Frantically he rushes to find Annabeth and Percy. Percy hears Grover’s frantic yells that they are all in trouble. He grabs his pen and activates it as his sword and rushes to rendezvous with him. Meanwhile, Annabeth is still being pulled by her wrist, by the hysterical woman, who is screaming that they have to leave before "she" finds them… a woman who turned her husband to stone.

The scene switches back and forth a few times between Percy and Grover, running through the Emporium grounds trying to find each other… and find each other they do, literally running smack into each other. Grover tells Percy that they’re in Medusa’s lair. They still need to find Annabeth.

Annabeth is still being pulled along by the hysterical woman, who realizes she is lost on the Emporium grounds and is terrified they’ll never get out alive. Suddenly they stop short, Annabeth saying not to move. Standing right in front of them, a turban-like cloth wrap over her head and dark shades over her eyes, is Medusa (Uma Thurman).

Medusa speaks slowly and seductively, telling how she creates her ‘statues’ which serve as her only company in such a ‘lonely’ place. Suddenly she addresses Annabeth as ‘daughter of Athena,’ showing Medusa recognizes her for who she is. Medusa explains that she once had the same beautiful brown hair as Annabeth. Toying with a few locks of Annabeth’s hair, Medusa explains that she was desired and courted by many suitors, which made Athena jealous, and led her to curse Medusa.

Medusa steps back and removes her headpiece, revealing the snakes that serve as her hair, as Annabeth urges the hysterical woman not to look. Both of them snap their eyes shut as Medusa’s tone turns stern, saying that eyes are the windows to the soul, and she hopes they find hers attractive. She removes her dark shades, revealing her terrible blue eyes with the power to turn people to stone. Her tone turning seductive again, she gently whispers for them to ‘sneak a peek’ at her eyes.

The lure proves too much for the hysterical woman, who looks at Medusa’s eyes and promptly turns to stone; her now-stone hand still locked around Annabeth’s wrist.

Percy and Grover arrive, behind Medusa, and she isn’t yet aware of their presence. Percy knows that they can look at her reflection safely, and takes out his iPhone. Grover says he’ll get Annabeth away.

Medusa cockily puts her sunglasses on the hysterical woman’s left wrist and gets very close to Annabeth, taunting her that she will eventually open her eyes. Medusa gets close enough that her hair-snakes flick through Annabeth’s hair and across her cheeks. Annabeth trembles in fear, desperately fighting to keep her eyes tightly shut.

Hearing Medusa speak, Percy calls out, trying to give Annabeth resolve to keep her eyes closed. Medusa hears Percy’s voice and whirls around, realizing that the new arrival is another demigod. She heads toward the sound of where Percy’s voice came from. Percy runs, leading Medusa away from Annabeth, using the reflection in his iPhone to keep track of Medusa. As Percy pauses behind a statue, Medusa stops, recognizing Percy by the smell of his blood as the son of Poseidon. She remarks that she used to date Poseidon before pushing one statue down, causing it to topple a line of statues like dominoes; the last one landing on Percy.

Annabeth struggles futilely to free her wrist from the now-stone woman’s grasp, still not daring to open her eyes. Grover comes up and uses a crutch to smash the woman’s arm off, freeing Annabeth. The two rush to rendezvous with Percy.

Trying to crawl out from under the statue, Percy reaches for his sword, but Medusa kicks it away and lifts Percy by the scruff of his neck. Percy jams his eyes shut as Medusa holds him close to her face and tells him that she hears he has the stolen lightning bolt. She leans her head in close and tells Percy that her ‘hungry babies’ can open Percy’s eyes for him if he doesn’t do it himself. She sweetly says that he can stay with her always; all he has to do is look.

Medusa’s soft and seductive whisper almost has Percy about to open his eyes when Grover and Annabeth arrive on the scene, driving the pickup truck owned by the hysterical woman and her husband (they don’t need it anymore). They smash through several statues, knocking Medusa down.

Medusa hisses angrily, looking about for Percy. She finds his iPhone and peers curiously at it. Distracted, she doesn’t hear Percy coming up behind her. She spots his reflection in the iPhone too late– Percy beheads her with a swift stroke of his sword.

Grover and Annabeth exit the truck, tapping fists in celebration of vanquishing Medusa. Though Grover is repulsed at the idea, Annabeth says they need to take Medusa’s severed head with them. If they open her eyes, their power to turn living beings to stone still works. Percy asks Grover for his jacket so they can wrap up the head. Grover gives Percy his hoodie instead.

After giving the head to Grover, Percy happens to look again at Medusa’s headless body and realizes that she is wearing a bracelet with the pearl set into it. He pries it free and the three of them drive off in the pickup truck.

As they head down the road, Annabeth wonders why Luke didn’t warn them about Medusa (why indeed….) Grover asks Percy to open up the map so it will show them where the next pearl is. The map reveals the location as a replica of the Greek Parthenon… in Nashville, Tennessee (much to Grover’s disgust; he hates country music).

It is late at night and they are still on the road. Percy and Annabeth are fast asleep, and Grover starts to nod off at the wheel. The blare of an eighteen-wheeler’s horn jolts them all awake and Grover barely swerves away. The three of them, shaken, decide to stop for the night. They make their way to a roadside motor inn and get a room.

Just before sunrise, Percy is in the swimming pool, sitting on the pool floor as he loves to do. An image of his mother, and Hades holding her prisoner, flashes through his mind. He looks up and notices Annabeth standing at the poolside, watching him. He surfaces and she sits down, her feet in the water. Percy notices the bruises on Annabeth’s wrist from the woman who was turned to stone by Medusa. Gently taking her arm, he heals the bruises for her through his connection to the water. He climbs up and sits beside her at the poolside and asks why Poseidon and Athena are enemies. She explains it started when they vied for patronage of Athens and the people of the city chose Athena. Percy asks what Athena is like, but Annabeth doesn’t know– like Percy and Luke, she’s never met her divine parent. Percy is surprised, wondering if any demigod has ever met their divine parent. Annabeth explains that this is forbidden by Zeus himself… he decreed that all gods were prohibited from having any physical contact with their half-mortal children. Both agree that the law is ridiculous, though Annabeth tells Percy that she believes she hears her mother speaking to her in her mind in times of trouble, giving her advice. Percy realizes that’s the same as the voice he hears in his head, and Annabeth says that’s Poseidon talking to him.

An urgent shout from Grover recalls them to their room. A news article on TV has listed Percy as a missing person… and a suspect in the disappearance of Sally. To Percy’s revulsion, Gabe Ugliano is interviewed in the news segment, spouting lies about Percy having been on drugs and alcohol; and five nights ago, Percy tried to kill him and threw Sally on the ground, before Percy’s ‘cripple friend’ attacked Gabe from behind (Grover gapes in astonishment at the preposterous story), and Percy kidnapped Sally and took her away. Percy shuts off the TV in disgust, figuring he is now a fugitive.

Grover goes to the bathroom to pee and groans as he sees that Percy placed Medusa’s head there. He holds it up and admonishes Percy for putting it there. A maid working at the motor inn passes by the window and sees, and screams as she rushes away. Grover curses himself for having left the curtains open. Annabeth realizes they have to leave right away.

They arrive in Nashville at daytime. making their way to Centennial Park where the replica of the Parthenon is located. Inside, they stand before a huge statue of a Greek warrior woman. Percy is able to read the Ancient Greek on the nameplate and sees it is a statue of Annabeth’s mother, Athena. Annabeth gazes up at the statue, wondering if her mother really looks the way she is depicted, and she smiles when Percy assures her that they’ll find out. Grover looks up at a golden headdress set on the statue’s head and notes that the pearl is set into the centerpiece of it.

This presents a problem– how to get up 30 feet in the air, especially while the place is filled with tourists. Percy has an idea to the solution. The three of them hide in bathroom stalls, standing on them so their legs and feet aren’t seen, and wait for the place to close for the night. An hour after the park closes they come out, with the plan being for Percy to use the flying shoes to get up to the head of the statue. But although the park is closed, the Parthenon isn’t quite empty… night custodians are there, cleaning the place. Annabeth loads a hand crossbow and darts between pillars, stealthily and quickly taking the custodians out with drugged darts. Grover drags the sleeping custodians to one side of the Parthenon as Annabeth sets up her wireless laptop and makes a conference call to Luke, to get instructions on activating the flying shoes. Luke quickly explains that Percy needs to get a running start and build up speed, and that it will take some practice. But Percy proves more adept than this, and although he nearly loses his grip on the statue, he is able to climb back up the pry the pearl out from the headdress. Guided by the shoes to an easy landing on the ground, they all tap fists and Annabeth hugs Percy, telling everyone to gather up their things.

