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Tammy (2014)

  • Rate: 4.7/10 total 8,828 votes 
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2 July 2014 (USA)
  • Runtime: 97 min
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Tammy (2014)

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  • IMDb page: Tammy (2014)
  • Rate: 4.7/10 total 8,828 votes 
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2 July 2014 (USA)
  • Runtime: 97 min
  • Filming Location: Wilmington, North Carolina, USA
  • Budget: $20,000,000 (estimated)
  • Gross: $82,737,168 (USA) (8 August 2014)
  • Director: Ben Falcone
  • Stars: Melissa McCarthy, Susan Sarandon, Kathy Bates | See full cast and crew »
  • Original Music By: Michael Andrews (composed by)  
  • Soundtrack: Center Stage
  • Sound Mix: SDDS | Datasat | Dolby Digital
  • Plot Keyword: Female Protagonist | One Word Title | Character Name In Title

Writing Credits By:

  • Melissa McCarthy (written by) &
  • Ben Falcone (written by)

Known Trivia

  • There is only 24 years difference in age between Melissa McCarthy (Tammy) and Susan Sarandon (Tammy’s grandmother, Pearl). Furthermore, there is only 11 years difference between McCarthy and Allison Janney, who plays her mother. 63 of 67 found this interesting Interesting? YesNo |
  • Shirley MacLaine was originally cast in the grandmother role, however scheduling conflicts with the fourth season of Downton Abbey (2010) required her to be replaced with Susan Sarandon. Before Sarandon was ultimately cast, Debbie Reynolds, who famously starred in Tammy and the Bachelor (1957), in the role of Tammy, was also considered. Reynolds’ rendition of the title song, “Tammy,” spent 23 weeks on the Billboard Top 40 chart, beginning July 27, 1957, including five weeks at number-one, and was nominated for a Best Song Academy Award for 1957. 64 of 72 found this interesting Interesting? YesNo |

Goofs: Continuity: In the beginning when Tammy is getting fired, pay close attention to Ben Falcone's tie clip. Sometimes it's crooked and sometimes it's not.

Plot: After losing her job and learning that her husband has been unfaithful, a woman hits the road with her profane, hard-drinking grandmother. Full summary »  »

Story: Tammy, who was recently fired from a Topper Jack’s fast food restaurant, returns home only to find her husband enjoying a romantic meal with the neighbor. She quickly packs her necessities, and travels down three houses to her parent’s home. Upon denied use of her mom’s car to drive to Niagara Falls, she quickly resorts to an “ailing” grandmother, who also lives in the home…Only instead of traveling alone, Grandma Pearl wants in on the road trip. After realizing Grandma Pearl has the funds, they hit the road. Pearl soon proves to be quite the alcoholic despite her diabetes, and Tammy quickly turns into the “baby-sitter.” From finding love in a bar to robbing a Topper Jack’s in order to bail Pearl out of jail,the quirky adventure will have you finding yourself riding along for the misadventures of Tammy. Written byMayor_G


Synopsis: Tammy (Melissa McCarthy) is an overweight, potty-mouthed, bad-luck-prone, lower-working-class woman who is having a horrible day. On her way to work at a fast-food place called Topper Jacks, she hits a deer while shes looking for Chapstick in the backseat of her car. Once she gets there, her boss Keith (Ben Falcone) fires her for showing up late and looking like a mess. Her nose is bloody from the car accident.

She heads back home, but her car dies. She eventually gets home and finds her husband Greg (Nate Faxon) eating a romantic meal with their neighbor (Toni Collette). Upset, Tammy leaves and walks two doors down to her parents house.

She tells her mother Deb (Allison Janney) that she’s leaving town and shes taking her grandmother Pearl’s (Susan Sarandon) car. Her grandmother insists on going too. She not only has a car, she has thousands of dollars in cash, while Tammy has only $68, plus change. She and Tammy don’t get along at all. Deb doesn’t want them to go because Pearl needs her medication and they were planning on putting her in the Brookview Retirement Home.

Pearl convinces Tammy to lighten up and have a beer. Tammy doesn’t want to drink and drive, but Pearl insists. Soon, they’re doing drunken donuts in a grassy area.

