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The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

  • Rate: 8.7/10 total 506,930 votes 
  • Genre: Action | Crime | Drama | Thriller
  • Release Date: 20 July 2012 (USA)
  • Runtime: 165 min
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The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

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  • IMDb page: The Dark Knight Rises (2012)
  • Rate: 8.7/10 total 506,930 votes 
  • Genre: Action | Crime | Drama | Thriller
  • Release Date: 20 July 2012 (USA)
  • Runtime: 165 min
  • Filming Location: Stansted Airport, Essex, England, UK
  • Budget: $250,000,000(estimated)
  • Gross: $1,081,041,287(Worldwide)(29 December 2012)
  • Director: Christopher Nolan
  • Stars: Christian Bale, Tom Hardy and Anne Hathaway|See full cast and crew
  • Original Music By: Hans Zimmer   
  • Soundtrack: Pavane pour une infante défunte
  • Sound Mix: SDDS | Datasat | Dolby Digital
  • Plot Keyword: Terrorist | Thief | Murder | Police | Manor

Writing Credits By:

  • Jonathan Nolan (screenplay) and
  • Christopher Nolan (screenplay)
  • Christopher Nolan (story) &
  • David S. Goyer (story)
  • Bob Kane (creator: Batman)

Known Trivia

  • Christopher Nolan is the first director to complete a full trilogy of Batman films but the second to direct a full trilogy of films on one superhero (after Sam Raimi completed his Spider-Man films).
  • Christian Bale is the first actor to portray Batman/Bruce Wayne in three Batman films.
  • Cinematographer Wally Pfister expressed interest in shooting the entirety of the film in the IMAX format, as both Pfister and Christopher Nolan expressed distaste for shooting the film in 3-D. Ultimately, the film would feature approximately 72 minutes of IMAX footage, while the rest was shot in a combination of 35mm and 70mm, as IMAX cameras proved to be too noisy for shooting the films dialogue scenes.
  • Anne Hathaway, Jessica Biel, Gemma Arterton, Kate Mara, Charlotte Riley and Keira Knightley all auditioned for the role of Selina Kyle. After the initial audition process, Hathaway, Biel and Knightley all screen tested. Ultimately, Anne Hathaway won the role.
  • Naomi Watts, Rachel Weisz and Marion Cotillard were considered to play Miranda Tate before Cotillard finally got the role. Cotillard started filming 2 months after she gave birth to her son, Marcel.
  • Robin Williams was rumored to play the role of Hugo Strange.
  • There was much speculation in the press when Anne Hathaway was announced as Selina Kyle if the actress would actually portray Kyle’s costumed alter-ego, Catwoman. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey following her stint as host of the Academy Awards, Hathaway let slip that her character indeed would don the Catwoman costume.
  • According to Gary Oldman, Christopher Nolan told the actors the ending of the film verbally to avoid any leaks.
  • Around 10,000 extras were used to shoot the Gotham Rogues scene in Heinz Field in Pittburgh, Pennsylvania. Some of the Pittsburgh Steelers played football players: Hines Ward, Ben Roethlisberger, Troy Polamalu, Willie Colon, Maurkice Pouncey, Mike Wallace, Heath Miller, Aaron Smith, Ryan Clark, James Farrior, LaMarr Woodley, and Casey Hampton. Former Steelers coach Bill Cowher appears as the coach. Pittsburgh mayor Luke R. Ravenstahl plays a kicker. Thomas Tull, CEO of the film’s production company Legendary Pictures, is part-owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers.
  • ChloĆ« Grace Moretz and Jennifer Lawrence auditioned for Juno Temple’s role of Jen, Selina Kyle’s sidekick.

Goofs: Continuity: When the truck that carries the bomb is forced to crash the railing and fall down to the road below, we see no light pole. But in the next scene, we see a light pole knocked over by the truck as it falls.

Plot: Eight years on, a new terrorist leader, Bane, overwhelms Gotham's finest, and the Dark Knight resurfaces to protect a city that has branded him an enemy. Full summary »  »

Story: Despite his tarnished reputation after the events of The Dark Knight, in which he took the rap for Dent's crimes, Batman feels compelled to intervene to assist the city and its police force which is struggling to cope with Bane's plans to destroy the city.Written by WellardRockard  


Synopsis: A van Is seen driving across a grassy field, occupied by Uzbekistan military militia soldiers. They are carrying a nuclear scientist, Dr. Leonid Pavel, in front. In the back are three prisoners with hoods over their heads, who have rifles trained on them. The van arrives at an airfield, to meet with a commuter jet occupied by a young CIA agent (Aiden Gillan) and some U.S. Special Ops soldiers from an extraction team, whom Dr. Pavel has cut a deal with. The CIA agent refuses to let the hooded prisoners come on his aircraft, but is told to reconsider when the truck driver, Barsad (Josh Stewart), tells him that the three prisoners are mercenaries who work for Bane, the infamous masked terrorist.

During the flight, the CIA agent becomes excited and begins interrogating the prisoners for information about Bane. He takes one prisoner, takes him over to the cargo door, leans him out, and demands to know who paid the men to kidnap Dr. Pavel. When the man refuses to talk, the CIA agent pulls his sidearm and pretends to have the man killed by firing away from the guy’s head, then claims that he didn’t fly so well and pulls the man back inside. The second prisoner is pulled over to the door and given the same treatment. This time, the CIA agent asks him about the mask that Bane wears. When the man fails to talk, the CIA agent says he’s awfully loyal for a hired gun, but then the third prisoner (who sounds like he is speaking through a breathing mask when he talks) speaks up and suggests that his comrade is wondering why someone would shoot a man before throwing him out of a plane. The CIA agent backs away and he asks this prisoner for his name. The hooded man says that it doesn’t matter who he is, but it’s their plan that matters. The agent takes off this man’s hood, revealing that the "prisoner" is in fact Bane (Tom Hardy), a bald-headed muscular man wearing an intimidating-looking breathing apparatus over his mouth.

The agent asks Bane if getting captured was part of his plan, and Bane admits that he and his men wanted to know what Dr. Pavel told the CIA already. Dr. Pavel says he hasn’t said anything. Bane now reveals to the CIA agent the next step of his master plan: crashing the plane – with no survivors.

On cue, a C-130 Hercules cargo plane descends down over the commuter jet. Several of Bane’s henchmen, wearing full paramilitary gear, fast-rope out of the plane onto the commuter jet and gun down the CIA agents with submachine guns. They secure the plane then by attaching thick steel cables with grappling hooks. Bane and his men then grab Dr. Pavel and improvise a blood transfer from Dr. Pavel to a corpse lowered by body bag into the jet from the larger plane. Bane spots one of his hooded comrades trying to attach himself to a safety harness, and orders the man to stay behind and die so that the authorities will find one of their own in the wreckage. Bane attaches a safety harness to himself and Dr. Pavel, and tells the doctor the time to panic will come later. He sets off a detonator, which releases the fuselage to plummet to Earth, and men reel in Bane and Dr. Pavel.

In Gotham, Harvey Dent’s death anniversary is being celebrated as Dent Day. At a charity event hosted by the forever-absent Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale), Commissioner James Gordon (Gary Oldman) prepares to deliver a speech revealing the truth about Dent and the murders for which the Batman had taken the fall 8 years ago, but deciding that the time is not right, and having brief flashbacks of Dent holding his son hostage, stuffs the speech into his jacket. His second-in-command, Deputy Commissioner Peter Foley (Matthew Modine), talks with the city’s congressman (Brett Cullen), who informs him that with the drop in crime, Gordon is merely a war hero in peacetime, and the mayor plans on dumping him in the spring. Miranda Tate (Marion Cotillard), a wealthy investor, and businessman John Daggett (Ben Mendelsohn) try to meet the reclusive Bruce to get him to invest in her clean energy project, but are unable to meet him. Daggett is curious why Miranda is interested in seeing a guy who threw away her investment, but Miranda tells him that he only understands money and the power he thinks it buys.

One of the maids working at the Wayne Manor for the event is Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway), a burglar, who breaks into Bruce’s room while delivering dinner. She takes the time to break into his safe, stealing his mother’s pearl necklace, which have a tracking device built into them. As she notices a bullseye with several arrows embedded in it, Bruce comes in, hobbling on a cane, and announces himself by shooting another arrow into the target, causing Selina to jump. She incapacitates Bruce by kicking his cane out from under him, causing him to fall, then does a backflip out of a window to escape. She changes out of her maid’s disguise as she makes her way to the Congressman’s car.

Alfred (Michael Caine) comes up to Bruce’s room and finds Bruce looking at the breached safe. Learning that the intruder was one of the maids, he dryly suggests that Bruce stop letting maids into this part of the house. Bruce has found print dust and realized that Selina also took a copy of his fingerprints.

That night, Gordon is looking at files on the police station’s roof when he is approached by a rookie police officer, John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), who informs him about the Congressman’s disappearance. Blake reveals that he has some suspicions about the circumstances of Dent’s death, also the last confirmed Batman sighting. He suggests that he knows who Batman really is, but Gordon dismisses him, takes one look at the rusted Batsignal, and departs.

The next morning, Alfred finds Bruce working on the computers in the Batcave. The prints their jewel thief was using were not her own, but rather those of a male armed-robbery suspect. Bruce notes that by using the pearls’ tracking device, he was able to get their thief’s address and cross-reference it with police information to produce a name: Selina Kyle. She is a master jewel thief nicknamed by the newspapers as "the Cat". We also learn that she’s been arrested a few times – for assault, resisting arrest, and that at age 16, she broke out of a women’s correctional facility. Alfred suggests that Bruce go out with Selina, and move on from the grief he’s had over Rachel’s death eight years ago.

Alfred surprises Bruce when informing him that during his travels for 7 years (in the first film), Alfred had hoped that Bruce would never return. He tells Bruce that he wished that in Florence, Italy, while in a cafe, he would see Bruce happily with a woman, married, having a normal life. They would silently acknowledge each other.