But they’re not out of the woods yet… the custodians have recovered and form a line in front of the exit. Grover tries to bluff them by acting like he’s a Park Recreational Services manager. But it quickly becomes apparent that these custodians are not ordinary people. They address Percy by name and demand the return of the lightning bolt. Percy sighs in exasperation, but his protest that he doesn’t have it falls on deaf ears. One custodian coughs a puff of fire, and then all five of them merge into a giant monster… the five-headed hydra. Percy, Annabeth and Grover rush behind pillars as the middle head spews a cone of roaring flames. Percy’s jacket is ignited, and when he shakes his arm to quell the flames, he loses his grip on the pearl, which flies across the Parthenon, resting on top of a flood drain grille. Activating his sword and shield, Percy takes to the air, and despite Annabeth’s urgent warnings, he begins slicing off the heads of the hydra.

The hydra collapses as the last head is severed, and Percy and Grover start to high-five. But Annabeth admonishes them that Percy only made the problem worse. She’s the only one of the three that remembers that when one head of the hydra is cut off, two more grow back in its place.

A terrible roar and the ground shaking prove the point of Annabeth’s admonishment as the hydra rises again… now with ten heads; two of which spout flame. Percy tells Annabeth to distract it while he retrieves the pearl. Annabeth draws her bow, loosing several arrows to harass the hydra. But although one head is hit squarely in the eye, the hydra still turns as Percy dashes for the pearl, and the two central heads spew gouts of fire. Percy dives away, using his shield to protect himself, but the shield is thrown from his grasp several yards away. As the hydra closes in, Percy notices emergency fire hoses. Reaching out and concetrating, Percy summons the water from its holding tanks to form a wall between himself and the hydra. The wall of water also acts as a shield against the hydra’s flaming breath, and allows Percy to retrieve the pearl. He dashes for the door, Grover and Annabeth right behind him… but they realize the hydra will reach them before they can get the door open. Grover gets an idea and rushes back toward the hydra, grabbing Percy’s backpack. He grabs the head of Medusa, and snapping his eyes shut, points the face at the hydra and removes the shades from Medusa’s eyes. Quickly the eyes begin to flash and the snake heads begin to thrash about. The flames stop short of the head and the hydra turns to stone.

The three adventurers make their way to an all night diner to eat. During the meal, they see a special news bulletin on the TV where scientsts are at a loss to understand a single storm cloud that has grown so massive as to spread over much of Europe and Asia. The cloud is expanding westward toward the United States, and much of the world’s coastlines are experiencing gale-force winds and massive surf waves. Annabeth realizes the gods are angry, and they need to get the last pearl quickly. They examine the map and find that it is in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the Lotus Hotel and Casino.

As they approach the casino, they need to fight to remind themselves that they’re only there for the pearl, not for any form of entertainment. Right away a casino employee tries to make them accept a casino fun book, and they have to assert themselves that they aren’t checking in. Grover figures that since the cocktail waitresses are all wearing green dresses, perhaps one of them has the pearl.

Several waitresses quickly surround them, holding trays filled with cookies that they call Lotus Flowers– the casino’s signature dish. Tentatively, the three of them each try a sample. They find the cookies exquisitely delicious… not even noticing the psychedelic effect the ‘lotus flowers’ have on them. They start to laugh and giggle in growing excitement as they continue to look around them. In half a minute they’ve forgotten what they’re there for, except to have fun and enjoy themselves. The decision to stay– perhaps as permanent fixtures of the casino– is a no-brainer.

Percy, Annabeth and Grover all start to partake in the casino’s festivities– gambling, dancing, partying… and of course more of the delicious lotus flowers. But finally, just as Percy is about to eat one, he hears his father’s voice admonishing him not to. The flowers dull their senses and keep them prisoner in the casino. Crinkling his brow, he excuses himself from Annabeth to walk around, and leaves the lotus flower uneaten on the bar. He begins to walk through a video arcade, declining all the waitresses who swarm around with their flower trays. Poseidon’s voice guides him, telling him to focus. He passes a young man playing a pinball machine themed after the movie, The French Connection. The young man asks if Percy’s seen it, and Percy is stunned when the young man doesn’t understand him when he says he’s seen it on DVD. Quickly he realizes that the young man thinks that the year is still 1971; the year the movie was first released. Percy starts to snap out of it, guided by Poseidon’s voice. He realizes the cocktail waitresses are redoubling their efforts to serve him more lotus flowers and starts to understand the entrapment effect of them. Then he walks past a roulette table and sees that the roulette ball is the pearl he came for. This jolts him completely back to his senses. As he walks away from another waitress trying to make him have another lotus flower, a bellhop turns and speaks into a headphone: ‘Percy Jackson’s awake.’

Percy hurries back to Annabeth, finding her dancing with several young women. He grabs her and herds her to where Grover is being tended to by a group of gorgeous young women. Pulling a satyr away from beautiful women is hard enough when Grover is sober, but Percy manages to do it. Raising his voice to an urgent pitch, he finally gets through to them that the lotus flowers are putting them in a trance and making them want to stay and party. The sight of security guards converging on them helps break the trance on Annabeth and Grover. Together with Percy they must now fight their way through the guards back to the roulette table where Percy grabs the pearl. Rushing to a car on display as a prize that can be won, they use it to escape from the casino.

Racing down the street until they feel a safe distance away, they recollect their thoughts. Annabeth realizes the casino is the lair of the Lotus Eaters– and the ‘casino’ is where they have trapped people since ancient times. Even more dire is Grover passing a large display LCD calendar sign… the date is no longer June 15th, but June 20th… they’d spent five days and nights in the Lotus Casino’s trap. The deadline being only a day away, they consult the map, finding the entrance to Hades is in Hollywood. Grover nods grimly, saying he can get them there in four hours.

As they pull up before the famous Hollywood hillside sign, the radio gives a news report that the storm clouds have covered most of North America. Several states are ordering evacuations as the weather grows more severe. They run along the sign’s letters, pausing as Percy notes that some of the graffiti appears to be written in Ancient Greek. Quickly he reads it: ‘Woe to all depraved souls.’Quickly a patch of ground beside the letter opens up, revealing an entryway deep underground… which closes up behind them as they walk in.

They make their way down a subterranean tunnel with torches and lots of skulls in the earthen walls. Presently they come to a mysterious man in a long hooded robe, standing in a canoe float in a dark river beside the platform. Approaching him, they see he is the ferryman who brings souls to Hades’ kingdom. The ferryman refuses to bring them to Hades because they are still living. He tells them to come back when they are properly dead. Grover tries to bribe the ferryman with several bills of American currency. But, looking at them curiously, the ferryman burns them to ash in his hand, letting the ashes fall through his fingers.

Percy realizes Grover was on the right track but used the wrong kind of currency. He gives the ferryman the gold drachmas taken from the fountain in Medusa’s lair. This, the ferryman accepts, and takes them across the legendary River Styx, which is filled with centuries of broken human dreams and sorrows; wishes and hopes that never came true.

Percy, Grover and Annabeth walk into the entrance to Hades’ palace. They are promptly greeted by three hellhounds that guard their master’s domain. THe hounds are called off by Persephone (Rosario Dawson) who brings them to Hades. The three adventurers are surprised to see that Hades has taken on human form as well (played by Steve Coogan). Hades reveals he is seeking Zeus’ lightning bolt because it would allow him to overthrow his brothers and escape from the underworld, where he was exiled by Zeus. If Zeus and Poseidon destroyed each other in a war, he would be able to take over Olympus.

Percy tries to explain that he doesn’t have the lightning bolt, but Hades doesn’t believe him. He picks up an orb and shatters it on the ground, revealing that this was where he had been keeping Sally imprisoned. Percy rushes forth to hug Sally, grateful that she is alive and well.

But slowly everyone starts to become aware of Hades staring intently at Luke’s shield, which Percy had dropped to the ground in order to hug his mother. The handgrip of the shield has opened up after being dropped, to reveal a secret compartment inside it. Inside this compartment is the missing lightning bolt.

Percy, Grover and Annabeth realize that Luke was behind the theft of the lightning bolt all along, but none of that matters to Hades. He only cares that he has what he wanted. Picking up the bolt, he breaks his word to Percy and orders Persephone to feed Percy, Grover, Annabeth and Sally to ‘the souls.’

Persephone gestures and a grille over what looks like a fireplace, opens up… but behind this grille is no mere fireplace, but a furnace of damned, burning souls that start to writhe outward, smelling the living souls they are about to receive. Persephone then calls the hellhounds to herd the three adventurers toward the flames. Hades gloats with wicked glee at how he will rule the gods. Persephone grins wickedly and grabs her husband for an amorous smooch.

Or not so amorous, as while Hades is distracted, Persephone snatches the lightning bolt out of his hands and zaps him with it, knocking him unconscious. Quickly she calls off the hellhounds and closes the furnace gate. Kneeling over Hades, Persephone gloats at how he will remember nothing of all these recent events when he wakes up. Although grateful, Percy is curious as to why Persephone is helping them. She explains that Hades treats her like dirt, and all she has to look forward to while in his domain, is her alotted time back on Olympus. A war of the gods would destroy all that, and leave her alone with only Hades for company– the worst kind of company she could dread havinag to keep. She gives Percy the lightning bolt and tells him to take it, and Sally, away.