The next morning, they wake up near a park and Pearl convinces Tammy not to go back home and finish what she started. Pearl has always wanted to go to Niagra Falls. Tammy goes jet skiing, while Pearl drinks more booze on the dock. Tammy crashes and they have to pay for the broken jet ski. So they do, but they take it with them.

They head to Louisville, for the best barbecue in town, according to Pearl’s cousin Lenore. There, they meet Earl (Gary Cole) and his son Bobby (Mark Duplass). Earl is smitten with Pearl and they have sex in the backseat of Pearl’s car. Bobby and Tammy awkwardly sit outside while it happens, but eventually Bobby has to head home and take care of his mom. Earl is still married, but his wife is dying and they have some sort of arraignment.

Earl, Pearl, and Tammy head back to the hotel and Tammy is locked outside the room while Earl and Pearl continue touching private parts.

The next morning, an angry Tammy decides to leave a still drunk Pearl so she knows what it feels like to be abandoned. When Tammy was a child, Pearl was her best friend, but stopped coming around. Tammy calls her mom, who is worried because Pearl didn’t bring her medicine. Tammy turns around and finds Pearl inside a liquor store mixing whiskey in a Slurpee. The cashier is mad because Pearl keeps drinking inside the store and he calls the police.

They leave and we find out that Pearl was also in the process of buying beer for minors. Tammy tells the minors to run off, theres a fight and the police show. Tammy and Pearl are arrested. Pearl pays for Tammy’s bail, but Pearl is stuck because she also had a bag full of illegal oxycontin.

Tammy asks her family for money, but doesn’t tell them Pearl is in jail. No one will pay, so Tammy robs a local Topper Jacks for the rest of the money. During the robbery she bonds a little with the two employees Becky (Sara Baker) and Larry (Rich Williams).

Tammy heads back to the police station to bail out Pearl, but she’s already free because Earl took care of everything.

Tammy and Pearl go back to the hotel and the Topper Jacks robbery is on the news and theres a pretty good description of Tammy’s shirt and vehicle towing the jet ski. Pearl makes Tammy return the money to Topper Jacks the next day. Becky is there, but says Larry took the day off because he was still shook up a bit.

Pearl and Tammy meet up with Lenore (Kathy Bates) who blows up Pearl’s car because Tammy is now a fugitive. They go back to Lenore’s house where she and her girlfriend/life partner Susanne (Sandra Oh) are getting read to throw a giant 4th of July party. Pearl apologizes for her behavior and explains that she quit coming around when Tammy was a kid because she got drunk and made a pass at Tammy’s dad and was embarrassed.

Tammy asks that Pearl promise not to get drunk. During the party, they have a Viking funeral for the jet ski, sending it out onto the lake in a flaming raft. Earl and Bobby show up. Bobby tells Tammy that he digs her, but Tammy explains that shes still married and feels weird about that.

A drunk Pearl starts to make a horrible toast over the PA and Tammy tries to stop her. Pearl calls her a fat slob and says she sees why Greg left her. Angrily, Tammy responds that at least she didnt try to fuck her son-in-law. Its heated. Tammy storms off. Lenore finds her and tells her that she needs to get her own life together because she can try to take care of Pearl.

The next morning Tammy finds Pearl in a lawn chair dead. Everyone is crying, but it turns out that Pearl was actually just passed out hard. She gets up, they call the EMTs take make sure shes okay. The cops show up as well. Tammy fits the description of the Topper Jacks robber and there was a call about the burning jet ski the night before. Tammy goes to prison.

38 days later, Tammy is released from prison and her father (Dan Akroyd) picks her up. He offers to kill Greg for her. She declines the offer. She brings up that she knows Pearl made a pass at him. He dismisses that and says that she made a pass at everyone, but the only person who ever took her up on it was the ice cream man (who Tammy also had a little bit of hanky panky with).

Tammy goes home and finds that Greg and his mistress have packed Tammys belongings. She walks down the street to her parents and finds out that Pearl is now living in Brookview Retirement Home after all.

Tammy goes to Brookview to break out Pearl, but Pearl is actually happy there. Shes dating one of the guys there. However, they do still take a trip to Niagra Falls. Bobby shows up and he and Tammy finally kiss. Tammy tells him she decided shed like to move to Louisville and be closer to him.