Blake and his partner Tyler Ross show up at a sewage treatment plant, where a dead body has washed up out of the tunnel. Blake recognizes the body as that of a kid staying at St. Swithin’s orphanage, where he coaches baseball from time to time. Blake is shown to have a very close relationship with the orphanage and the warden who runs it, and we realize later that he himself grew up in that orphanage, which was being funded by the Wayne Foundation. One of the kids at the orphanage informs him that they have heard rumors of the sewers providing good employment recently, which makes Blake suspicious.

A few nights later, Selina walks into a dimly lit dive bar with a drunk man in a Hawaiian shirt. After she sits him down at the counter, she goes to another table and meets with Philip Stryver (Burn Gorman), one of Bane’s right-hand associates. She hands him a slide that contains all of Bruce’s right hand fingerprints, except for his thumb. When Selina stalls, admitting that she doesn’t know what Stryver plans on doing with Bruce’s prints, Stryver signals for one man to lock the door, and another puts a pistol to Selina’s head. She hesitates for a moment, but she hands her cell phone to Stryver and tells him to hit the send button. Immediately, there is a knock at the door, and Selina’s friend, a young woman named Jen (Juno Temple), comes in. She enters and notices that the place seems a little quiet, but Selina assures her that the place will liven up in a few minutes, and Jen leaves.

Selina then hands Stryver a small pocket envelope containing the thumbprint slide. He draws his own pistol and informs Selina that they can’t have loose ends, and even in the black dress she’s wearing, she will not be missed. Unfortunately for Stryver, Selina has anticipated this, and she swiftly says that while that might be true about her, every cop in the city is missing her friend, the drunk. Stryver looks at the drunk, who we now realize is in fact the missing congressman from earlier. He thinks that the police aren’t going to look in such a seedy place, but Selina informs him that he just used the guy’s cell phone.

As Stryver looks back down at the phone, we suddenly hear the sound of tires screeching to a stop outside. Immediately, Bane’s men draw their weapons and Selina attacks them. Outside, a SWAT team advances up to the front doors with their submachine guns drawn. Selina, wrestling with Stryver, drags him over the table, grabs his pistol, inserts a magazine into it, and shoots one mercenary behind the counter in the heart, as well as a mercenary by the kitchen door, while a few others escape through the kitchen.

At that point, the SWAT team breaches the doors with a battering ram, and gun down a third mercenary. Selina screams hysterically, pretending to be a frightened hostage. She watches as the SWAT officers head into the kitchen and out the back door, at which point she quiets down. The SWATs enter the back alleyway, where Bane’s men open fire on them and a shootout ensues. Amidst the echos of gunfire, Selina walks over to the Congressman, who has taken a bullet in the leg, tells him to keep some pressure on the wound, then saunters out the front door, where she immediately runs into Blake. By acting the part of a terrified captive, she tricks him into taking her to safety.

After moving Selina to safety, Blake enters the bar with his Glock 17 pistol drawn. He heads out back to the alleyway to provide additional support to the SWAT officers, who have been pinned down behind a parked truck. As they break cover and prepare to fire their submachine guns at the fleeing mercenaries, several of them are shot from a fire escape behind them by Barsad, who is using a high-powered sniper rifle. The henchmen sprint for safety, and as they disappear into another passage, they are spotted by several more arriving police cars, which contain more uniform police officers, a second SWAT team, Gordon, and Foley. While a few officers head up a stairwell to look for the mercenaries, Gordon spots a manhole and takes three SWAT officers with him to search the tunnel.

Gordon and the three SWATs climb down a ladder into the sewers to pursue. No sooner have they stepped off the ladder when Bane’s men ambush and open fire on them, then set off a bomb that takes out the SWAT officers and shoots a small fireball out of the open manhole. The officers above think that the fire was a gas explosion, but Blake does not believe it. Foley refuses to send anyone down there, and Blake, realizing something, runs back to his car.

As Gordon takes cover from the blast, two mercenaries knock him out. They grab Gordon by his arms, and drag him, still semi-conscious, through a labyrinth of tunels. Deeper in, he notices a number of men with rifles overseeing men doing construction of some kind on the walls. The mercenaries bring Gordon to an open cavern with a waterfall, and they deposit him in front of Bane.

Bane asks the two mercenaries what they are doing. Due to a slight misunderstanding, the mercenaries initially think Bane is talking to Gordon. He asks them why they thought to bring Gordon down here. When the first one says he and his comrade didn’t know what to do, Bane tells them that they panicked, and their weakness has cost the lives of three people. He immediately kills one thug by breaking his neck, then tells the other he will kill him after he searches Gordon’s jacket. The second thug looks in Gordon’s pockets, and pulls out Gordon’s badge, wallet, pistol, and the speech in which Gordon intended to reveal the truth about Harvey Dent and his murders. As Bane looks at Gordon’s speech, Gordon sees that his captors are occupied, and escapes by rolling off the platform into a rushing waterway, which carries him away as Bane’s men open fire on him with automatic rifles, wounding him. Barsad hands Bane a tracking device, which he places on the second thug. He then shoots and kills the thug and throws his body into the waterway.

Blake climbs out of his car near a sewer outlet, and rushes to the exit grate, where he finds Gordon, soaked and just barely clinging onto life.

The next morning, Blake shows up at Wayne Manor, to inform Bruce of the shooting. To Bruce’s surprise, Blake reveals that he has deduced Bruce’s identity as Batman. He mentions that when he was five years old, his mother died in a car accident, and a few years later, his father was shot dead in a gambling dispute. He’s figured out Bruce’s identity from the fact that while growing up as an orphan, Blake learned to smile in the mirror to hide his anger. Gordon’s own men apparently do not believe Gordon’s babbling about an underground army, and Blake makes a plea for Bruce’s return as Batman.

Bruce goes to Gordon’s hospital. He first meets with an orthopedist who tells him that the cartilage in his left knee is gone through years of strain and inactivity, and combined with all of the other damage to his body, he cannot recommend that Bruce go heliskiing. As soon as the doctor leaves the exam room, Bruce dons a ski mask and, speaking as Batman, fast-ropes down to Gordon’s hospital room. Gordon tells him that Batman must return and stop Bane’s organization. Bruce decides to don Batman’s cape and cowl again and return to crime-fighting, despite being in a hopeless physical condition.

Bruce is next seen looking at a tracking device in his Lamborghini Aventador. He is parked outside Selina’s apartment. Inside, Selina has put on the pearls and is preparing to go out for a night on the town when she hears a commotion in the hallway. Her friend Jen is being threatened by a yuppie she has pickpocketed. Selina defuses the situation by twisting the guy’s hand and forcing him against the wall, in the process stealing his watch. Bruce then watches as she emerges and climbs into a cab. He tails her to a gala costume ball. Upon arriving, paparazzi start to take photos of him, but Bruce uses a tiny remote in his pocket that disables everyone’s cameras. He makes small-chat about Wayne Enterprises’ nuclear energy project with Miranda Tate, who organized the party, before she leaves, giving him time to talk to Selina.

Bruce cuts in with Selina as she is dancing with an older gentleman. As they slowly waltz, Selina reveals her desire to get a fresh start, and claims she wants to see the rich lose and the city burn. Bruce successfully takes back his pearls. Selina looks at him, angered, then kisses him and swiftly departs. As retribution, she swipes Bruce’s valet ticket and steals his car by pretending to be his wife.

Bruce goes back to Wayne Enterprises’ offices to meet with Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman), who assures him that his majority share keeps Daggett from taking over the company despite him blowing the R&D department’s budget on the mothballed nuclear project. He then takes Bruce down to the R&D department and shows him a sleek flying aircraft, a U.S. Defense Department project for urban combat, with rotors designed to allow the craft to navigate between buildings without recirculation. The project, which has a long and uninteresting project designation, is one that Fox simply nicknames "the Bat", which he assures Bruce does come in black. The Bat currently works fine, although Fox warns that the autopilot is still sketchy and could be repaired with someone who has Bruce’s intellect.

To get back into physical shape, Bruce straps on motorized leg braces and does basic martial arts in the Batcave. Alfred tells Bruce that Bane is a terrorist with no other known name. He was responsible for a coup in Africa that secured mining operations for Daggett. Rumor has it that Bane once escaped from a middle-eastern prison known for brutality and simply called the "Pits of Hell". How he did this is not known, but Bane then became a member of the League of Shadows, and was trained by Ra’s Al Ghul. Unfortunately, Bane was later excommunicated from the group for extreme behavior beyond the boundaries of the League. Alfred warns Bruce that anyone too extreme for the likes of Ra’s al-Ghul should not be messed with, and believes Bruce has a death wish to go back to being Batman.

At the Gotham Stock Exchange, two traders are getting their shoes shined and are talking about whether or not to short-sell Wayne Enterprises stock simply because Bruce Wayne has come back. One trader hands a couple of dollar bills to the man shining their shoes as a tip, and the two guys walk off. As soon as they are gone, the shoeshiner (David Dayan Fisher) reaches into his gym bag and pulls out a submachine gun.

A food delivery guy has an argument with a customer on the trading floor who says his order has been screwed up. After a brief delay, the customer gives in and hands the man a few dollar bills, while being distracted by new stock prices coming up on a screen.

A janitor (Massi Furlan) is mopping the floor in the front stairwell. After a few traders walk by on their way to the bathroom, he reaches into his water bucket and pulls out a submachine gun wrapped in a watertight Ziploc bag. He then makes his way up the stairs.

A DCS motorcycle courier wearing a bright red motorcycle helmet arrives at the building’s delivery entrance. After dropping off a package, he walks through the metal detector, setting off an alarm. A female security guard tells the rookie to take off his helmet so their security cameras can see his face. The courier complies, and slowly removes his helmet, revealing that he is Bane. Before anyone can react, Bane strikes the female guard in the nose with his helmet. He then strikes several powerful blows at another guard, knocking him out. A third guard tries to draw his gun, but Bane grabs his gun hand. In the struggle, a bullet is discharged before Bane swings his helmet at the guard’s head, and the guard drops like a stone. Bane then heads for the trading floor.