But as Percy takes out the pearls, it quickly becomes evident that there is a problem. There are three pearls, and three members of Percy’s party (himself, Grover and Annabeth)… but Sally makes a fourth person, and each pearl only grants egress to one. This means one of them has to stay behind in the underworld. There is a brief argument between Percy and Annabeth, both of whom feel they should be the one to stay… until Grover says that as Percy’s protector, it’s his duty and job to take on the burden. Persephone is delighted at this and promises to "take very good care" of Grover.

Percy, Annabeth and Sally use the pearls to take them to Olympus, but Percy is confused when they arrive at the observation deck of the Empire State Building. Annabeth points out the terrible storm clouds above– Zeus and Poseidon preparing for battle. Sally assures Percy that they are in the right place and shows him an entrance to a service closet that contains the secret entrance to Olympus.

But Percy is not quite home free yet. There’s ten more minutes until the midnight deadline, and Luke has arrived, wearing another pair of his father’s flying shoes, to make sure Percy misses that deadline. Questioned by Percy, Luke reveals that when Percy, Grover and Annabeth came to see him about traveling to the underworld, he saw it as the perfect opportunity to dupe Percy into the very role Hermes normally performs… messenger of the gods. Luke hid the lightning bolt in the shield and gave the shield to Percy, so that Percy could unwittingly deliver the bolt to Hades. Reminding Percy that he bears as much animosity toward his divine parent as nearly all the demigods have for theirs, Luke wants to see them go to war and destroy themselves, believing that the demigods could then take over and rule the world as they see fit.

Swooping at Percy, Luke knocks him to the ground and seizes the lightning bolt. Drawing a dagger, Annabeth engages him and fends him off, although she cannot defeat Luke while he has the lightning bolt and the flying shoes. Luke takes off into the skies. Percy reaches into his backpack and takes out the flying shoes Luke had given him, and takes off in pursuit.

Luke is about to cast lightning at a passing helicopter when Percy dives at him. They wrestle in mid-air until Luke breaks free and tries to blast Percy with lightning. There is a brief cat-and-mouse game through a skyscraper’s interior until Percy catches Luke by surprise and wrests the lightning bolt from him. Now it is Luke pursuing Percy, trying to recover it.

Percy is almost back at the Empire State Building when Luke hurls a knife that slices the wings off of Percy’s flying shoes. No longer able to control his flight, Percy tumbles to a hard landing on a rooftop. Luke picks up the lightning bolt, and questions Percy’s heritage as son of Poseidon. Percy sees several water towers atop nearby buildings and concentrates, breaking the tanks open and gathering the water to deluge Luke. Gathering some of the remaining water and shaping it into a trident, Percy says that he must be the son of Poseidon after all. Hurling the trident, he catches Luke across the throat between two of the prongs, taking Luke clear out of his flying shoes and casting him into the river.

Donning Luke’s shoes, Percy arrives back at the Empire State building with the lightning bolt. Sally and Annabeth flip several switches in a control box in the service closet, which acrivates the hidden secret elevator that takes them all up, far past the roof of the building, into the heavens before the gates of Olympus. Sally, as a mortal, is unable to venture forth onto the divine ground. Annabeth and Percy rush to the hall of the gods.

Inside the hall, the deities of the Greek Pantheon are engaged in heated argument until Zeus demands silence and crosses to a time-dial in the center of the great hall. Poseidon and Athena, despite their enmity, both make a final appeal to Zeus to avoid war. But as the time-dial signals the arrival of midnight and the passing of the deadline, Zeus is about to pronounce judgement of war. Just then, Percy and Annabeth rush into the hall bearing the lightning bolt. Zeus demands its return, and Percy does so. The bolt grows to its true size in Zeus’ grasp. He says that Percy is wise to betray his father. Percy retorts that he was never working with or for Poseidon’s benefit, and he reveals Luke as the true lightning thief (to the great surprise of Hermes (Dylan Neal)), explaining that Luke resented all the gods for not caring about their children, and he wanted them to destroy each other so the demigods could rule Olympus. The gods all look around at each other, seeing how they had been played and pitted against one another. Zeus accepts Percy’s explanation and declares peace. Athena (Melina Kanakaredes) smiles at Annabeth and tells her she’s very proud of her.

Percy mentions that he and Annabeth escaped the Underworld only because Grover stayed behind. Zeus smiles cynically as he realizes that Percy wants him to return Grover to the world of the living. However, he agrees to the request. Zeus declares the convening of the gods to be adjourned. Poseidon makes a plea to his brother that he be allowed to speak to Percy, and Zeus consents– but just this once.

Percy is naturally resentful that Poseidon was never around, and that he never got to even meet him. Poseidon acknowledges that Percy was only seven months when he left him and Sally. He says that being with him and his mother, Sally, made Poseidon start to forget his duties and become more human, which Zeus didn’t approve of. Percy is surprised on hearing that Poseidon’s siring him was what led Zeus to pass the divine rule prohibiting the gods from having any contact with their children. Poseidon manages to come to terms with Percy, saying he never wanted to leave him or Sally, and was in fact always with him in heart and spirit; Percy acknowledging he heard Poseidon’s voice when he spoke to Percy. Poseidon promises that while he might not get to see Percy again, he will always be there with and for him– in his heart, in his thoughts, and in his dreams. Percy forgives his father and shakes hands with him.

Sally brings Percy back to Camp Half Blood, where he can fulfill his destiny as a demigod. Although she will miss him, she says it’s where he belongs. She also says, to Percy’s great relief, that she is finally kicking Ugliano out of the house, now that he has served his purpose and she doesn’t need him anymore.

Percy is welcomed by everyone back at the camp, and Grover shows him that he’s been promoted to senior protector, and has finally gotten his Satyr horns. Chiron starts to admonish Percy for disobeying his orders and leaving camp without permission, but then says that this is why Percy is now his favorite student– many times he simply has to follow his own instincts. But hero or not, Percy is, to Chiron, still one of his students, and He sends Percy to suit up for more training.

As Grover and Percy walk through the training area, Grover amuses Percy with stories of Grover’s time in the underworld as Persephone’s paramour. They find Annabeth in the same manner in which Percy first set eyes on her– she is taking on several other students in swordplay at the same time, holding her own and more. Grover pats Percy’s shoulder and tells him that he can handle this on his own now. After defeating the last of her opponents, Annabeth calls for the next one, and Percy steps up to volunteer. Annabeth puts a hand on his neck, welcoming him home and leaning in as if to kiss him. Suddenly with a mischevious look, she surprises Percy by swiping his sword out of its scabbard and pointing her own at him, telling him that he must never be distracted by an opponent. Percy grins and motions for his sword back. She returns it and they square off. The camera slowly pans back as Percy and Annabeth begin their battle, and the credits start to roll.

Midway through the credits is an extra scene showing Sally telling Gabe to take all his things with him. He goes to the kitchen in disgust for a beer and finds the refrigerator locked, with a note from Percy on the door, warning that the refrigerator door must never be opened again. Annoyed, Gabe smashes the lock off and opens the door… and finds the severed head of Medusa inside. Fade to black as the snake heads lunge out, and the credits resume.


FullCast & Crew

Produced By:

  • Michael Barnathan known as producer
  • Chris Columbus known as producer
  • Thomas M. Hammel known as executive producer
  • Jeffrey Harlacker known as associate producer
  • Mark Morgan known as executive producer
  • Guy Oseary known as executive producer
  • Mark Radcliffe known as producer
  • Karen Rosenfelt known as producer
  • Karen Swallow known as associate producer

FullCast & Crew:

  • Logan Lerman known as Percy Jackson
  • Brandon T. Jackson known as Grover
  • Alexandra Daddario known as Annabeth
  • Jake Abel known as Luke
  • Sean Bean known as Zeus
  • Pierce Brosnan known as Mr. Brunner / Chiron
  • Steve Coogan known as Hades
  • Rosario Dawson known as Persephone
  • Melina Kanakaredes known as Athena
  • Catherine Keener known as Sally Jackson
  • Kevin McKidd known as Poseidon
  • Joe Pantoliano known as Gabe Ugliano
  • Uma Thurman known as Medusa
  • Julian Richings known as Ferryman
  • Bonita Friedericy known as Hysterical Woman
  • Annie Ilonzeh known as Aphrodite Girl
  • Luisa D'Oliveira known as Aphrodite Girl
  • Elisa King known as Aphrodite Girl
  • Tania Saulnier known as Aphrodite Girl
  • Christie Laing known as Aphrodite Girl
  • Crystal Tisiga known as Aphrodite Girl
  • Marie Avgeropoulos known as Aphrodite Girl
  • Marielle Jaffe known as Aphrodite Girl
  • Alexis Knapp known as Aphrodite Girl
  • Charlie Gallant known as Lotus Land Bellhop
  • Chelan Simmons known as Lotus Land Waitress
  • Natassia Malthe known as Lotus Land Waitress
  • Andrea Brooks known as Lotus Land Waitress
  • Jocelyn Ott known as Lotus Land Waitress
  • Max Van Ville known as Seventies Kid – Casino
  • Serinda Swan known as Aphrodite
  • Dimitri Lekkos known as Apollo
  • Ona Grauer known as Artemis
  • Stefanie von Pfetten known as Demeter
  • Conrad Coates known as Hephaestus
  • Erica Cerra known as Hera
  • Dylan Neal known as Hermes
  • Luke Camilleri known as Dionysus
  • Holly Hougham known as Grover Girl
  • Yusleidis Oquendo known as Grover Girl
  • Ina Geraldine Guy known as Grover Girl (as Ina Geraldine)
  • Janine Edwards known as Grover Girl
  • Raquel Riskin known as Grover Girl
  • Valerie Tian known as Cute Girl
  • Violet Columbus known as Nymph Warrior (as Violet Irene Columbus)
  • Sarah Smyth known as Pretty Girl #1
  • Merritt Patterson known as Pretty Girl #2
  • Julie Luck known as WGHP News Anchor – Video
  • Andrea Day known as Field News Reporter
  • John Stewart known as Poker Buddy
  • Matthew Garlick known as Poker Buddy
  • Dee Jay Jackson known as Poker Buddy
  • Stan Carp known as Old Fisherman
  • Suzanne Ristic known as Maid at Motel (as Suzanna Ristic)
  • Richard Harmon known as Smart Ass Kid
  • Maria Olsen known as Mrs. Dodds / Fury
  • Robin LeMon known as Museum Tour Guide
  • Doyle Devereux known as Museum Employee
  • Tom Pickett known as Parthenon Janitor
  • Keith Dallas known as Parthenon Janitor (as Keith Blackman Dallas)
  • V.J. Delos-Reyes known as Parthenon Janitor (as VJ Delos-Reyes)
  • Spencer Atkinson known as Parthenon Janitor
  • Tim Aas known as Parthenon Janitor
  • Maya Washington known as Percy's Classmate
  • Victor Ayala known as Percy's Classmate
  • Zane Holtz known as 50's Tough
  • Eli Zagoudakis known as Son of Ares
  • Loyd Bateman known as Son of Ares
  • Matt Reimer known as Son of Ares
  • Shawn Beaton known as Son of Ares
  • Rob Hayter known as Son of Ares
  • Jarod Joseph known as College Buddy
  • Paul Cummings known as College Buddy
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  • Julie Brar known as Cute Girlfriend
  • Dejan Loyola known as Boyfriend
  • Mario Casoria known as Cook
  • Dorla Bell known as Waitress
  • Carolyn Adair known as Waitress with Cleaver
  • Jade Pawluk known as Screaming Diner
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  • Darian Arman known as Warrior
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  • Devon Ferguson known as Lotus Land Bartender (uncredited)
  • Jay Ferraro known as Patron (uncredited)
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  • Ryan Moran known as Football Player (uncredited)
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  • Lee Wilson known as Biker (uncredited)
  • Ray Winstone known as Ares (uncredited)
  • Brendon Zub known as Father (uncredited)



Supporting Department

Makeup Department:

  • Matthew Aebig known as special makeup effects artist
  • Beth Boxall known as makeup artist
  • Linda Boykin-Williams known as makeup artist: Tennessee unit
  • Emanuela Daus known as makeup artist
  • Victoria Down known as makeup department head
  • Melinda Dunn known as hair stylist: Tennessee Unit
  • Vanessa Giles known as first assistant makeup artist
  • Céline Godeau known as assistant makeup artist
  • Leslie Graham known as makeup artist
  • Naomi Hirano known as makeup artist
  • Debra Johnson known as assistant hair stylist
  • Lise Kuhr known as makeup artist: second unit, Vancouver
  • Tracy Lai known as special makeup effects artist
  • Sherry Linder-Gygli known as hair department head (as Sherry Gygli)
  • Kandace Loewen known as hair stylist: second unit, Vancouver (as Candace Loewen)
  • Sharon Markell known as assistant hair stylist
  • Ann McLaren known as makeup artist
  • Robert A. Pandini known as hair stylist
  • Stephanie Pasicov known as key makeup artist: New York unit
  • Christopher Mark Pinhey known as first assistant makeup effects (as Christopher Pinhey)
  • Krista Seller known as makeup artist
  • Justin Stafford known as wig maker
  • Bill Terezakis known as makeup effects designer: WCT Productions Ltd.
  • Maureen Terezakis known as makeup effects producer: WCT Productions Ltd.
  • Debra Wiebe known as first assistant hair stylist
  • Helen Magelaki known as hair technician (uncredited)

Art Department:

  • Andy Aitken known as sculptor
  • Don Anderson known as assistant props master: second unit, Vancouver
  • Dave Asling known as specialty props
  • Sandra Baier known as props
  • Vaughan V. Baker known as paint coordinator (as Vaughan Baker)
  • Sheila Bartlett known as on-set scenic artist
  • Brent Bennett known as set decoration buyer
  • Eli Best known as art department assistant
  • Brent Boates known as storyboard artist
  • Peter Bodnarus known as set designer
  • Rob Boulet known as stand-by painter: second unit, Vancouver
  • Timothy Burgard known as storyboard artist
  • Scott Calderwood known as assistant set decorator
  • Jym Campbell known as set dresser (as Jim Campbell)
  • Melanie Cassidy known as sculptor
  • Niki Charalambopoulos known as lead painter
  • John Chaschowy known as lead greensman
  • Rob Chidester known as props
  • Chad W. Chilibeck known as on-set dresser: second unit, Vancouver (as Chad Chilibeck)
  • Susan Connor known as sculptor
  • Alexandra Cram known as assistant property master
  • Brian Cunningham known as graphic designer
  • Rodolfo Damaggio known as concept artist
  • Tina Dawson known as construction accountant
  • Darian Deering known as set dresser
  • Darrin Denlinger known as storyboard artist
  • Sharon Dever known as construction buyer
  • Dylan Dowd known as lead greens person
  • Rain Draper known as greens lead hand
  • Michael Dundas known as paint foreman
  • S.B. Edwards known as scenic painter
  • Jilly Geer known as assistant set decorating coordinator
  • Giacomo G. Ghiazza known as storyboard artist (as Giacomo Ghiazza)
  • Chris Gilmour known as lead dresser
  • Doug Girling known as set designer
  • Brent Gloeckler known as head sculptor
  • Max Gloeckler known as sculptor
  • Leesa Hanna known as set decoration coordinator (as Leesa Lee Hanna)
  • Haida Harper known as assistant property master
  • Leigh Harrington known as sculptor
  • Erich Hepnar known as head greensman
  • Glen Hierlihy known as stand-by carpenter: second unit, Vancouver
  • Adrian Hrytzak known as graphic designer
  • Charmaine Husum known as scenic painter/marble artist
  • Janette Hyland known as paint lead
  • Jon Jarema known as uncredited
  • Rob Jensen known as illustrator
  • Benton Jew known as storyboard artist
  • Jaclyn Kenney known as art department assistant
  • Julianna Kolakis known as character designer
  • Bryan Korenberg known as property master
  • Ray Lai known as props illustrator
  • Cody Larson known as on-set dresser
  • Charles Leitrants known as construction coordinator
  • Peter Lieshout known as scenic painter
  • Vladimir Lushnikov known as lead sculptor
  • Rohan Lyal known as head greensman
  • Ali Macrae known as property buyer
  • Diego Maia known as character designer
  • Mike Marsten known as set dresser (as Mike Marston)
  • Victor James Martinez known as illustrator (as Victor Martinez)
  • Jaydene Maryk known as art department coordinator
  • Joe May known as set designer
  • Marilyn McKay known as sculptor
  • Morag McLean known as lead sculptor
  • Guy Miller known as set dresser
  • Jay Mitchell known as set designer
  • David R. Murray known as construction foreman
  • Brychen Olive known as sculptor
  • Eric Pastore known as on-set dresser: New York
  • Vicki Pui known as illustrator
  • Jim Ramsay known as set designer
  • Steffen Reichstadt known as concept artist
  • Andrew Reid known as set decoration buyer
  • Tom Robertson known as on-set paint
  • David Rosychuk known as key props: second unit, Vancouver (as Dave Rosychuk)
  • Al Rourke known as construction foreman
  • Daniel Scarcello known as sculptor
  • Rodrigo Segovia known as illustrator
  • Rodrigo Segovia known as set designer
  • Kristin Shanski known as property buyer
  • Dean Sherriff known as illustrator
  • Carol-Ann Smith known as scenic painter
  • Casey Smith known as assistant art director: New York
  • Sarah M. Smith known as greens person
  • Wyatt Soutzo known as carpenter
  • James Steuart known as assistant art director (as Jim Steuart)
  • Gordon Stewart known as set dresser (as Gord Stewart)
  • John Sund known as sculptor
  • Billy Thomson known as painter
  • Rod Turner known as illustrator
  • Adrien Van Viersen known as storyboard artist
  • Greg Venturi known as assistant art director (as Gregory Venturi)
  • Paul Wagner known as daily props builder
  • Thomas Weigeldt known as sculptor
  • Lori West known as graphic designer
  • Jamie Westbury known as set dresser
  • Sean Whale known as assistant on-set dresser
  • Chris Wills known as on-set carpenter
  • Joe Wolkosky known as set designer
  • Milena Zdravkovic known as illustrator
  • Gordon Bellamy known as prop manufacturing: tEAG Ltd. (uncredited)
  • Janice Lynn Coats known as scenic carpenter (uncredited)
  • Jonathan Simms known as key greensman: Tennessee (uncredited)