There are a few scenes during the credits……

Toni Collette leaves Nate Faxon for Ben Falcone because he now owns a few Topper Jacks franchises.

Tammy hangs out with Becky and Larry from the robbery.

And finally, theres an alternate take of the opening scene when Tammy gets fired.


FullCast & Crew

Produced By:

  • Rob Cowan known as executive producer
  • Ben Falcone known as executive producer
  • Will Ferrell known as producer
  • Chris Henchy known as executive producer
  • Melissa McCarthy known as producer
  • Adam McKay known as producer
  • Kevin J. Messick known as executive producer

FullCast & Crew:

  • Melissa McCarthy known as Tammy
  • Susan Sarandon known as Pearl
  • Kathy Bates known as Lenore
  • Allison Janney known as Deb
  • Dan Aykroyd known as Don
  • Mark Duplass known as Bobby
  • Gary Cole known as Earl
  • Nat Faxon known as Greg
  • Toni Collette known as Missi
  • Sandra Oh known as Susanne
  • Ben Falcone known as Keith Morgan
  • Sarah Baker known as Becky
  • Rich Williams known as Larry
  • Steve Little known as Jet Ski Rental Guy
  • Dakota Lee known as Kathleen
  • Mark L. Young known as Jesse
  • Mia Rose Frampton known as Karen
  • Steve Mallory known as Cashier
  • Big Al Hall known as Possum Creek Bluegrass Band
  • Jones Smith known as Possum Creek Bluegrass Band
  • Joe Baxter known as Possum Creek Bluegrass Band
  • Benjamin Chontos known as Possum Creek Bluegrass Band
  • Sean Gould known as Possum Creek Bluegrass Band
  • Keith Welborn known as DJ
  • Oscar Gale known as Javier
  • Justin Smith known as Paramedic
  • Willie Hill known as Prison Guard
  • Zach Hanner known as Man at Blue Post Bar-B-Que
  • Jason Vail known as Man at Blue Post Bar-B-Que
  • Leon Lamar known as Old Man with Walker
  • Larry Dorf known as Officer Mannis
  • Ricky Muse known as Officer Curtis
  • Barbara Weetman known as Officer Carty
  • William Flaman known as La Grange Bail Cop
  • Rey Hernandez known as Cop at Lakehouse
  • Penn Charles Holderness known as News Anchor
  • Michelle Li known as News Reporter
  • Raven Whisnant known as Charlotte (as Raven Angeline Whisnant)
  • Damon Jones known as Jerry Miller
  • Sandy McCarthy known as Two Old Ladies Leaving a Bar
  • Margo Passas known as Two Old Ladies Leaving a Bar
  • Alkoya Brunson known as Playground Kid #1
  • Andrea Alcorn known as Daughter (uncredited)
  • James Alcorn known as Teen Boy (uncredited)
  • Jamar Allen known as Cook (uncredited)
  • Leila Arafat known as Waitress at Bar (uncredited)
  • Laura Avery known as 4th of July Partier (uncredited)
  • Rochelle Aycoth known as Party Go-er (uncredited)
  • Steve Baldwin known as Vendor at Lake (uncredited)
  • Katie Barber known as Bar Patron / 4th of July Partier (uncredited)
  • Alyssa Bauman known as Police Officer (uncredited)
  • Kelly Bisner known as Dancer (uncredited)
  • Shannon Blackledge known as 4th of July Partier (uncredited)
  • Kristi Booher known as July 4th Party Guest (uncredited)
  • Huck Borden known as Town Child (uncredited)
  • Caitlyn Brarens known as Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
  • Jack Brarens known as Camper (uncredited)
  • Sheila Brothers known as Connie (uncredited)
  • Rusty Burrow known as Nursing Home Staff (uncredited)
  • Roxanne Bush known as Blue Post Bar Patron (uncredited)
  • John Carter known as Bar Patron (uncredited)
  • Mia Clarke known as Teen at Lake (uncredited)
  • Zoe Clarke known as Little Girl at Restaurant Counter (uncredited)
  • Robert Gregory Cole known as Dancer (uncredited)
  • Kevin M. Conte known as Diner Family (uncredited)