The shoeshiner and janitor enter the trading floor with their guns hanging loose by their sides. Seeing his two comrades, the food delivery guy whips out a pistol, cracks his customer across the neck, and shoots another stock trader. As the trader crumples dead and others take cover, the three henchmen fire their weapons into the trading screens, riddling them with bullets. The hostages cower in fear as Bane strides onto the floor. He looks around, then walks over to a trader who protests that there is no money he can steal. Bane comments, "Really? Then why are you people here?" He grabs the trader by his tie, drags him across the room to another terminal, and hits his head against the table to knock him out. The shoeshiner sets down his gun and pulls a portable laptop out of his bag, which he hooks into the computer terminal. Bane uses the trader’s security card to log in to the system, which starts running an application.

Police cars come to a stop. As officers climb out of their cars and train their guns on the building, the exchange security chief rushes over to an unmarked car from which emerges Foley. The security chief tells him to get his men inside as the robbers have access to the online trading desk, but Foley thinks they just have a hostage situation and refuses to risk his men for others’ money.

Blake arrives, climbs out of his car, and tells a construction worker (Ronnie Gene Blevins) sitting in his cement truck on a nearby corner to move so that they can get their police equipment in. When the security chief tells Foley that everyone’s money is at risk, Foley orders the fiber line and cell tower shut down. More police vehicles arrive, and SWAT officers take up positions outside.

Inside the exchange, the shoeshiner reports to Bane that the fiber optic line has been cut. Bane is not disturbed by this.

As snipers set up on nearby rooftops, Blake tells the cement truck driver to back up his vehicle. At that moment, an alarm goes off, and both turn to see a vehicle barrier ramp being raised at the end of the block. Blake reconsiders, ordering the driver to stay in his vehicle before rushing off.

The shoeshiner reports that the program needs eight more minutes to complete its function. Bane declares that it’s time to go mobile. The janitor orders everyone to stand up, and fires a few volleys of bullets into the air, and the hostages immediately get on their feet, as Bane grabs his helmet.

The police officers train their guns at the doors as the first hostages slowly begin to come out with their hands raised over their heads. Just as a sniper notices a couple of bright lights inside the lobby, Bane and his men suddenly burst out of the crowd on motorcycles – Bane, followed by the janitor, the food delivery guy, and the shoeshine man. One hostage has been strapped to the back of each bike to keep the police from getting clean shots. The bikes, with their smaller size, weave through the police cars, and use the crash barriers as ramps to get onto the main roads. As they pass the cement truck, Bane and the janitor throw their hostages off.

Police cars begin to give chase. Two officers, Simon Jansen (Will Estes) and his veteran partner Kelly (Brent Briscoe) chase the bikes into a tunnel, but are unable to get clean shots at any of the bikes’ tires. Suddenly all of the lights go out, at which point Batman appears on the Batpod. The food delivery guy’s bike comes to a stop. His hostage makes a break for it, and Batman knocks out the mercenary as he prepares to draw his gun. He then uses an EMP gun to disable the janitor’s bike. Just then, Jansen shoots and disables the EMP, before his partner orders him back in the car. As word gets over the radio to Foley about Batman’s appearance, the two cops in the tunnel take down the janitor.

While the car chase is unfolding, Selina breaks into Daggett’s safe looking for the Clean Slate software program, which has the potential to expunge her criminal record. She is using special safecracking goggles that flip up and look like cat ears when she is not using them. When she opens the safe, she is angered to find that it is empty.

As Batman chases Bane and the shoeshine man, the laptop application continues to run, now 91% complete. Police begin to swarm him. Bane then makes a u-turn away from the shoeshine man on his motorcycle. Although the police radios report this, Foley orders his officers to stay on Batman’s trail. As a result, Bane is able to race through the purusing police cars without any of them trying to intercept him, also coming close to passing Batman. After watching the police, he returns to his hideout in the sewers.

Batman then rescues the shoeshine man’s hostage and uses his bike to block the mercenary near an on-ramp. As the police move in, he looks at the laptop, which now reads "application complete". He escapes from the officers by using the Batpod cannons to do a jump off of a stopped auto carrier. After another harrowing chase, he gets boxed in by police, and disappears into an alleyway. It appears that Batman has been trapped, but as Foley prepares to speak into a megaphone, a blue light appears at the end of the alleyway, and Kelly tells Foley he’s got the wrong animal. The Bat emerges, and flies out and over the police officers, its downdraft pinning the cops down. Angered at Batman’s escape, Foley shoves his megaphone into Blake’s hand.

Stryver reports to Daggett that Bane has told him the raid was successful, and the men who were captured will die before talking. Daggett tells a servant to open the champagne, and heads downstairs to his penthouse office. As he enters the office, he asks "Can we get some girls in here?" A voice promptly says, "Careful what you wish for," at which point Selina appears, attacks Daggett from behind, throws him across the room, and pins him to the wall, demanding to know where the Clean Slate program is. Stryver comes in and puts a pistol to the back of Selina’s head, but she disarms him by stamping her serrated heel on his instep. At this point, one of Daggett’s bodyguards bursts in. Selina holds him off by aiming her weapon at the bodyguard while collaring Daggett. She shoots out the window, and jumps onto a window-washing platform with Daggett, which she lowers to the ground.

On the nearby rooftop, Selina holds Daggett down, jamming Stryver’s pistol into his neck. Daggett, pressured, admits that he lied about the Clean Slate, which he considered a "gangland myth". As Selina tries to control herself and takes this in, she looks up and sees Bane’s mercenaries approaching. She grabs Daggett and uses him as a human shield to warn the mercenaries to back off, but they ignore her. Batman appears at that point, and he and Selina attack the mercenaries, disarming several of them. Selina and Batman run for the edge of the roof as Barsad and some other mercenaries appear and open fire on them. Batman jumps off the roof into the Bat, parked below the roof ledge. Selina hesitates for a moment, but makes the jump when she turns and sees Bane approaching her. Bane can only watch as the Bat flies up and out of sight.

Batman deposits Selina on a rooftop landing pad. She is annoyed that he tried to interfere, and leaves without so much as giving a "thank you" to him, but Bruce manages to figure out what she did with his fingerprints and learns that Daggett was interested in the exchange robbery before she can leave.

Returning to the Batcave, Bruce asks Alfred to have Fox decode the hard drive and also notices his thumbprint scan is on the memory. His decision to return as Batman leads to a spat with Alfred (Michael Caine) who is afraid that Batman has a death wish. Alfred leaves Bruce and the mansion for good after revealing the contents of Rachel’s farewell letter to Bruce, given to Alfred previous to her death at the Joker’s hands in The Dark Knight.

Bruce learns from Fox that Bane’s laptop program was used to make stock trades that bankrupt Wayne Enterprises. To protect one secret, Bruce and Fox show Miranda the fusion reactor. Fox and Miranda intend to use it for generating clean energy for the entire city, although Bruce is afraid of the chance that someone will turn the reactor into a nuclear weapon, as Dr. Pavel managed to discover (at this point in time, Bruce does not know that Bane has kidnapped Dr. Pavel). The reactor is hidden in a chamber underneath the river so that it can be flooded for containment in emergencies. Bruce wants Miranda to become CEO of Wayne Enterprises to safeguard the reactor.

Bruce is later booted out of a Wayne Enterprises board meeting at Daggett’s behest. As he leaves the building, he finds his car being towed. Blake shows up and offers Bruce a ride.

Daggett storms into his penthouse, furious, wanting to know how Miranda Tate was appointed to the board. He also demands to see Bane. Stryver hesitates, but Bane suddenly appears behind Daggett. Daggett tells him that his attack on the stock exchange didn’t help him take over Wayne Enterprises, and complains that Bane also has been working Daggett’s construction crews around the clock. Bane sends Stryver out, pointing out that the fee Daggett paid him does not give him complete power over him, and reveals that it was the only for the construction machinery that he required to build the sophisticated underground sewers and accomplish his future plans that he complied with Daggett’s orders, rendering him as Gotham’s reckoning. Daggett says Bane’s pure evil, but Bane counterreplies that he is "necessary evil" and breaks Daggett’s neck.

Blake shows up at the hospital while Foley is talking to Gordon, to report the discovery of Daggett’s body. He has files that show Daggett’s name all over construction permits for underground digging across the city. Foley still is skeptical of Bane’s existence, but Gordon, impressed with Blake’s honesty and hard work, promotes him to detective.

Bruce finds Selina at her apartment and says his powerful friend needs her help. He says he knows about the Clean Slate program and he has it. That night, Selina leads Batman into the light rail tunnels. They take out a couple of mercenaries on the way. As Batman steps onto a catwalk, a grate suddenly slams shut, and Selina reluctantly reveals that she had to keep Bane’s men from killing her. Bane appears, and shocks Batman by revealing that he knows that its Bruce underneath the mask. A lengthy battle of hand-to-hand combat between the two ensues. Batman tries several diversions, like flashbangs and disabling the lights, but these prove useless against a League of Shadows member like Bane. As Batman lies prone, Bane reveals where he has established his base. One of his men hands him a detonator, and upon pressing it, explosions go off and a modified Tumbler falls into the cavern, revealing that Bane’s lair is right underneath Wayne Enterprises’ Applied Sciences office. As mercenaries raid Applied Sciences, Batman engages Bane again, but loses. Bane smashes Bruce against his knee, breaking his spine and cowling, and partially paralyzing him. Selina, shocked, quietly slinks off as mercenaries grab Bruce and drag him away.

