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Tears of April (2008)

  • Rate: 6.3/10 total 582 votes 
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 29 August 2008 (Finland)
  • Runtime: France:110 min (Cannes Film Festival) | Finland:115 min
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Tears of April (2008)

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  • IMDb page: Tears of April (2008)
  • Rate: 6.3/10 total 582 votes 
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 29 August 2008 (Finland)
  • Runtime: France:110 min (Cannes Film Festival) | Finland:115 min
  • Filming Location: Brinkhall Manor, Kakskerta, Turku, Finland
  • Budget: €1,500,000(estimated)
  • Director: Aku Louhimies
  • Stars: Samuel Vauramo, Pihla Viitala and Eero Aho
  • Original Music By: Pessi Levanto   
  • Soundtrack: Jääkärimarssi
  • Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
  • Plot Keyword: Humanity On Trial | Execution Squad | Rape | Jail Cell | One Word Title

Writing Credits By:

    (in alphabetical order)

  • Leena Lander  novel
  • Jari Rantala  screenplay (as Jari Olavi Rantala)

Known Trivia


    FullCast & Crew

    Produced By:

    • Aleksi Bardy known as producer
    • George Charalambides known as co-producer
    • Olli Haikka known as executive producer
    • Riina Hyytiä known as executive producer
    • Christine Ioannou known as co-producer
    • Aku Louhimies known as co-producer
    • Nikos Moutselos known as co-producer
    • Axel Möbius known as co-producer (as Axel Moebius)
    • Ella Piesala known as line producer
    • Annika Sucksdorff known as associate producer
    • Christoph Thoke known as co-producer
    • Riin Urbanik known as associate producer

    FullCast & Crew:

    • Samuel Vauramo known as Aaro Harjula
    • Pihla Viitala known as Miina Malin
    • Eero Aho known as Emil Hallenberg
    • Eemeli Louhimies known as Eino
    • Miina Maasola known as Martta
    • Riina Maidre known as Beata Hallenberg
    • Sulevi Peltola known as Konsta
    • Oskar Pöysti known as Paasonen
    • Mikko Kouki known as Vääpeli
    • Janne Virtanen known as Jääkäriluutnantti
    • Robert Hedengren known as Valkokaartilainen
    • Viktor Idman known as Valkokaartilainen
    • Miska Kaukonen known as Valkokaartilainen
    • Ilkka Heiskanen known as Frans Rapola
    • Riitta Salminen known as Saara Rapola
    • Ella Aho known as Viena Rapola
    • Akseli Kouki known as Vilho Rapola
    • Joonatan Perälä known as Samuel Rapola
    • Sara Paavolainen known as Orpokodin johtajatar
    • Vieno Saaristo known as Orpokodin hoitajatar
    • Anne Autio known as Orpokodin hoitajatar
    • Susanna Aho known as Punakaartilaisnainen
    • Marjukka Erälinna known as Punakaartilaisnainen
    • Janna Haavisto known as Punakaartilaisnainen
    • Salla Hakanpää known as Punakaartilaisnainen
    • Sofia Kotoulias known as Punakaartilaisnainen
    • Emmi Leeve known as Punakaartilaisnainen
    • Terhi Nieminen known as Punakaartilaisnainen
    • Iida-Maija Ojanen known as Punakaartilaisnainen
    • Mira Rautio known as Punakaartilaisnainen
    • Katja Räty known as Punakaartilaisnainen
    • Maiju Saarinen known as Punakaartilaisnainen
    • Nina Salminen known as Punakaartilaisnainen
    • Pauliina Salonius known as Punakaartilaisnainen
    • Anna-Sofia Sysser known as Punakaartilaisnainen
    • Reino Nordin known as Vartija kartanolla
    • Kimmo Rasila known as Vartija kartanolla
    • Kari Kuittinen known as Vartija kartanolla
    • Jarmo Altis known as Vartija kartanolla
    • Juha Antikainen known as Vartija kartanolla
    • Mika Irenius known as Vartija kartanolla
    • Miikka Kanerva known as Vartija kartanolla
    • Kalle Karttunen known as Vartija kartanolla
    • Antti Laine known as Vartija kartanolla
    • Markku Lentonen known as Vartija kartanolla
    • Jari Nurminen known as Vartija kartanolla
    • Pekka Tetri known as Vartija kartanolla
    • Aleksi Tilli known as Vartija kartanolla
    • Carl Alm known as Vanki
    • Matti Ristinen known as Vanki
    • Markku Tuulenkari known as Vanki
    • Otto Ahonius known as Lapsi orpokodissa
    • Felix Eurasto known as Lapsi orpokodissa
    • Vincent Eurasto known as Lapsi orpokodissa
    • Markus Haapasaari known as Lapsi orpokodissa
    • Elli Heikkinen known as Lapsi orpokodissa
    • Feeliks Kilpi known as Lapsi orpokodissa
    • Carla Korkeaniemi known as Lapsi orpokodissa
    • Nico Korkeaniemi known as Lapsi orpokodissa
    • Alma Louhimies known as Lapsi orpokodissa
    • Joonas Olkkonen known as Lapsi orpokodissa
    • Totti Pajamäki known as Lapsi orpokodissa
    • Kia Sundberg known as Lapsi orpokodissa
    • Santeri Tolonen known as Lapsi orpokodissa
    • Sonja Tolonen known as Lapsi orpokodissa
    • Otto Vanhatalo known as Lapsi orpokodissa