Production Companies:

  • Fox 2000 Pictures (presents)
  • 1492 Pictures
  • Big Screen Productions (produced in association with)
  • Imprint Entertainment
  • Phoenix Film Partners (produced in association with)
  • Sunswept Entertainment
  • TCF Vancouver Productions

Other Companies:

  • ABKCO Music and Records  soundtrack
  • Aaron Sims Company, The  character design
  • Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment  camera dollies
  • Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment  hydrascope telescoping crane arm
  • Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment  remote camera systems
  • Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment  stabilized remote camera systems
  • David Haddad  transportation equipment
  • Deva Studios  title design (as Devastudios)
  • Doggicam Systems  SuperSlide provided by
  • DoggieCam Systems  SuperSlide provided by
  • EFilm  digital intermediate
  • Fisher Technical Services Rentals  camera & performer flying system
  • Gallagher Entertainment  insurance (uncredited)
  • Goldcrest Post Production London  ADR Facility
  • Haddad's  transportation equipment
  • Intelligent Media  international monitoring agency
  • Jo Anne Kane Music Services  music preparation (as Joann Kane Music Service)
  • Lightnin' Production Rentals  transportation equipment
  • Newman Scoring Stage, Twentieth Century Fox Studios, The  score recorded and mixed at (as The Newman Stage, Twentieth Century Fox)
  • Paskal Lighting  grip and lighting equipment (Nashville, Tennessee)
  • Rockbottom Rentals  cell phone rentals
  • Rockbottom Rentals  walkie rentals
  • Scarlet Letters  end titles
  • Skywalker Sound  post-production sound services
  • Spacecam Systems  aerial cameras provided by
  • Sylvia Fay/Lee Genick & Associates Casting  background casting new york
  • Tennessee Film, Entertainment and Music Commission  thanks


  • 20th Century Fox Australia (2010) (Australia) (theatrical)
  • 20th Century Fox Australia (2010) (New Zealand) (theatrical)
  • 20th Century Fox Netherlands (2010) (Netherlands) (theatrical) (through Warner Bros.)
  • 20th Century Fox (2010) (Belgium) (theatrical)
  • 20th Century Fox (2010) (France) (theatrical)
  • 20th Century Fox (2010) (Japan) (theatrical)
  • 20th Century Fox (2010) (Malaysia) (theatrical)
  • 20th Century Fox (2010) (Singapore) (theatrical)
  • 20th Century Fox de Argentina (2010) (Argentina) (theatrical)
  • 20th Century Fox of Germany (2010) (Germany) (theatrical)
  • Castello Lopes Multimédia (2010) (Portugal) (theatrical)
  • FS Film Oy (2010) (Finland) (theatrical) (Blu-ray) (DVD)
  • Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation (2010) (USA) (theatrical)
  • Warner Bros. (2010) (Netherlands) (theatrical) (through)
  • 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment (2010) (USA) (DVD)
  • 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment (2010) (USA) (DVD) (Blu-ray)
  • Film1 (2011) (Netherlands) (TV) (limited)
  • Odeon (2010) (Greece) (all media)
  • Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment (2010) (Netherlands) (DVD)
  • Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment (2010) (Netherlands) (DVD) (Blu-ray)



Other Stuff

Special Effects:

  • CIS Hollywood (additional visual effects)
  • Cinedev (previsualization)
  • Digital Domain (animation and visual effects)
  • Evil Eye Pictures (visual effects)
  • Hydraulx (additional visual effects) (as hy*drau*lx)
  • Image Engine Design (pre-visualization)
  • Lola Visual Effects (visual effects)
  • Luma Pictures (visual effects)
  • Method Studios (additional visual effects)
  • Mova (facial motion capture)
  • Pixel Liberation Front (previsualization)
  • Pixomondo (visual effects)
  • RISE Visual Effects Berlin
  • Reliance Media Works VFX (additional visual effects) (as Reliance Media Works)
  • Rhythm and Hues (visual effects) (as Rhythm & Hues Studios)
  • Trixter Film
  • WCT Productions (special mechanical effects)
  • Whiskytree (additional visual effects)

Visual Effects by:

  • Matan Abel known as visual effects generalist: Pixomondo
  • Matthew Adams known as lead compositor: MPC
  • Nidhi Agarwal known as matchmove artist
  • Kevin Aguirre known as previs artist
  • Shish Aikat known as education manager, Rhythm & Hues
  • Lee Alexander known as matchmove artist: MPC
  • Casey Allen known as senior flame artist
  • Alexandra Altrocchi known as visual effects producer
  • Sean Araki known as system administrator: Pixomondo
  • Spencer Armajo known as flame artist
  • Oliver Arnold known as CG supervisor: Luma Pictures
  • K.H. Aslam known as senior matchmove artist: MPC Bangalore
  • Tohda Asuka known as lighting technical director
  • Nicola Atkinson known as roto animation
  • Durai Babu known as senior matchmove artist
  • Andra Bard known as visual effects support: Digital Domain
  • Geoffrey E. Baumann known as on-set survey lead and 3D environments lead
  • Brian Begun known as lead compositor: Pixomondo
  • Joel Behrens known as lead compositor: Digital Domain
  • Thad Beier known as visual effects
  • Kevin Bell known as digital compositor: Evil Eye Pictures
  • Jason Bettinger known as render i/o coordinator
  • Avinash Bhandary known as prep artist
  • Andrea Biklian known as production accountant
  • Nafees Bin Zafar known as software engineer
  • Bineesh known as matchmove artist
  • Adam Blank known as matchmove TD: Rhythm & Hues
  • Justin Blaustein known as flame / inferno artist
  • Landon Bootsma known as compositor: MPC
  • Kevin Bouchez known as compositor
  • Zakaria Boumediane known as texture artist: mpc
  • Todd Boyce known as digital effects artist
  • Christopher Boylan Jr. known as rigging artist
  • Andrew Bradbury known as lighting technical director
  • Jeremy Bradley known as visual effects editor
  • J. Alan Bradshaw known as lighting artist
  • Matthew Bramante known as Flame artist
  • Stefan Braun known as cg lighting artist: Trixter Film
  • Daniel Brimer known as visual effects producer: Digital Domain
  • Andrew P. Brown known as visual effects accountant (as Andrew Brown)
  • Dan Browne known as systems admistrator: Evil Eye Pictures
  • Nathan Brunskill known as lead Inferno assistant: Rhythm & Hues
  • Daniel Bryant known as digital compositor: Luma Pictures
  • Charles Bunnag known as second digital colorist
  • Heiko Burkardsmaier known as visual effects business affairs: Pixomondo
  • Shannan Burkley known as matte painter
  • Andy Burmeister known as lead matchmover
  • Jeffrey Burt known as lead layout artist
  • Julian Burt known as animator
  • Ivan Busquets known as lead compositor
  • Sebastian Butenberg known as visual effects artist: Pixomondo
  • Manfred Büttner known as visual effects producer: Pixomondo
  • Shannon Caldwell known as roto/prep artist
  • Paul Campion known as concept artist: MPC
  • Alexandre Cancado known as lead digital compositor: Luma Pictures
  • Tom Capizzi known as digital artist
  • Curtis Cardwell known as visual effects generalist: Pixomondo
  • John Cassella known as senior fx animator: Luma Pictures
  • Cynthia Rodriguez del Castillo known as roto/prep
  • Sarah Cave known as digital coordinator
  • Charles-Felix Chabert known as effects technical director
  • Gordon Chapman known as visual effects
  • Sarahjane Javelo Chase known as digital paint/rotoscope artist: Digital Domain
  • Adam Chazen known as visual effects coordinator: Pixomondo
  • Marco Checa Garcia known as digital compositor
  • Christopher Chen known as visual effects producer: Pixomondo Beijing
  • Vanessa Cheung known as digital matte painter
  • Wally Chin known as paint artist
  • Jeremy Chinn known as modeler: Rhythm & Hues
  • Jiyeon Cho known as digital compositor
  • Alessandro Cioffi known as visual effects supervisor: Trixter Film
  • Vincent Cirelli known as visual effects supervisor: Luma Pictures
  • Patrick Clancey known as digital opticals
  • Trent Claus known as Flame artist
  • Michael Clive known as technical director
  • Dan Cobbett known as digital compositor: Digital Domain
  • James Cochrane known as assistant visual effects coordinator
  • Michael Colburn known as junior compositor
  • Michael Coldewey known as executive producer: Trixter Film
  • Chad E. Collier known as data technician: Method Studios
  • Janice Barlow Collier known as digital plate restoration: Digital Domain
  • Daniel Aristoteles Collins known as systems/operations: Rhythm & Hues
  • Rafael Colon known as digital compositor: Digital Domain
  • Matt Conway known as matte painter
  • Tim 'Timco' Conway known as data integration lead: The Integration Co. (as Tim Conway)
  • Jacqueline Cooper known as digital compositor
  • Krystal Cooper known as render i/o coordinator: Rhythm & Hues
  • Nick Crew known as environments artist: Digital Domain
  • Mark Curtis known as compositing supervisor
  • Oliver Dale known as Lead RotoAnimation
  • Enid Dalkoff known as digital compositor
  • Pedram Daraeizadeh known as render wrangler
  • Christopher Davies known as roto animation: MPC
  • Denise Davis known as visual effects producer
  • Shad Davis known as visual effects coordinator: Digital Domain
  • Aaron Deerfield known as animator
  • Yoshi DeHerrera known as 3d scan technician
  • Stanley A. Dellimore known as head of layout: MPC
  • Marie Victoria Denoga known as digital compositor
  • Del DePierro known as survey data
  • Del DePierro known as visual effects artist
  • Anthony Di Ninno known as layout artist
  • Raffael Dickreuter known as previs animator
  • Michael Dohne known as digital compositor: RISE Visual Effects Berlin
  • Jonny Doig known as production manager: MPC
  • Megan Dolman known as digital artist: Digital Domain
  • Raul Dominguez known as digital artist
  • Sven Dreesbach known as compositor
  • Gregory Duncan known as digital paint/rotoscope artist: Digital Domain
  • Edgar Díaz known as digital artist: Digital Domain
  • Scott Edelstein known as 3D environments artist
  • Gracie Edscer known as visual effects coordinator: MPC
  • Joël Einhorn known as effects animator: Digital Domain
  • Brett Ellis known as technical director
  • Sebastian Elsner known as lead pipeline technical director: RISE Visual Effects Berlin
  • Thilo Ewers known as lead environmental supervisor: Pixomondo
  • Sean Andrew Faden known as visual effects supervisor: Method
  • Steven Fagerquist known as digital compositor
  • Marco Fanari known as digital artist
  • Joe Farrell known as visual effects conceptual designer
  • Holger Fiala known as digital compositor: Trixter Film
  • Frank Fieser known as digital compositor: Luma Pictures
  • Felix Fissel known as visual effects system administrator: Pixomondo
  • Andrea Flores known as digital production administrator
  • Aidan Fraser known as digital compositor
  • Antonio Freire known as production accountant
  • Anthony Fung known as digital artist
  • Anthony Fung known as visual effects artist
  • Jigesh Gajjar known as matchmove supervisor: The Moving Picture Company
  • Erik Gamache known as animation supervisor: Digital Domain
  • Ignacio Garcerón known as visual effects artist
  • Robert Gardiner known as 3D laser scanning (as Robert L. Gardiner)
  • Scott Gastellu known as digital compositor: Digital Domain
  • Denise Gayle known as digital coordinator
  • Brian Gazdik known as visual effects: Digital Domain
  • Florian Gellinger known as visual effects supervisor: RISE Visual Effects Berlin
  • Mikael Genachte-Lebail known as digital matte painter: Rhythm & Hues
  • Swen Gillberg known as CG supervisor
  • Ben Gillingham-Sutton known as digital paint and roto supervisor
  • Jan Glöckner known as digital compositor: Trixter Film
  • Katie Godwin known as visual effects coordinator
  • Gabby Gourrier known as executive producer: Method Studios
  • A.B. Govardhan known as senior matchmove artist
  • Robin Scott Graham known as digital compositor: Luma Pictures
  • Anthony Grant known as matte painter
  • Michael Grawert known as pre-visualization artist
  • John Griffith known as pre-visualization director
  • Steve Griffith known as visual effects producer: Luma Pictures
  • Chris Grun known as visual effects art director
  • Michael Grund known as cgi artist: RISE Visual Effects Berlin
  • Matti Grüner known as pipeline developer: Trixter Film
  • Jennifer Gutierrez known as compositor: Luma Pictures
  • Sebastian Haas known as pipeline lead: Trixter Film
  • Wolfgang Haas known as modeling artist: Trixter Film
  • Michael Habenicht known as digital compositor: Trixter Film
  • Geoff Hadfield known as digital compositor: MPC
  • Sam Haines known as visual effects coordinator: MPC
  • Jason Michael Hall known as pre-visualization artist: CineDev
  • Lindsay Hallett known as director: business development: Luma Pictures
  • H Haden Hammond known as sequence supervisor: Luma Pictures
  • Amanda Hampton known as software developer
  • Jeremy Hampton known as digital effects artist
  • Silke Harbauer known as production secretary: Trixter Film
  • Michael S. Harbour known as compositor
  • Anthony Harris known as color supervisor
  • Jacob Harris known as roto/paint artist: Luma Pictures
  • Jamie Hartnett known as digital coordinator
  • Christoph Hasche known as digital compositor: RISE Visual Effects Berlin
  • Dietrich Hasse known as cg supervisor: Trixter Film
  • John R. Hazzard known as pipeline technical director: Luma Pictures
  • John Heller known as visual effects supervisor
  • Todd Hemsley known as flame artist
  • Darren Hendler known as digital effects supervisor: Digital Domain
  • Claas Henke known as visual effects art director: Digital Domain
  • Brent Hensarling known as senior systems administrator: Luma Pictures
  • Peter Herlein known as 3D integration artist
  • Michael Hertstein known as visual effects coordinator: Trixter Film
  • Earl A. Hibbert known as senior previz artist
  • Thomas Hiebler known as digital matte painter: RISE Visual Effects Berlin
  • Michael Hipp known as lead cg lighting artist: Trixter Film
  • Alex Hislop known as animator
  • Chad Hofteig known as pre-visualization artist
  • Oliver Hohn known as digital compositor: RISE Visual Effects Berlin
  • Glenn Holbrook known as digital matte painter: Digital Domain
  • Phil Holland known as digital imaging specialist
  • Eloisa Honrada known as roto/paint artist: Evil Eye Pictures
  • Holly Gregory Horter known as visual effects artist
  • Kathryn Horton known as vfx producer: Moving Picture Company
  • Ritchie Hoyle known as roto animation
  • David Hsin known as assistant visual effects editor: Digital Domain
  • Thomas Huber known as digital compositor
  • Melissa Huerta known as digital artist: Method Studios
  • Catherine Hughes known as production assistant: Luma Pictures
  • Injoon Hwang known as visual effects artist
  • Kenneth Ibrahim known as effects technical director: Digital Domain
  • Aruna Inversin known as digital compositor: Digital Domain
  • Isaac Irvin known as lighting
  • Anna Ivanova known as texture/matte painter
  • John L. Jack known as visual effects exective producer: Evil Eye Pictures
  • Joni Jacobson known as visual effects executive producer: Pixomondo
  • Neh Jaiswal known as visual effects coordinator
  • Steve Jaworski known as compositing supervisor
  • Eugene Jeong known as character setup artist: Digital Domain
  • Chris Jestico known as visual effects coordinator
  • Justin Johnson known as digital effects supervisor
  • Matthew Frederick Johnson known as visual effects assistant (as Matthew Johnson)
  • Will Johnson known as compositor: Digital Domain
  • Bryan Jones known as compositor: MPC
  • Cindy Jones known as visual effects producer: Pixomondo
  • Joseph Jones known as previsualization artist
  • Hyun Chul Jung known as animator
  • Alla Kalachnikova known as digital artist
  • Kerstin Kensy known as visual effects coordinator: RISE Visual Effects Berlin
  • Gabriel Kerlegand known as visual effects artist
  • Marcel Kern known as fx artist
  • Harimander Singh Khalsa known as visual effects artist (as Michael Cashore)
  • John Kilkenny known as visual effects executive: Fox
  • Louis Kim known as senior compositor: MPC
  • David Kirchner known as cgi artist: RISE Visual Effects Berlin
  • Sudheesh Kk known as rotoscopy artist
  • Daryl Klein known as digital compositor: Digital Domain
  • Karl Kohlman known as visual effects artist
  • Arek Komorowski known as lead compositor
  • Florian Kraft known as cg effects artist: Trixter Film
  • Aaron Kramer known as lighting artist
  • Simone Kraus known as animation supervisor: Trixter Film
  • Heath Kraynak known as digital compositor
  • Louis Kreusel known as render i/o coordinator: Rhythm & Hues
  • Jakub Krompolc known as senior rigger: MPC
  • Ines Krüger known as digital compositor: Trixter Film
  • Roger Kupelian known as digital matte artist
  • James Kuroda known as digital compositor: Digital Domain
  • Somasundram L. known as rotoscope artist
  • Jay Lalime known as compositor
  • Ken Lam known as digital compositor: The Moving Picture Company
  • David Lamps known as render i/o coordinator: Rhythm & Hues Studios
  • Kevin LaNeave known as visual effects editor: Digital Domain
  • Michael Lankes known as digital compositor: RISE Visual Effects Berlin
  • Jean Lapointe known as digital compositor: MPC
  • Mårten Larsson known as visual effects artist
  • Greg LaSalle known as facial motion capture supervisor
  • Shandy Lashley known as on-set data wrangler
  • James Travis Lawrence known as lighting technical director: Digital Domain
  • Michelle Ledesma known as visual effects coordinator
  • John Lee known as previsualization artist
  • Marvin Lee known as roto/paint artist: Luma Pictures
  • Richard S. Lee known as digital matte painter: Pixomondo
  • Sam Lee known as compositor: MPC
  • Dave Levine known as flame artist: Lola VFX
  • Jeff Lew known as character animator
  • Mathis Lex known as digital compositor: Trixter Film
  • Ryan Sunghun Lim known as modeler
  • John Lindstein known as visual effects artist
  • Bryan Litson known as lookdev artist / lighting td
  • Nick Lloyd known as visual effects concept artist: Digital Domain