The next day, Blake knocks on Wayne Manor’s front door, but finding no one home, he goes into the city, where he spots Selina getting into a cab. He tails her to the airport. Seeing an increased police presence, she ducks into an off-limits area. An officer asks to see her boarding pass. Selina hands the cop her hat and pretends to check her purse, then punches him out. Just as she is walking down the jet bridge, Blake comes out of a door in front of her, flashing his badge.

Blake talks to Selina in an office at the airport, asking her why she’s trying to run. The conversation then turns to Bane, Selina says she’s not sure if Batman is alive. She is then arrested, and placed in Blackgate prison.

Bruce wakes up in a foreign prison, still in pain from the fight, with Bane standing over him. The prison sits at the bottom of a deep circular shaft, with the only way in or out by climbing the stone walls. Bane taunts Bruce that he intends to kill his soul first, making him witness the destruction of Gotham City. Bane promises Bruce that he’ll live at least long enough to see Gotham destroyed, and then Bane will grant him permission to die. The prison is where Bane ito be born, and it is notorious as a "Hell on Earth", from which nobody has managed to escape. However, one of the prisoners tells Bruce that a child had managed to escape.

The child was born of a mercenary, who fell in love with a warlord’s daughter. The mercenary was to be sentenced to life in the prison, but the daughter made a deal with her father to free him and instead ended up a prisoner there herself. One day a riot broke out in the prison where she was raped and murdered, and her child escaped. Bruce concludes that the child must have been Bane.

While in his cell, Bruce sees several prisoners attempt to escape by using a safety rope, and climbing up the shaft towards the light, but fail to clear the final jump on to a ledge required to escape.

Back on the other side of the Atlantic, Miranda and Fox arrive at Wayne Enterprises for a board meeting, but upon entering the board room, they find Bane and his men holding the board hostage. Bane says he needs a couple of board members to volunteer to come with him. One board member, Fredericks, volunteers before Fox can name someone.

While Blake is talking with Gordon at the hospital, Foley bursts in and informs him of Bane’s latest move. This is the last straw for Gordon. He orders Foley to get a significant portion of the police force to search the sewers to smoke out Bane and his mercenaries. Foley reminds Gordon that the mayor won’t want a panic on his hands, and Blake helpfully suggests that they use the cover-story of a training exercise. Foley apologizes to Gordon for not taking him seriously earlier, and departs. Blake prepares to go with Foley, but Gordon holds him back and orders him to look up Daggett’s leads instead.

As thousands of police officers swarm sewer and subway station entrances all across the city, Bane and his men lead Miranda, Fox, and Fredericks to Wayne Enterprises’ nuclear reactor. Also present is Dr. Pavel. Bane orders Fox to turn the reactor on. Fox refuses, so Bane signals for Barsad to hold a pistol to Fredericks’ back. After Miranda pleads with him to cooperate, she and Fox put their hands on a handprint scanner to turn on the reactor. Bane then orders his men to take the three board members back to the surface.

Blake is driving in an unmarked squad car, logging Daggett’s cement plants and locations they’ve done underground construction in. He is talking on his cell phone with Gordon, who tells him to keep looking deeper. He then pulls up to a cement plant.

In the reactor plant, Dr. Pavel completes his work – converting the reactor into a four megaton nuclear bomb. Bane orders his men to remove the reactor’s core, which Dr. Pavel objects to – removing the core will render the bomb unstable and cause it to melt down within five months – until Bane threatens to harm Dr. Pavel’s family if he doesn’t cooperate.

At the cement plant, Blake recognizes one of the construction workers as the cement truck driver whose truck prevented the police from getting closer to the stock exchange during the raid. When Blake reveals that he is not allowed to believe in coincidences, the driver’s colleague tries to swing a knife at him. Blake twists the guy’s arm and shoots him. The driver grabs Blake from behind, and after a struggle, Blake takes him out by firing a bullet at the truck, which ricochets and hits the driver in the back. Blake tries to get the driver to reveal what he’s working on, but it is too late – the man has died. Blake is disgusted with his use of lethal force and tosses his pistol away. When he gets out his cell phone and leaves a message for Gordon, Blake notices barrels of polyisobutylene and motor oil, and realizes with pure horror that using Daggett’s construction crews, Bane has rigged numerous construction areas around the city with C4 explosives.

Blake manages to get the warning out to Foley, who attempts to withdraw the cops, but it’s too late: Bane detonates the explosives at the beginning of a football game between the Gotham Rogues and the Rapid City Monuments, and tunnels to the sewers are sealed off, trapping the cops beneath the surface. Gotham’s football stadium infield implodes, swallowing most of the players, except for the wide receiver (Hines Ward), who manages to run the ball to the endzone and score a touchdown, only noticing the destruction when he looks behind him. While this happens, all of the bridges leading up to the city, with the exception of the Queensboro Bridge, are destroyed by Bane’s explosives, trapping the entire population of the city inside.

The stadium is powerless as Bane declares to the crowd that he’s now in charge of the city. He displays the fusion reactor core and breaks Dr. Pavel’s neck in front of the shocked audience. Bane also declares that he has left one citizen in charge of the detonator who would trigger the bomb in case of any sort of civil rebellion. Bane also threatens the government forces that should anybody try to enter or leave the city, he will detonate the nuclear weapon, thus forcing the government forces to guard the city and stop anybody from leaving. The Queensboro Bridge is left intact as a means to provide food and relief supplies to Gotham’s citizens.

Bane then proceeds to Blackgate Prison, where more than 1,000 prisoners have been incarcerated as per the Dent Act, which gave enormous powers to the police. He reads out Gordon’s intended speech revealing the truth about Harvey, and declares the prisoners free, as the man who drew up the Dent Act himself was a murderer and a madman. The prisoners join Bane and together they enforce what Bane calls "martial law"; forcing the elite out of their homes, holding kangaroo courts presided over by Dr. Jonathan Crane (Cillian Murphy) and offering them a choice: exile from Gotham or death. Exile means being forced to walk on the frozen river underneath the Brooklyn Bridge, where the ice cracks and drowns anyone making the crossing. Death is revealed to be the same thing, as those who choose it get sentenced to "death by exile."

At one point, the Army manages to slip an intelligence team into Gotham disguised as relief workers, under the command of Captain Mark Jones. They meet with Gordon, Foley, and those cops who managed to escape being trapped underground in the back of a deli store. The soldiers, Blake, and the surviving cops begin tracking three large military trucks, one of which carries the nuclear weapon. To avoid detection of the weapon, the three trucks are driven around the city continuously.

Blake takes Captain Jones and his men to a Wayne Enterprises office that Fox and Miranda are sheltered in. Miranda takes responsibility for the creation of the reactor the bomb was molded from. Fox explains that as the reactor’s cells deteriorate, the reactor will become very unstable, and regardless of what happens, the bomb will go off in three weeks. Fox admits that he could reconnect the core to the reactor to restabilize it. Blake prepares to leave with Jones, but Jones orders him to stay with Fox and Miranda.

As Jones and his men leave, they are ambushed by Bane’s henchmen. As a shootout ensues, Blake and Miranda slip out a back door, while Fox is captured by a mercenary. Jones’s team is helpless against the henchmen, and the soldiers are quickly gunned down. When Jones breaks cover, a bullet hits him in his chest and he goes down. As he lies on the ground, Bane appears over him. Jones says he’ll die before he can talk to his commander. Bane assures him, "I’m on your schedule, captain," and crushes Jones’s windpipe. Bane orders his men to round up Fox and the others for judgement and to hang the soldiers’ bodies from one of the bridges as a message for the world.

Meanwhile, Bruce, holed up in the prison, is watching the havoc in Gotham on a TV set in the prison. He gets the doctor there to crudely fix his vertebrae. Enduring the pain, Bruce hallucinates that he sees Ra’s Al Ghul (Liam Neeson). As the days wear on in the prison, Bruce’s anger builds, and he is determined to save Gotham. Rigorously training his body, he attempts to make the escape twice, but fails each time.

After the second attempt, Bruce questions how a child could have escaped, but he could not. The doctor explains that while paradoxically, it seems as if having no fear of death should enhance his escape chances, in reality the human trait of fearing death is the necessary ingredient. There are suggestions throughout the film that Bruce–in his grief over Rachel’s death, physical disability, 8-year retirement from his Batman persona, and isolation–indeed is inured to mortality. He in fact seems at times to have the death wish that Alfred had tried to remedy earlier with the shock of his leaving Bruce. Bruce solves the dilemma in replying that he fears dying in prison when the people of Gotham can only be saved by him if he were to escape. He realizes that the child had escaped without the safety rope, and using that technique succeeds in his third attempt.

Bruce returns to Gotham as Batman. He first manages to gain trust from Selina after he catches her in the act of beating up two gangbangers trying to harm a young boy. By offering her the Clean Slate program, Selina accepts. Bruce gets to Miranda and Fox by letting Bane’s men capture him, as Fox has access to Bruce’s backup Batsuit. To escape, Selina comes in and declares to the other mercenaries that Bane wants Bruce and Fox by themselves. Once upstairs, she knocks out the mercenaries and undoes their handcuffs.

Once Fox has put Bruce in his Batsuit, and Bruce has found the Bat, he saves Gordon and some of the surviving cops after they are captured and are forced to cross the frozen river. Fox reveals that trigger or no trigger, the nuclear device is unstable and will detonate anyway the next day, and recovers a signal jammer from the Bat which can block the signals from the trigger.

With Blake and Selina’s help, Batman frees the 3,000 police trapped in the sewers by using the Bat to destroy debris blocking the tunnels. The next morning, the rallied police forces, led by Foley, march on Bane’s men. A brutal combat ensues on the streets of Gotham. Batman fights Bane again, and has nearly defeated him, detaching some of the tubes on his mask that feed Bane his anesthetic, which weakens him greatly. However, as Batman tries to force Bane to reveal the location of the trigger device, Miranda suddenly stabs him in the side.