    Supporting Department

    Makeup Department:

    • Jenni Aejmelaeus known as assistant makeup artist
    • Kelly Jürgensson known as assistant makeup artist
    • Minna Pilvinen known as hair stylist
    • Pauliina Salonius known as hair stylist
    • Riikka Virtanen known as makeup designer
    • Tiina Winter known as makeup artist

    Art Department:

    • David Baudouin known as assistant property master
    • Agneta Fellman known as props assistant
    • Sampo Hagelberg known as swing gang
    • Alpo Halonen known as swing gang
    • Ilmari Hiito known as swing gang
    • Heikki Hämäläinen known as assistant property master
    • Risto Hämäri known as special props
    • Tommi Isojärvi known as assistant property master (as Tommy Isojärvi)
    • Kati Jaura known as property master
    • Aku Korhonen known as swing gang
    • Kata Mälkki known as swing gang
    • Anna Niskanen known as props
    • Ilpo Nurmi known as weapon props
    • Sari Nurminen known as props assistant
    • Johanna Penttinen known as props: animal related
    • Markku Pätilä known as set designer
    • Kalle Ruohola known as set assistant
    • Jukka Salminen known as storyboard artist
    • Annika Salonen known as props
    • Kimi Seppänen known as property master
    • Kimi Seppänen known as weapon props
    • Teemu Tanner known as swing gang
    • Juha-Matti Toppinen known as props assistant (as Juha Matti Toppinen)
    • Timo Tuomas known as graphic designer
    • Susanna Turkkila known as props: animal related
    • Jukka Viinikainen known as special props
    • Maria Ylätupa known as assistant set designer




    Production Companies:

    • Helsinki Filmi Oy
    • Mogador Film
    • Two Thirty Five

    Other Companies:

    • Broadcast Text  translation
    • Digital Film Finland Oy  post-production facilities
    • EDL Company  post-production facilities
    • Eurimages  funding
    • Filmnoir  post-production
    • Finnlab  film lab
    • Generator Post  post-production facilities
    • Kansallisarkisto  research material
    • Käpylän Yhdyskuntaklubi ry  catering
    • Media  funding
    • Meguru Film Sound  sound post-production
    • Milform  weapons
    • Neomusic studio  music mixing
    • Niinisalon ratsastajat  animal related props
    • Nordisk Film- & TV-Fond  funding
    • Pilgrim Oy  publicity
    • Roolituspalvelu Oy  casting
    • Safety & Security Trainers  safety
    • Sotamuseo  research material
    • Suomen Elokuvasäätiö  funding
    • Turun seudun tiepalvelupiiri  traffic control
    • Vuosaaren venekerho  boats
    • Waltic  boats
    • YLE M1 studio  music recording
    • Yleisradio (YLE)  funding
    • Ypäjän hevosopisto  special props
    • ZDF/Arte  funding


    • Alcine Terran (2011) (Japan) (theatrical)
    • FS Film Oy (2008) (Finland) (all media)
    • Venusfilm (2009) (Germany) (all media)



    Other Stuff

    Special Effects:

    • Filminor
    • KFX

    Visual Effects by:

    • Giuseppe Di Giorgio known as digital post-production
    • Risto Jankkila known as visual effects
    • Anna Konttinen known as post-production effects
    • Lauri Laasik known as visual effects
    • Olli Leppänen known as visual effects
    • Ervin Makko known as visual effects (as Erwin Makko)
    • Antti Peltoranta known as visual effects
    • Ville-Matti Vasama known as visual effects
    • Martti Ylöstalo known as post-production effects

    Release Date:

    • France 18 May 2008 (Cannes Marche de Film)
    • Finland 22 August 2008 (Espoo Film Festival)
    • Finland 29 August 2008
    • Germany 30 October 2008 (Nordische Filmtage Lübeck)
    • Germany 7 February 2009 (European Film Market)
    • France 19 March 2009 (Rouen Nordic Film Festival)
    • Hong Kong 2 April 2009 (Hong Kong International Film Festival)
    • USA 4 June 2009 (Seattle International Film Festival)
    • Germany 3 September 2009
    • USA October 2009 (Hamptons International Film Festival)
    • Japan 30 October 2010 (Finland Film Festival in Japan)
    • Japan 7 May 2011



    Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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