  • Sophia Lo known as digital compositor: Rhythm & Hues
  • Ting Lo known as texture/matte painter
  • Jo Lockman known as digital production administrator
  • Rajavel Loganathan known as rotoscope artist
  • Blaine Lougheed known as on-set data wrangler
  • Steven Lovell known as roto animation
  • Kevin Scott Mack known as visual effects supervisor (as Kevin Mack)
  • Dawn Brooks Macleod known as visual effects coordinator: Fox Studios (as Dawn Brooks)
  • Heather MacPhee known as paint and rotoscope artist: Digital Domain
  • Jessica Madsen known as paint artist
  • Jessica Madsen known as rotoscope artist
  • Angela Magrath known as lead character technical director
  • Jason Maher known as visual effects artist: MPC
  • Philippe Majdalani known as digital intermediate assistant producer
  • Nikki Makar known as effects technical director: Rhythm & Hues
  • Michael Maloney known as compositing supervisor: Digital Domain
  • Manikandan known as paint/prep artist
  • Paul Maples known as motion control
  • Giorgio Marino known as digital compositor: Trixter Film
  • Lisa Marra known as visual effects coordinator
  • Abner Marín known as visual effects artist
  • Ruheene Masand known as visual effects coordinator
  • Daniel Maskit known as lead technical developer
  • David Masure-Bosco known as assistant visual effects coordinator
  • Tim Matney known as digital matte painter
  • Artin Matousian known as systems administrator
  • Rylan Mattes known as animator
  • Eva Matthes known as digital compositor: Trixter Film
  • Elizabeth Matthews known as digital compositor
  • Sean Mattini known as digital colorist assist
  • Dirk Matzkuhn known as digital compositor: RISE Visual Effects Berlin
  • Björn Mayer known as visual effects supervisor: Pixomondo
  • David Mayhew known as lead hair and fur artist: MPC
  • Matt McDonald known as visual effects supervisor: Evil Eye Pictures
  • Trisha McNamara known as digital artist
  • James McPhail known as effects technical director: MPC
  • Natalie Meffert known as digital compositor: RISE Visual Effects Berlin
  • Jignesh Mehta known as visual effects department coordinator
  • Rebecca Melander known as senior texture artist: mpc
  • Michael Melchiorre known as lead compositor
  • Pieter Mentz known as lead digital effects artist: Pixomondo
  • Maureen Meulen known as assistant visual effects editor
  • Rob Meyers known as visual effects generalist: Pixomondo
  • Lukas Michna known as software developer: Trixter Film
  • Natt Mintrasak known as technical director animation
  • Stephen Misek known as fx: MPC
  • Mo Mohamoud known as visual effects coordinator
  • Paul Molodowitch known as pipeline technical director: Luma Pictures
  • Dele Momoh known as digital compositor: RISE Visual Effects Berlin
  • Juan Pablo Monroy known as digital matte painter: Whiskytree
  • Nicole Montemayor known as assistant visual effects coordinator
  • Lauren Morimoto known as roto/paint lead
  • Meg Morris known as matchmove supervisor: Rhythm & Hues
  • Richard Morton known as CG supervisor
  • Mohsen Mousavi known as cg effects supervisor
  • Harry Mukhopadhyay known as lead effects technical director: MPC
  • Patrick Paul Mullane known as digital matte painter: Pixomondo
  • Tim Mulvihill known as visual effects editor: mpc
  • Gautama Murcho known as roto/paint artist: Luma Pictures
  • Devan Mussato known as rigging artist
  • Daisuke Nagae known as digital artist
  • Christopher Nagel known as animator: Trixter Film
  • Leona Naidoo known as visual effects editor
  • Masa Narita known as cg modeler: Method Studios
  • Ben Neall known as texture artist: Digital Domain
  • Marla Neto known as digital coordinator: Luma Pictures
  • Blake Nickle known as visual effects coordinator
  • David Niednagel known as digital artist
  • Thomas Nittmann known as visual effects producer: lola visual effects
  • Gary Nolin known as visual effects producer: Rhythm & Hues
  • John Norris known as business affairs: The Aaron Sims Company
  • Ezekiel Norton known as previsualization supervisor: Image Engine
  • Brian Nugent known as digital compositor: Flame artist
  • Peter Oberdorfer known as senior staff
  • Mike Ocoboc known as digital compositor
  • Viktorija Ogureckaja known as visual effects coordinator: Pixomondo
  • Simon Ohler known as cgi artist: RISE Visual Effects Berlin
  • Lauralea Otis known as technical director
  • Natasha Ozoux known as digital producer: Digital Domain
  • Paul George Palop known as digital lighting artist: Digital Domain
  • Suresh Pandi known as roto artist: MPC
  • Christian Paradis known as cg supervisor: MPC
  • John F.K. Parenteau known as visual effects supervisor
  • Clark Parkhurst known as flame artist
  • Mitch Paulson known as second digital colorist: Efilm
  • Chris Paxson known as motion control
  • Geoff Pedder known as look development: MPC
  • Marco Pelzel known as digital compositor: Trixter Film
  • Joe Phoebus known as effects technical director: Rhythm & Hues Studios
  • Dawrath Phoue known as roto/paint artist: Digital Domain
  • Robert Pinnow known as visual effects producer: RISE Visual Effects Berlin
  • Elmar Pohl known as digital compositor: RISE Visual Effects Berlin
  • Eric Ponton known as digital compositor: MPC
  • Kelly Port known as visual effects supervisor
  • Justin Porter known as technical coordinator: Luma Pictures
  • Phillip Prahl known as effects animation lead
  • Rajasekar Prince known as matchmove Artist: MPC
  • Christian Pundschus known as lead cgi artist: RISE Visual Effects Berlin
  • James Purdy known as visual effects coordinator
  • Francis Puthanangadi known as digital compositor: Digital Domain
  • Daniel Keith Raffel known as digital compositor
  • Ryan Raith known as visual effects artist
  • Siddharthan Raman known as roto/prep technical director
  • Francisco Ramirez known as visual effects editor: Method
  • Erin Ramos known as effects technical director: Rhythm & Hues
  • Michael Ranalletta known as digital compositor: MPC
  • Ambrish Rangan known as junior matchmove artist
  • Pimentel A. Raphael known as animation supervisor
  • Tom Reed known as head of rigging: MPC
  • Jeff Reeves known as production assistant: Pixomondo
  • Sascha Reinholz known as digital compositor: RISE Visual Effects Berlin
  • Thomas Reppen known as effects animation lead
  • Anthony Reyna known as visual effects editor: Evil Eye Pictures
  • Grover Richardson known as dirt removal: Evil Eye Pictures
  • Marc D. Rienzo known as compositor: Digital Domain
  • Sean Rivet known as lighting artist
  • Liz Roberts known as visual effects production manager: MPC
  • Ian Robinson known as visual effects
  • Kyle Robinson known as pre-vis consultant
  • Guillaume Rocheron known as visual effects supervisor: MPC
  • Cesar Rodriguez Bautista known as roto/prep artist: MPC
  • David Rose known as digital compositor: MPC
  • Daniel P. Rosen known as visual effects supervisor: Evil Eye Pictures
  • Meagan Rotman known as digital coordinator (as Meagan Condito)
  • Norbert Ruf known as digital compositor: Trixter Film
  • Karl Rumpf known as visual effects production manager: Rhythm & Hues
  • Joe Sambora known as visual effects production assistant
  • Marc-Andre Samson known as lead matte painter
  • David Sanchez known as digital artist
  • Jared Sanders known as matchmove artist: Luma Pictures
  • Richard Sandoval known as look development technical director: MPC Vancouver
  • Daniel Sappa known as animator: Trixter Film
  • Olivier Sarda known as senior digital compositor
  • Daryl Sawchuk known as animation supervisor: The Moving Picture Company
  • Ozen Sayidof known as visual effects coordinator
  • Achim Schawer known as modelling artist: Trixter Film
  • Nabil Schiantarelli known as senior compositor: Pixomondo
  • Boris Schmidt known as cg artist: Pixomondo
  • Rayk Schroeder known as digital compositor: RISE Visual Effects Berlin
  • Patrick Schuler known as digital effects artist: Pixomondo
  • Sean Schur known as visual effects supervisor: Slash FX
  • P. Kevin Scott known as lead character animator: DD
  • Steven J. Scott known as supervising digital colorist
  • Diana Sear known as digital lighting artist: Digital Domain
  • Craig Seitz known as prep supervisor: Rhythm & Hues
  • Mayumi Shimokawa known as matte painter: Rhythm and Hues
  • Jay Shindell known as visual effects
  • Payam Shohadai known as executive visual effects supervisor: Luma Pictures
  • Joey Sila known as digital compositor: Luma Pictures
  • Jared Simeth known as lead compositor/lighter: Luma Pictures
  • Keith Sintay known as senior digital character animator: Digital Domain
  • Thanapoom Siripopungul known as character technical director: Luma Pictures
  • Ryan Sivley known as animator: Luma Pictures
  • Sally Slade known as digital compositor
  • Brian Smallwood known as compositor: Digital Domain
  • Edmond Smith III known as visual effects artist
  • Brad Smith known as render i/o administrator
  • Doyle Smith known as digital artist
  • R. Matt Smith known as digital compositor: Digital Domain
  • Udo Smutny known as digital compositor: Trixter Film
  • Safari Sosebee known as digital artist: Luma Pictures
  • Chris Stenner known as animator: Trixter Film
  • David Stopford known as effects technical director
  • Sean Stortroen known as visual effects coordinator: Rhythm & Hues
  • Ileana Stravoskiadi known as modeler: MPC
  • Donald Strubler Jr. known as digital compositor: Luma Pictures
  • Julien Stuart-Smith known as look development MPC
  • Thomas Stölzle known as cg lighting artist: Trixter Film
  • Richard Sur known as lighting technical director: MPC
  • Richard Sutherland known as cg supervisor: Luma Pictures
  • Kristen Swanson known as digital paint/rotoscope artist: Digital Domain
  • Steven Swanson known as visual effects supervising producer: Luma Pictures
  • James Sweeney known as digital artist
  • Jeremiah Sweeney known as Flame artist: Lola VFX
  • Hirofumi Takeda known as digital compositor: Digital Domain
  • Hanzhi Tang known as lighting supervisor: Digital Domain
  • Ben Taylor known as render i/o coordinator
  • Paul Taylor known as previs artist
  • Jason Thielen known as character animator: Luma-Pictures
  • Daniel Thron known as matte painter
  • Joel Tong known as digital compositor
  • Christopher Townsend known as additional visual effects supervisor
  • Robert Tucker known as digital compositor: RISE Visual Effects Berlin
  • Jen Underdahl known as lead visual effects coordinator
  • Chris Uyede known as modeller
  • Devin Uzan known as digital compositor
  • Nowell Valeri known as matchmove supervisor: Evil Eye Pictures
  • Nico Van den Bosch known as digital supervisor
  • Leigh van der Byl known as texture painter: The Moving Picture Company
  • Justin van der Lek known as 3D environments: Digital Domain
  • Vasantharajan.g.d known as matchmove artist
  • John Vassallo known as animator
  • Diana Velasquez known as previsualization artist
  • Sebastian von Overheidt known as digital compositor: Trixter Film
  • Kustaa Vuori known as digital compositor: Trixter Film
  • Nashia Wachsman known as data coordinator
  • Thomas Dane Wagener known as digital compositor: Digital Domain
  • Michael Waltl known as cg effects artist: Trixter Film
  • James Waterson known as digital compositor: Luma Pictures
  • Jonathan Weber known as digital compositor: RISE Visual Effects Berlin
  • Keith Weilmuenster known as digital artist
  • Julian Weiss known as matchmover: RISE Visual Effects Berlin
  • Cary Welton known as roto/paint artist: Luma Pictures
  • Adina Wernstedt known as digital compositor: Trixter Film
  • Neil West known as render engineer
  • Wil Whaley known as pipeline supervisor
  • Kelly Whitfield known as visual effects assistant
  • Cameron Widen known as previsualization supervisor: Image Engin
  • Georg Wieland known as visual effects producer: Trixter Film
  • Marc Wilhite known as character setup artist
  • Bethany Wilksen known as digital production manager
  • Edson Williams known as visual effects supervisor: lola visual effects
  • Mark Williams known as senior rendering research and development engineer: MPC
  • Virginia Wilson known as digital effects coordinator: Digital Domain
  • Derek Wolfe known as visual effects artist
  • Jeff Wolverton known as visual effects artist
  • William R. Wright known as animator
  • Elaine Wu known as animator: Luma Pictures
  • Matthias Wäsch known as digital compositor: RISE Visual Effects Berlin
  • Tuba Yalcin known as effects technical director: MPC
  • Kazuyoshi Yamagiwa known as Flame artist: Lola VFX
  • Niki Yoblonski known as digital artist
  • Nina Yoon known as paint and roto artist
  • Susumu Yukuhiro known as digital matte artist
  • Joseph A. Zaki known as visual effects (as Joseph Zaki)
  • Attila Zalanyi known as digital fluid effects animator
  • Oliver Zangenberg known as visual effects artist: Pixomondo
  • Dan Zelcs known as character technical director: MPC
  • Yan Zhou known as matchmove artist: Pixomondo
  • Dominik Zimmerle known as digital compositor: Trixter Film
  • Loic Zimmermann known as lead concept artist: Luma Pictures
  • Ryan Zuttermeister known as associate visual effects producer: Lola Visual Effects
  • Henrik Zähringer known as digital artist
  • Michael Backauskas known as visual effects editor: Rhythm & Hues (uncredited)
  • Craig Crawford known as digital compositor (uncredited)
  • Lisa de la Garza known as visual effects senior staff: Digital Domain (uncredited)
  • James Going known as rotoscope artist (uncredited)
  • Giorgia Graziadio known as digital compositor (uncredited)
  • Phaneendra Gullapalli known as visual effects (uncredited)
  • S. Gopi Krishna known as paint/prep artist: MPC (uncredited)
  • Madhok Nisha known as roto artist (uncredited)
  • John P. Nugent known as visual effects artist (uncredited)
  • Tom Piedmont known as roto/paint artist: Luma Pictures (uncredited)
  • Karen N. Sickles known as recruiter: Digital Domain (uncredited)
  • Patrick Timmermann known as visual effects coordinator: Pixomondo (uncredited)
  • Sukumaran Lalithambika Vijin known as senior roto/paint artist: MPC (uncredited)