  • Rita Conte known as Grandmother (uncredited)
  • Christopher Cozort known as Blue Post Customer (uncredited)
  • Carol Crandall known as Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
  • Todd Davis known as Police Officer (uncredited)
  • Dale Deacon known as Nursing Home Staff (uncredited)
  • Jonathan Edwards known as Blue Post Customer (uncredited)
  • Cricket Ellis known as Lunchroom Lady (uncredited)
  • Kaitlyn Ervin known as Lake Teen (uncredited)
  • Carolyn Foland known as Dancer (uncredited)
  • William Frasca known as Subaru Driver at Gas Station (uncredited)
  • Tom Gore known as Dancer (uncredited)
  • Randy Grazio known as Police Officer (uncredited)
  • Clare Halstead known as Topper Jack's Customer (uncredited)
  • Mary Beth Hawkins known as Dancer (uncredited)
  • Lemuel Heida known as Bar Patron (uncredited)
  • Lew Herman known as 4th of July Party Goer (uncredited)
  • Patricia Hewitt known as Market Patron (uncredited)
  • Jeff Hill known as Francis the Fast Food Worker (uncredited)
  • Joseph Milton Hodges Jr. known as Assisted Living Staff (uncredited)
  • Joseph Milton Hodges Sr. known as Assisted Living Resident (uncredited)
  • Nancy Rouse Hodges known as Assisted Living Resident (uncredited)
  • Gerald Jackson known as Vendor (uncredited)
  • Mary-Jo Jackson known as Market Folk (uncredited)
  • Kari Jauch known as Blue Post Customer (uncredited)
  • Kimi Jauch known as Blue Post Waitress (uncredited)
  • Ben Joyce known as Topper Jack's Customer (uncredited)
  • Emily E. Kelly known as Townfolk (uncredited)
  • Randi Langdon known as Niagara Falls Tourist (uncredited)
  • Henry Lawrence known as Restaurant Diner (uncredited)
  • Karen Malina known as Blue Post Bar Patron (uncredited)
  • Chris Matheny known as Pedestrian with Car (uncredited)
  • Donna McGinnis Salberg known as Waitress (uncredited)
  • William t. McGregor known as Bar Dancer (uncredited)
  • John Merical known as Retirement Home Visitor (uncredited)
  • Brian Patrick Moize known as Topper Jack Patron (uncredited)
  • Joe Montanti known as Great Dane Walker (uncredited)
  • David Andrew Nash known as Morningside Guard (uncredited)
  • James Nass known as Grandparent (uncredited)
  • David Pascua known as Tourist (uncredited)
  • Matt Perkinson known as Park Patron (uncredited)
  • Danecka Peyton known as Staff Server (uncredited)
  • Namiah Potter known as Leland House Clerk (uncredited)
  • Kathy Walton Pulley known as Blue Post Customer (uncredited)
  • Darrell Rackley known as (uncredited)
  • Tammy Rackley known as Coffee Vendor at Park (uncredited)
  • Selena V. Raffaele known as 4th of July Party Goer (uncredited)
  • Michelle Rivera known as Arresting Cop (uncredited)
  • J.R. Rodriguez known as Kentucky Trooper (uncredited)
  • Katie Sawhill known as Lady in Bathroom (uncredited)
  • David Schifter known as Drunk Single Guy (uncredited)
  • Paul Shaplin known as Cook (uncredited)
  • Rob Springer known as Gene the Cook (uncredited)
  • Carol Stephans known as Party Goer (uncredited)
  • Alexia Stip known as Playground Kid (uncredited)
  • Kent Sublette known as Carl Judy (uncredited)
  • Kristina Tonkowska known as Camper (uncredited)
  • Shelby Townsend known as Canoe Teen (uncredited)
  • Patrick Veihmeyer known as Bar Patron (uncredited)
  • A.J. Verel known as Tourist (uncredited)
  • Jett Walker known as Lake Child (uncredited)
  • Diana Ward known as Lake Teen (uncredited)
  • Angela Marie Williams known as Market Shopper (uncredited)
  • Ben Yemba known as Prison Guard (uncredited)
  • Julie Zimmer known as Market Woman (uncredited)