Release Date:

  • Belgium 10 February 2010
  • Egypt 10 February 2010
  • France 10 February 2010
  • Indonesia 10 February 2010
  • Switzerland 10 February 2010 (French speaking region)
  • Australia 11 February 2010
  • Austria 11 February 2010
  • Belarus 11 February 2010
  • Czech Republic 11 February 2010
  • Denmark 11 February 2010
  • Germany 11 February 2010
  • Hong Kong 11 February 2010
  • Kazakhstan 11 February 2010
  • Malaysia 11 February 2010
  • Netherlands 11 February 2010
  • New Zealand 11 February 2010
  • Peru 11 February 2010
  • Portugal 11 February 2010
  • Russia 11 February 2010
  • Singapore 11 February 2010
  • Slovenia 11 February 2010
  • Switzerland 11 February 2010 (German speaking region)
  • Thailand 11 February 2010
  • Ukraine 11 February 2010
  • Brazil 12 February 2010
  • Canada 12 February 2010
  • Finland 12 February 2010
  • Ireland 12 February 2010
  • Lithuania 12 February 2010
  • Norway 12 February 2010
  • Philippines 12 February 2010
  • South Korea 12 February 2010
  • UK 12 February 2010
  • USA 12 February 2010
  • Venezuela 12 February 2010
  • Argentina 18 February 2010
  • Greece 18 February 2010
  • Hungary 18 February 2010
  • Israel 18 February 2010
  • Estonia 19 February 2010
  • Poland 19 February 2010
  • Spain 19 February 2010
  • Turkey 19 February 2010
  • Sweden 24 February 2010
  • Syria 24 February 2010
  • Kuwait 25 February 2010
  • Japan 26 February 2010
  • Panama 26 February 2010
  • Italy 12 March 2010
  • Pakistan 2 April 2010

MPAA: Rated PG for action violence and peril, some scary images and suggestive material, and mild language



Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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