Supporting Department

Makeup Department:

  • Ma Kalaadevi Ananda known as makeup for Susan Sarandon
  • Marianna Elias known as key makeup artist: los angeles unit
  • Linda D. Flowers known as hair department head
  • Elisabeth Fry known as makeup artist

Art Department:

  • Brian Baker known as set designer
  • Ian Breslerman known as set dresser
  • Tracy Breyfogle known as art department production assistant
  • D. Tobias Denney known as assistant property master
  • Kevin Dick known as on-set greensman
  • Joshua L. Ellsworth known as mill shop foreman
  • John Fox known as storyboard artist
  • Chris Holcombe known as lead scenic
  • Jeffrey A. Hughes known as set dresser
  • Patrick Jackson known as set dresser
  • Tom Jones Jr. known as construction coordinator
  • Jim Landis known as 1st asst. propmaster
  • Jeremy Lee known as greensman
  • Rebecca Lee known as greensman
  • Danielle Levesque known as art department coordinator (additional photography)
  • B. Kyle Lewis known as props
  • Michael Martishius known as paint gang boss
  • Lenual Mukai known as set dresser
  • Marci Perry known as property assistant
  • Tim Pope known as lead set decoration buyer
  • Tim Schultz known as property master
  • Jennifer Singletary known as set dresser
  • John Snow known as head painter: la
  • Greg Spencer known as general foreman
  • Amy Tipton known as art department coordinator
  • Stephanie Waldron known as key greens
  • Michael Warga known as props
  • Dana White known as on set dresser




Production Companies:

  • Gary Sanchez Productions
  • New Line Cinema

Other Companies:

  • Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment  camera cranes (uncredited)
  • Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment  camera dollies (uncredited)
  • Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment  stabilized remote camera systems (uncredited)
  • FotoKem  digital intermediate
  • FotoKem  production dailies (nextLAB)
  • Kaufmann Media Group  post-production facilities
  • North Star Post & Sound  pre-recorded music recorded at
  • Panavision  camera equipment provided by (as Panavision Woodland Hills)
  • Scarlet Letters  titles
  • WaterTower Music  soundtrack


  • Warner Bros. (2014) (Canada) (theatrical)
  • Warner Bros. (2014) (Germany) (theatrical)
  • Warner Bros. (2014) (Netherlands) (theatrical)
  • Warner Bros. (2014) (Singapore) (theatrical)
  • Warner Bros. (2014) (USA) (theatrical)



Other Stuff

Special Effects:

  • Creature Effects (animatronic deer)

Visual Effects by:

  • Murali Anagani known as pipeline technical director
  • Saurabh Arora known as prep/roto artist
  • Michael Bogen known as compositor: Level 256
  • Abhishek Chaturvedi known as roto and paint artist: Rhythm and Hues
  • Myong Choi known as compositor: Level 256
  • Gupta Darpan known as lighting artist
  • Scott M. Davids known as visual effects supervisor: Level 256 VFX
  • Geoff DuQuette known as digital compositor
  • Rich Fallat known as visual effects artist: Rhythm & Hues
  • Jimmy Gordon known as rigging supervisor
  • Goutham known as visual effects coordinator
  • Sumit Karamchandani known as machmove artist
  • Bhavani Kishore known as prep artist: Rhythm and Hues
  • Daniel Kole known as character rigging supervisor
  • Aravind Kumar known as tracking lead
  • L. Patrick McCormack known as Senior Manager: International Digital Production
  • Abbigail Ponek known as digital producer
  • Dante Quintana known as look development supervisor: Rhythm & Hues Studios
  • Neville Emerson Samuel known as background prep technical director: Rhythm & Hues Studios
  • Shyamchand known as lead compositor
  • Raman Siddharthan known as digital compositor
  • Nicholas Theisen known as digital imaging specialist
  • Wineeth Wilson known as visual effects artist
  • Kim Evans known as VFX Production Accountant: Rhythm & Hues (uncredited)
  • Chris B. Schnitzer known as director of visual effects (uncredited)

MPAA: Rated R for language including sexual references



Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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