It is then revealed that "Miranda"’s real name is Talia, and that she was the child who had escaped from the Hell on Earth prison. Bane had been a prisoner there, and had become her protector. During the prison riot that claimed her mother’s life, Bane helped her to escape, but in the process was hurt severely. The prison doctor attempted to repair the damage, but his methods resulted in Bane needing anesthetics to constantly keep the pain at bay.

After she had escaped, Talia then tracked down her father: Ra’s Al Ghul. She convinced her father to rescue Bane, and both were trained within the League of Shadows. Apart from the realization that Bane was an extremist monster, the injuries inflicted on Bane’s face became a reminiscence of the suffering endured by Talia’s mother in the pit for Ra’s Al Ghul, which was why Bane was excommunicated from the group. Talia’s intention is to take revenge on the Batman for killing her father, as well as finishing the mission of destroying Gotham for its greed that cost her father’s life. She then hits the trigger of the nuclear weapon, but Gordon has managed to fit the signal jammer on the weapon just in time. However, there are only eleven minutes left for the nuke to detonate. Miranda/Talia says farewell and leaves Bane to kill Batman.

Just as Bane is about to execute Batman with a shotgun, Selina crashes into the lobby on the Batpod and mortally wounds Bane by blasting him with the Pod’s large cannon. Talia escapes, in the process fatally wounding Foley, and takes control of the truck carrying the weapon, but eventually her escorts are all finished off in a prolonged chase sequence, with Selina riding the Batpod and Batman flying the Bat in the air, and attacking the convoy. Talia’s truck goes off the road and crashes, and she is fatally wounded because she isn’t wearing a seatbelt. In her last moments alive, she explains how her access to the reactor chamber allowed her to set a timer to flood it, preventing the weapon from being returned there. She soon dies believing she had finally completed her father’s work and avenged his death.

Fox soon escapes the flooding chamber and realizes there is no way of stabilizing the weapon. The weapon cannot be deactivated in any way, and will detonate in less than 2 minutes. Before deciding to fly the bomb out of Gotham. Batman explains that the Bat has no autopilot, and that he will need to fly the bomb out of Gotham. Batman shares a kiss with Selina, before discreetly revealing to Gordon his true identity.

With not much time left, Batman attaches the bomb to the Bat, and flies it away from the city, and out over the bay. The citizens of Gotham watch awestruck as the weapon detonates on the horizon, and the mushroom-cloud balloons over the bay.

In the aftermath, the police recapture all of those released by Bane.

A private funeral is held on the grounds of Wayne Manor for Bruce, by those who knew his true identity (including Gordon and Blake). Alfred sobs quietly, feeling that he let Bruce’s parents down by not protecting him.

Blake resigns from the Gotham Police, and explains to Gordon that the City will never really know who saved it. Gordon tells him that they will know that it was ‘The Batman’ who saved them. In tribute, a statue is erected in Batman’s memory.

In the aftermath of Bruce Wayne’s death, certain provisions are made. The majority of the estate is sold, with the money given to Alfred. Wayne Manor is given to the city of Gotham, as a place for orphaned boys to stay. Strangely, one of the Wayne family’s treasures (a string of pearls) cannot be located.

John Blake is surprised when he is also given a duffel bag as part of Bruce’s will. When presenting his I.D., the clerk who checks it suggests that he go by his real first name as it appears on his I.D.: Robin.

Back in Applied Sciences, Lucius has several workers go over the second camouflage rotor(The Bat) in the underground storage area. Wanting to know what he could have done to get the autopilot functioning, he is surprised when the workers explain that the autopilot is functional, and the computer log shows that Bruce Wayne made the changes 6 months prior.

Up on the roof of Gotham’s Police Department, Gordon finds the once broken Batsignal (destroyed by him personally by the end of the second movie) repaired.

Meanwhile, Blake has opened the duffel bag, and finds a spelunking rope, and GPS coordinates. The information leads him to a waterfall (the entrance to the batcave). He makes his way past the waterfall, and into the cave, where his light attracts a flurry of bats.

In Florence, Italy, Alfred has returned to the same restaurant that he had visited during Bruce’s absence long ago. As he scans the tables, he smiles to see Bruce and Selina at a nearby table. A fleeting glance between both Alfred and Bruce, is enough to assure the other that each of them will be alright.

In the final shot, we see Blake walking over a pool of water. As he does so, his movement activates the black flooring containing the batsuit. Blake stares around him as the flooring rises up.


FullCast & Crew

Produced By:

  • Kevin De La Noy known as executive producer
  • Jordan Goldberg known as co-producer
  • Benjamin Melniker known as executive producer
  • Christopher Nolan known as producer
  • Charles Roven known as producer
  • Dileep Singh Rathore known as line producer: India
  • Emma Thomas known as producer
  • Thomas Tull known as executive producer
  • Michael E. Uslan known as executive producer

FullCast & Crew:

  • Christian Bale known as Bruce Wayne
  • Gary Oldman known as Commissioner Gordon
  • Tom Hardy known as Bane
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt known as Blake
  • Anne Hathaway known as Selina
  • Marion Cotillard known as Miranda
  • Morgan Freeman known as Fox
  • Michael Caine known as Alfred
  • Matthew Modine known as Foley
  • Alon Aboutboul known as Dr. Pavel (as Alon Moni Aboutboul)
  • Ben Mendelsohn known as Daggett
  • Burn Gorman known as Stryver
  • Daniel Sunjata known as Captain Jones
  • Aidan Gillen known as CIA Op
  • Sam Kennard known as Special Ops Sergeant
  • Aliash Tepina known as Hooded Man #2
  • Nestor Carbonell known as Mayor
  • Brett Cullen known as Congressman
  • Nick Julian known as Caterer
  • Miranda Nolan known as Maid #2
  • Claire Julien known as Maid #3
  • Reggie Lee known as Ross
  • Joseph Lyle Taylor known as DWP Man
  • Chris Ellis known as Fr. Reilly
  • Tyler Dean Flores known as Mark
  • Juno Temple known as Jen
  • Duane Henry known as SWAT in Dive Bar
  • James Harvey Ward known as SWAT in Alley
  • Gonzalo Menendez known as Cop in Manhole
  • Cameron Jack known as Sewer Thug #1
  • Lex Daniel known as Sewer Thug #2
  • Thomas Lennon known as Doctor
  • Trevor White known as Yuppie
  • Rob Brown known as Allen
  • Fredric Lehne known as Exchange Security Chief
  • Courtney Munch known as Female Security Guard
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  • Travis Guba known as Paparazzi #2
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  • Oliver Cotton known as 2 Star Air Force General
  • Mark Killeen known as Airport Cop
  • Sarah Goldberg known as Analyst #1
  • John Macmillan known as Analyst #2
  • Robert Wisdom known as Army Captain at Bridge
  • Ronnie Gene Blevins known as Cement Truck Driver
  • John Hollingworth known as CIA Analyst
  • Ian Bohen known as Cop with Gordon
  • Uri Gavriel known as Blind Prisoner
  • Noel Gugliemi known as Ex-Prisoner at River (as Noel G.)
  • Max Schuler known as Foley's Kid
  • Daina Griffith known as Foley's Wife
  • Hector Atreyu Ruiz known as Gangbanger
  • Patrick Cox known as Huge Inmate
  • Aramis Knight known as Kid with Apple
  • Josh Stewart known as Barsad
  • William Devane known as President
  • Harry Coles known as Younger Prison Child
  • Joey King known as Older Prison Child
  • Liam Neeson known as Ra's Al Ghul
  • Julie Mun known as Reporter at Stadium
  • Cillian Murphy known as Dr. Jonathan Crane / Scarecrow
  • David Gyasi known as Skinny Prisoner
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  • Joshua Elijah Reese known as Mercenary at City Hall
  • Desmond Harrington known as Uniform
  • Mychael Bates known as Bomb Truck Driver
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  • Peter Holden known as Applied Sciences Tech #1
  • David Monahan known as Applied Sciences Tech #2
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  • Aja Evans known as Greeter at Museum
  • Aldous Davidson known as Valet at Wayne Enterprises
  • Michael James Faradie known as Guard at Blackgate
  • Wade Williams known as Warden at Blackgate
  • Antwan Lewis known as Reporter at Wayne Enterprises
  • Jake Canuso known as Waiter in Florence Café
  • Josh Pence known as Young Ra's Al Ghul
  • India Wadsworth known as Warlord's Daughter
  • Kevin Kiely known as Thug #1 in Basement
  • Daniel Newman known as Thug #2 in Basement
  • Massi Furlan known as Janitor at GSE
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  • Luke Rutherford known as Mercenary Security #2
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  • Todd Gearhart known as Uniform #2
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  • Lucia M. Aguirre known as Gotham Rogues Fan (uncredited)
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  • Chris Albright known as Gotham Rogues Fan (uncredited)
  • Charlie Alejandro known as Gotham City Police Officer (uncredited)
  • Tony Amen known as Prisoner (uncredited)
  • Diedra Arthur-O'Ree known as Football Fan (uncredited)
  • James Avise known as Gotham Rogues Fan (uncredited)
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  • James Farrior known as Gotham Rogues Player (uncredited)
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  • Susan Feldbusch known as Spectator / Fan (uncredited)
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  • Ricky Gerro known as Thug (uncredited)
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  • Sophia Gilberto known as Young Woman (uncredited)
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  • Matthew Gooley known as Football Fan (uncredited)
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  • Vito Grassi known as Thug (uncredited)
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  • Casey Hampton known as Gotham Rogues Player (uncredited)
  • Frank Hansen known as S.W.A.T. Bridge Sniper (uncredited)
  • Sam Harris known as Prisoner (uncredited)
  • Greg Hart known as Gotham Rogues Fan (uncredited)
  • Ed Heavey known as Police Officer (uncredited)
  • Quillian Hightower known as Day Trader (uncredited)
  • John W. Iwanonkiw known as Gotham Police Officer / Fan (uncredited)
  • Curtis Jermaine known as Mercenary (uncredited)
  • Edgar Jimz known as Gotham State SWAT Team (uncredited)
  • Stephen T. Johnson known as Reporter (uncredited)
  • Jacob Kalafut known as Businessman (uncredited)
  • Joe Kane known as Gotham Rogues Fan (uncredited)
  • William Kania known as Gothamite (uncredited)
  • Tiffany Kemp known as Gotham Rogues Fan (uncredited)
  • David Dustin Kenyon known as Prisoner (uncredited)
  • Sun Jae Kim known as Stock Broker (uncredited)
  • Sharyn Kmieciak known as Gothamite (uncredited)
  • Zackary Kresser known as Mercenary (uncredited)
  • Ilan Krigsfeld known as Gotham Bridge Thug (uncredited)
  • Alex Kruz known as Wall Street Broker (uncredited)
  • Shannon Lanier known as Gotham Rogue Fan (uncredited)
  • Joshua Lassman known as GSE Pit Boss (uncredited)
  • Robert Leckington known as Mob / Thug (uncredited)
  • Bryan Lee known as Stock Broker (uncredited)
  • LeJon known as Thug (uncredited)
  • Paul Jude Letersky known as Gotham City Police Officer (uncredited)
  • Gus Lewis known as Bruce Wayne – Age 8 (archive footage) (uncredited)
  • Joe Lipari known as Prisoner (uncredited)
  • Silvia Lombardo known as Tourist (uncredited)
  • Jack Mahrt known as Mercenary (uncredited)
  • John Mancini known as Soldier / Military Technical Advisor (uncredited)
  • Max Mangel known as Gotham Rogues Fan (uncredited)
  • Dan Marcus known as Gotham Rogues Fan (uncredited)
  • Jorge Mardel known as Gotham Rogues Fan (uncredited)
  • Catya Maré known as Female Cop (uncredited)
  • London May known as Court Room Thug (uncredited)
  • Mike J. McAllister known as Gotham Rogues Fan (uncredited)
  • Orion McCabe known as Mercenary (uncredited)
  • Sean P. McCarthy known as Football Fan (uncredited)
  • David Dale McCue known as Gotham City Police Officer (uncredited)
  • Kyle McGrath known as Man in Crowd (uncredited)
  • Tiffany Sander McKenzie known as Gotham Rogues Fan (uncredited)
  • Randall Mcneal known as Wayne Security Guard (uncredited)
  • Allen Merritt known as Angry Mobster (uncredited)
  • Heath Miller known as Gotham Rogues Player (uncredited)
  • Olan Montgomery known as Wayne Enterprises Security (uncredited)
  • Jeremy Moon known as Pedestrian (uncredited)
  • Alex Moore known as Mercenary (uncredited)
  • Nial Nelson-Hopkins known as Gotham Rogues Fan (uncredited)
  • Alessandro Nicolaci known as Mercenary (uncredited)
  • Shane Nolan known as Gotham City Police Officer (uncredited)
  • Jackson Nunn known as Prisoner / Thug (uncredited)
  • Joseph O'Brien known as Gotham City News Cameraman (uncredited)
  • Shaun O'Donnell known as Gothamite (uncredited)
  • Michael O'Neill known as Thug (uncredited)
  • Michael Papajohn known as Prison Guard (uncredited)
  • Salomon Passariello known as Prisoner / Mob (uncredited)
  • Mark Perrone known as Doorman (uncredited)
  • Steve Perry known as Game Patron (uncredited)
  • Adam Piacente known as Gotham City Police Officer (uncredited)
  • Ernest Pierce known as Gotham City Police Officer (uncredited)
  • Kyle David Pierce known as Gotham Stock Trader (uncredited)
  • David Michael Plowman known as Gotham City Policeman (uncredited)
  • Troy Polamalu known as Gotham Rogues Player (uncredited)
  • Maurkice Pouncey known as Gotham Rogues Player (uncredited)
  • Michael Power known as Gotham Police Officer (uncredited)
  • Ryan Preimesberger known as Stock Broker (uncredited)
  • Diezel Ramos known as Prison Guard (uncredited)
  • Jake Ramos known as Gotham City Cop (uncredited)
  • Luke R. Ravenstahl known as Gotham Rogues Player (uncredited)
  • James Rawlings known as Thug (uncredited)
  • Joseph Rittenhouse known as Police Officer (uncredited)
  • Linus Roache known as Thomas Wayne (archive footage) (uncredited)
  • Shindo Ki Rodriguez known as Thug (uncredited)
  • Kirsten Roeters known as Doris in Black (uncredited)
  • Ben Roethlisberger known as Gotham Rogues Player (uncredited)
  • Tyler Rumsey known as Construction Worker (uncredited)
  • Alan Saginian known as Thug (uncredited)
  • Eric Salazar known as Angry Thug (uncredited)
  • Greg Sammis known as Thug (uncredited)
  • Zachary Scheer known as Gothamite (uncredited)
  • Emily Schooley known as Hot Football Fan (uncredited)
  • Chris Sciacco known as Gotham City Police Officer (uncredited)
  • Barak Shpiez known as Gotham Rogues Fan (uncredited)
  • Gary Sievers known as Prisoner (uncredited)
  • Aaron Smith known as Gotham Rogues Player (uncredited)
  • Eric Smith known as Thug (uncredited)
  • Ken Spassione known as Thug Combatant (uncredited)
  • Blake Steigerwald known as Mercenary (uncredited)
  • Franz Strassmann known as Gotham City Police Officer (uncredited)
  • Tom Struthers known as Sandwich Man (uncredited)
  • Kevin Tanski known as Police Officer (uncredited)
  • Sami Tesfay known as Thug (uncredited)
  • Matthew Thane known as Thug (uncredited)
  • Gualberto Del Toro known as Mercenary (uncredited)
  • Thomas Tull known as Gotham Rogues Owner (uncredited)
  • Craig Usiak known as Mercenary (uncredited)
  • Chris Vaina known as Thug (uncredited)
  • Michelle Vezzani known as Gotham City Press (uncredited)
  • Barbara Vincent known as Gotham Rogues Fan (uncredited)
  • Mike Wallace known as Gotham Rogues Player (uncredited)
  • Hines Ward known as Gotham Rogues Player (uncredited)
  • Michael Watkins known as GPD Police Sergeant (uncredited)
  • Christopher Watts known as Gotham Rogues Fan (uncredited)
  • James Werley known as Pedestrian (uncredited)
  • Jase Whitaker known as Stockbroker – Gotham Stock Exchange (uncredited)
  • Lawrence Whitener known as Gothamite – Queensboro Bridge (uncredited)
  • Nickolas Wiegand known as TV Cameraman (uncredited)
  • Jason Yee known as Mercenary Soldier (uncredited)
  • Mitchell Yee known as Gotham Prisoner / Male Mob Member / Thug (uncredited)
  • Maria Zambrana known as Gothamite (uncredited)
  • John Zion known as Gotham City Police Officer (uncredited)
  • Alex Ziwak known as Thug (uncredited)
  • Rafael Zubizarreta known as Bane Mercenary (uncredited)



Supporting Department

Makeup Department:

  • Luisa Abel known as makeup department head
  • Deena Adair known as hair stylist: Mr. Freeman
  • Janice Alexander known as hair department head
  • Patty Bell known as additional makeup artist
  • Patricia Dehaney-Le May known as key hair stylist
  • Audrey Doyle known as makeup artist
  • Maggie Elliott known as crowd makeup supervisor
  • Doug Fairall known as makeup artist day player
  • Souraya Hamdi known as makeup day player
  • Joe Hopker known as crowd hair supervisor: UK
  • Nancy Keslar known as hair stylist
  • Natasha Ladek known as wig maker
  • Sebastian Lochmann known as prosthetics sculptor
  • Sylvia Malangone Cappelli known as makeup day player
  • Roland Cory McCutcheon known as assistant hair stylist
  • Amy McHale known as hair stylist
  • Conor O'Sullivan known as prosthetic makeup artist
  • Liz Phillips known as crowd hair stylist
  • Sangeet Prabhaker known as makeup day player
  • Sangeet Prabhaker known as prosthetics sculptor
  • Hovette Stephanie known as hair stylist: dailies
  • Sinead Sweeney known as contact lens technician
  • Tristan Versluis known as makeup day player
  • Jay Wejebe known as key makeup artist
  • Jay Wejebe known as lead prosthetic sculptor
  • Julia Wilson known as crowd supervisor: UK
  • Karen Zanki known as hair stylist
  • Carol F. Doran known as facial hair maker (uncredited)
  • Henrik Svensson known as special makeup effects painter (uncredited)

Art Department:

  • Ted Altman known as set dresser
  • Tom Altobello known as assistant property master
  • Huw Arthur known as stand-by art director
  • Mychael Bates known as property master
  • Norman Beck known as carpenter
  • Guy Belegaud known as construction general foreman
  • Chris Bertholf known as painter
  • Greg Boggs known as carpenter
  • Andrew Booth known as computer graphics supervisor: UK
  • Mark Boucher known as set dressing gangboss
  • Anna Bregman known as assistant art director
  • Jason Brown known as second set dresser
  • Paul Bucciarelli known as props assistant/set dresser
  • Edgar Um Bucholtz known as plaster technician
  • Josh Burns known as trainee prop
  • Matthew Carraher known as stand-by props
  • Christopher Casey known as set dresser
  • Tom Castronovo known as art department assistant
  • Matthew Cavaliero known as assistant property master
  • Andy Challis known as stand-by rigger
  • Richard Cheal known as chargehand propmaker
  • Paul Cheesman known as props storeman
  • Gerald Cheney known as propmaker
  • David B. Clark known as paint gang boss
  • Larry Clark known as paint supervisor
  • Katie Clinebelle known as props: New York
  • Emma Clough known as art department assistant
  • Daniel Cocuzzo known as construction grip
  • Scott Edward Collins known as set dresser
  • Matt Cooke known as props
  • Rachel Corbould known as petty cash buyer
  • Jack Cornelius known as set dresser
  • Daniel J. Courchaine known as charge scenic artist: New York
  • Bryn Court known as concept sculptor
  • Brendon Crigler known as set dresser: Los Angeles
  • Craig T. Currie known as propmaker foreman
  • Lily Currie known as prop maker
  • Bryce Cutler known as art department assistant: Pittsburgh
  • Bryce Cutler known as art department assistant
  • Jolene Elyse Dames known as painter
  • Jeno Dellicolli known as set dresser
  • Jonathan Downing known as assistant buyer
  • Sean Doyle known as set dresser
  • Patrick Dunn-Baker known as digital set designer: New Deal Studios
  • Alan Easley known as set dressing gangboss
  • Cassandra Eccles known as construction buyer: Pittsburgh
  • Jools Faiers known as graphic artist
  • Mariano Fernandez known as propmaker
  • Lily Fettis known as set decorating assistant
  • Kelsey Fowler known as property assistant
  • Karen Frick known as assistant set decorator
  • Lydia Fry known as junior draughtsman
  • Tom Gardner known as trainee props
  • Rob Garlow known as construction general supervisor
  • Thomas J. Garrigan known as property assistant
  • Philippe Gaulier known as concept artist: Double Negative VFX
  • Scott Getzinger known as property master: New York
  • Sean Ginevan known as leadman
  • Paul W. Gorfine known as camera scenic artist
  • Robert Greenfield III known as on-set dresser
  • Sam Greto known as key carpenter
  • Bruce Lee Gross known as leadman: New York
  • Sean Haines known as set dresser
  • Gabriel Hardman known as storyboard artist
  • Matthew Harlow known as construction engineer
  • Paul J. Hayes known as construction manager
  • Jim Heastings known as set dresser
  • Michael A. Heath known as prop paperwork
  • Brock Helfer known as set dresser
  • Linda Herrera known as set dresser
  • Kevin Hummel known as assistant property master
  • Norm Johnson known as carpenter
  • Norm Johnson known as construction foreman
  • Gregory Jones known as key greens: Pittsburgh
  • Scott G. Jones known as set dresser
  • Robert W. Joseph known as assistant art director
  • Jason Kolowski known as set designer
  • Emily Kwong known as digital set designer: New Deal Studios
  • Tim R. Lafferty known as construction gangboss
  • Elinor Lee known as set decoration assistant: New York
  • Jenne Lee known as art department coordinator
  • Phillis Lehmer known as graphics
  • Andrew Leitch known as art pa
  • Richard Lepore known as greensman
  • Lauri Mancuso known as painter
  • Bobby Mara known as propmaker foreman
  • Perry Mateson known as art department assistant
  • Ray Maxwell known as propmaker gangboss
  • Chris McBride known as digital playback supervisor: UK
  • Bryan McBrien known as greens foreman: Los Angeles
  • Jason McDonough known as set dresser
  • Ossie Merchant known as props
  • Sonny Merchant known as stand-by props
  • Micky Mills known as chargehand prop
  • Mitch Naber known as carpenter
  • Anthony O.H. Navarro known as set dresser foreman
  • Pippa Needs known as art department coordinator
  • Sophie Newman known as assistant set decorator
  • Jacob Niblett known as art department assistant
  • Timothy Oakley known as prop fabricator
  • Erin Ochi known as art department assistant
  • Julie Ochipinti known as set decorator: Los Angeles
  • Joe Ondrejko known as construction coordinator
  • Armann Ortega known as art department assistant
  • Leah Palen known as set decoration buyer
  • Glen Pangione known as construction coordinator
  • Edward V. Pannozzo known as picture vehicle estimator
  • Amanda Pettett known as construction coordinator
  • Leah Pettis known as art department assistant: Pittsburgh
  • Brett Phillips known as lead modelmaker
  • Helen Player known as action prop buyer: UK
  • Laura Pliskin known as art department coordinator
  • Brandon A. Plonka known as first greensman
  • Jamie Rama known as illustrator
  • Dennis Richardson known as construction gangboss
  • Paul Robinson known as props
  • Jonathan Rose known as assistant set decorator: New York
  • Chris Rummel known as art department production assistant
  • Kyle Salvatore known as props
  • Matt Sazzman known as carpenter
  • David Schlesinger known as set decorator: New York
  • Zach Selter known as set dresser
  • Randy Severino known as set dresser
  • Mark Skversky known as set dressing foreman
  • Nicholas Spivak known as carpenter
  • Matt Stonish known as additional set dresser
  • Callum Strachan known as concept artist
  • Tom Strong known as carpenter
  • Tully Summers known as concept artist
  • Daniel Swingler known as draughtsman
  • Craig Tarry known as props
  • William Thoms known as prop maker
  • Elizabeth Tomasetti known as scenic artist
  • Jason Torbett known as standby propman
  • Marisa Umsawasdi known as set dresser
  • Richard Van Den Bergh known as prop maker
  • Michael Vojvoda known as set dresser
  • Amanda Ward known as props painter
  • John Warner known as set dresser
  • Ryan Webb known as props
  • James Whelan known as on set dresser
  • Ian Whiteford known as greensman
  • Barry Wilkinson known as property master
  • Nick c Williams known as painter
  • Chris Withrow known as set dresser: Los Angeles
  • Travis Witkowski known as model shop assistant
  • Nicole Zaks known as set decoration buyer
  • Will Zullo known as set dressing production assistant: New York
  • David French known as sculptor (uncredited)




Production Companies:

  • Warner Bros. Pictures (presents)
  • Legendary Pictures
  • DC Entertainment (as DC Comics from DC Entertainment)
  • Syncopy

Other Companies:

  • Allan Padelford Camera Cars  camera equipment provided by (Biscuit Jr. Rig)
  • Allan Padelford Camera Cars  camera equipment provided by (Remote Drive System POD)
  • Allan Padelford Camera Cars  camera equipment provided by (MTV w Remote Drive System)
  • 2020 Casting  extras casting
  • 31st Street Studios  stage facilities
  • Air Lyndhurst Studios  music recorded at
  • Bender ET  safety equipment
  • Casting Collective  extras casting
  • Central City Studio  location services and facilities
  • Central City Studio  stage facilities
  • Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment  camera cranes
  • Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment  camera dollies
  • Chef Robért Catering  catering
  • Cinema Mechanics  grip and lighting equipment
  • De Lane Lea  ADR recording
  • Designer Wardrobe Trailers  wardrobe trailer
  • Digital Vortechs  Avid HD editing equipment provided by
  • Direct Tools & Fasteners  expendables
  • Dolby Laboratories  sound mix
  • Filmtools  expendables
  • Grip Works, The  grip and lighting equipment
  • Hertz Entertainment Services  equipment rentals
  • Ignition Print  poster design (uncredited)
  • JP Studio Rental  grip truck
  • Kodak  filmstock supplied by
  • Mid America Cine Support  grip trix
  • Movie Lot, The  unit security
  • Performance Filmworks  Edge Crane System
  • Pictorvision  Eclipse aerial camera system
  • Reel Security  production security
  • Road Rebel  production travel
  • Salon  Avid HD editing equipment (UK)
  • Scarlet Letters  titles
  • Sony Classical  soundtrack
  • Technicolor  post-production
  • Translux  facilities
  • WaterTower Music  soundtrack


  • Columbia TriStar Warner Filmes de Portugal (2012) (Portugal) (theatrical)
  • Roadshow Film Distributors (2012) (Australia) (theatrical)
  • Village Films (2012) (Greece) (theatrical)
  • Warner Bros. Entertainment (2012) (Canada) (theatrical)
  • Warner Bros. Pictures (2012) (USA) (theatrical)
  • Warner Bros. (2012) (Argentina) (theatrical)
  • Warner Bros. (2012) (France) (theatrical)
  • Warner Bros. (2012) (UK) (theatrical)
  • Warner Bros. (2012) (Japan) (theatrical)
  • Warner Bros. (2012) (Netherlands) (theatrical)
  • Warner Bros. (2012) (Singapore) (theatrical)
  • Argentina Video Home (2012) (Argentina) (DVD)
  • Argentina Video Home (2012) (Argentina) (video) (Blu-ray)
  • Warner Bros. (2012) (Germany) (all media)



Other Stuff

Special Effects:

  • Custom Film Effects
  • Double Negative
  • New Deal Studios
  • OOOii
  • Special Eye Effects (special effects contact lenses)

Visual Effects by:

  • Beverly Abbott known as visual effects coordinator
  • Kieran Ahern known as visual effects production assistant: UK
  • Zohaib Ahsan known as lighting technical director
  • Diccon Alexander known as digital matte painter: Double Negative
  • Michael Allen known as roto/prep artist: double negative
  • Kris Anderson known as digital compositor
  • Edward Andrews known as digital compositor: Double Negative
  • Tolga Ari known as visual effects: Double Negative
  • Julien Arnal known as visual effects artist
  • David August known as interactive creative director: OOOii
  • Jörg Baier known as digital compositor: Double Negative
  • Dan Bailey known as research and development: Double Negative
  • Keziah Bailey known as visual effects artist: Double Negative
  • Alexandre Bain known as roto artist
  • Adam Barnett known as technology support
  • Jamie Baxter known as opticals: Custom Film Effects
  • Yakov Baytler known as creature technical director
  • Robin Beard known as compositing supervisor: Double Negative
  • Pete Bebb known as visual effects supervisor: Double Negative
  • Michele Benigna known as senior compositor: Double Negative
  • Stephen Bennett known as digital compositor: Double Negative
  • Luke Bigley known as digital compositor: Double Negative
  • Sabina Bihlmaier known as digital compositor: Double Negative
  • Christopher Bird known as roto/prep artist: double negative
  • Brad Blackbourn known as previs supervisor
  • Zachary Bloom known as senior scanning and recording producer
  • Andy Borham known as visual effects first assistant camera: US Plate unit
  • Randy Bosh known as digital artist
  • Romain Bouvard known as digital compositor
  • James Braid known as technology: Double Negative
  • Xavier Breuil known as cloth technical director
  • Jason Brown known as visual effects
  • Matthew Bullock known as modeller: Double Negative
  • Patrick Michael Burke known as compositor
  • Amirah Busairi known as roto artist
  • Zac Campbell known as digital compositor
  • Keanan Cantrell known as look development artist
  • Helen Carr known as digital artist
  • Steve Casa known as digital scan lead
  • Fabio Cerrito known as effects technical director: Double Negative
  • Bahar Cetin known as digital compositor
  • Caroline Chai known as roto artist
  • Mike Chambers known as visual effects producer
  • Cori Chan known as lighting technical director: Double Negative
  • Vincent Chang known as compositor: Double Negative
  • Gak Gyu Choi known as modeller: double negative
  • Alasdair Colley known as research & development
  • Carlos Conceicao known as roto artist
  • Hal Couzens known as visual effects consultant
  • Craig Crane known as Lidar supervisor
  • Nick Dacey known as visual effects editor: Double Negative
  • Robert John Davies known as pipeline technical director
  • Graham Day known as digital compositor: Double Negative
  • Claudia Dehmel known as visual effects producer: Double Negative
  • Noah DePietro known as model maker
  • Ian Doss known as assistant data wrangler
  • Dominic Drane known as pipeline technical director
  • Kimberley Dunne known as visual effects artist
  • Daniel Duwe known as rotoscope artist: Double Negative
  • Matthew Eberle known as visual effects assistant data wrangler: Pittsburgh
  • Jonathan Faber known as model maker
  • Pedro Fernandes Santos known as lighting technical director: Double Negative
  • Tito Fernandes known as postvis artist
  • Tito Fernandes known as previs artist
  • Antonella Ferrari known as visual effects line producer
  • Izzy Field known as visual effects set production assistant: UK
  • Igor Fiorentini known as digital compositor
  • Milad Firoozian known as roto artist: double negative
  • Jay Fleming known as effects technical director
  • Julian Foddy known as cg supervisor: Double Negative
  • David Forsbrey known as match mover: double negative visual effects
  • Matt Foster known as compositor: Double Negative
  • Kimberly Fouche known as visual effects production assistant
  • Jonathan Frammingham known as visual effects artist
  • Cosatti Francesco known as digital compositor: Double Negative
  • Paul J. Franklin known as visual effects supervisor (as Paul Franklin)
  • Federico Frassinelli known as visual effects artist: double negative
  • Mark Fry known as roto artist
  • Krzysztof Fus known as modeler: Double Negative
  • Krzysztof Fus known as modeller: Double Negative
  • Adam Gailey known as visual effects
  • Nathan Gardner known as roto artist: Double Negative
  • Coppin Geoffrey known as technical director: Double Negative
  • Sotiris Georghiou known as lighting technical director: Double Negative
  • Clement Gerard known as generalist td: Double Negative
  • Storm Gezentsvey known as compositor
  • Ana Gomes known as compositor: Double Negative
  • Björn Gottwald known as digital compositor: Double Negative
  • David Goubitz known as effects technical director: Double Negative
  • Joel Green known as CG sequence supervisor
  • Sam Gunn known as matchmove artist: Double Negative
  • Carl Guyenette known as visual effects artist
  • Shramana Haldar known as visual effects artist
  • Luan Hall known as digital artist
  • Faraz Hameed known as previs artist: Dneg
  • Raphael Hamm known as digital compositor
  • Raphael Hamm known as visual effects: Double Negative
  • Jon Hanzelka known as lidar scanning
  • Gareth Harbuz known as lead cloth effects technical director
  • Brandon Harr known as lidar scanning: LiDAR VFX
  • Jeremy Hey known as digital compositor
  • Brent Heyning known as engineer
  • Rob Hodgson known as additional visual effects supervisor
  • Timothy Hodson known as model maker
  • Nicola Hoyle known as CG supervisor
  • Kevin Hudson known as digital effects artist
  • David Hyde known as technical director
  • Praveen Ilangovan known as pipeline technical director
  • Nicholas Illingworth known as effects technical director: Double Negative (as Nik Illingworth)
  • Jeffrey Jasper known as digital effects supervisor: New Deal Studios
  • Adam Jhani-Stephens known as studio assistant
  • Neil Jianoran known as roto artist
  • Oliver Johnstone known as digital artist
  • John Kelly known as matchmove artist: Double Negative
  • Cindy Khoo known as visual effects coordinator
  • Steven Anthony Khoury known as technical director: Double Negative
  • Alexander Kirk known as visual effects artist
  • Jennifer Kitching known as previs artist
  • Dorian Knapp known as animator: Double Negative
  • Jason Kolowski known as model maker
  • Jessica Kong known as roto/prep artist: Double Negative
  • Duncan Kuah Boon Kwang known as technical director
  • Ju Hee Kwon known as lighting technical director: Double Negative
  • Sabine Laimer known as digital compositor: Double Negative
  • Terence Lam known as modeller: Double Negative
  • Daniel Leatherdale known as digital compositor: Double Negative
  • Key Hyung Lee known as visual effects technical director: Double Negative
  • Francis Leong known as technical director: Double Negative
  • Jean-François Leroux known as digital compositor
  • Frederik Lillelund known as lighting technical director: Double Negative
  • Tze Ken Lim known as matchmove artist: Double Negative
  • William Lin Jiahui known as digital artist
  • Katie Linahon known as production coordinator: New Deal Studios
  • Eleonor Lindvall known as rotoscoping: Double Negative
  • Flip Livingston known as assistant visual effects yellow color artist
  • Reuben Lloyd-Pack known as visual effects editor: Double Negative
  • Zachary Lo known as digital compositor
  • Andrew Lockley known as visual effects supervisor: Double Negative
  • Leah Low known as technical director: Double Negative
  • Michael Lowry known as roto/prep artist
  • Bret Lu known as generalist td
  • Alex James Macieira known as matchmover: double negative
  • Scott Macieira known as rotoscope artist
  • Garry Maddison known as colourist
  • Raj Mahendran known as technical support
  • Dean Mangion known as machmove artist: Double Negative
  • Sharon Marcussen known as digital compositor: Double Negative
  • Indah Maretha known as roto/paint artist
  • Jake Martin known as visual effects production assistant
  • Will Martindale known as digital compositor: Double Negative
  • Giovanni Mascherpa known as generalist td
  • Daniel Maskit known as cg effects artist
  • Nathalie Mathé known as texture painter
  • Paul Maurice known as lidar scanning: Lidar VFX
  • Kevin McTurk known as model maker: New Deal Studios
  • Antonio Meazzini known as digital compositor
  • Charlotte Merrill known as compositor
  • Steve Miller known as visual effects editor
  • Alexandre Millet known as look dev artist: Double Negative
  • Vladimir Minguillo known as modeler: Double Negative
  • Sangita Mistry known as compositor: Double Negative
  • Derrick Mitchell known as visual effects editor
  • Boman Modine known as visual effects production assistant
  • Jeremy Mooney-Somers known as matchmover
  • Fernanda Moreno known as CG artist
  • David Antonin Mucci known as look development technical director: Double Negative
  • Katy Mummery known as visual effects coordinator: Double Negative
  • Tristan Myles known as compositing sequence supervisor: Double Negative
  • Malcolm Neailey known as matchmove artist
  • Stuart Nelhams known as supervising visual effects editor: Double Negative
  • Sebastian Ness known as matchmove artist
  • Steve Newburn known as key model maker: New Deal Studios
  • Shi Hua Ng known as texture artist/look dev
  • Stella Hui Sze Ng known as look development artist (as Stella Ng)
  • Stella Hui Sze Ng known as matchmove artist (as Stella Ng)
  • Stella Hui Sze Ng known as texture artist (as Stella Ng)
  • Aaron Noordally known as rotoscope artist
  • Elaine Ormes known as matchmove artist: Double Negative
  • Nathan Ortiz known as digital artist
  • Adam Stephen Orton known as roto artist: double negative (as Adam Orton)
  • Graham Page known as compositing sequence supervisor: Double Negative
  • Elisavet Paneta known as roto/prep artist
  • Nicholas Papworth known as visual effects artist
  • Chintan Parmar known as technical support
  • Daniel Pastore known as technical director
  • Christopher Payne known as visual effects editor: Double Negative
  • Eloise Rachael Payne known as roto/prep artist: Double Negative
  • Robert D. Pearson known as effects technical director: Double Negative
  • Soeren Bendt Pedersen known as visual effects artist
  • Laurie Pellard known as studio: double negative
  • Victor Perez known as digital compositor
  • Nizhen Phang known as texture artist
  • Fred Place known as lead senior compositor
  • Jason Pomerantz known as production supervisor: IMAX version
  • Kate Porter known as digital compositor
  • Ashvini R. Prabhu known as compositor
  • Yosafat Prayogo known as matchmove artist: Double Negative (as Yosafatp Notowibowo)
  • Gabriela Pruszkowska known as visual effects
  • Jacqui Purkess known as digital compositor
  • Simon Pynn known as matchmove artist: Double Negative
  • A.J. Raitano known as visual effects
  • Amardeep Rattan known as pre-vis artist
  • Ben Record known as miniature effects
  • Richard R. Reed known as compositing sequence supervisor: Double Negative
  • Sam Reed known as digital compositor
  • Max Rees known as visual effects coordinator
  • Garth Reilly known as compositor
  • Tania Richard known as matte painter: Double Negative
  • Christy Richmond known as assistant visual effects editor
  • Laurent-Paul Robert known as visual effects
  • Gal Roiter known as lighting technical director: Double Negative
  • Dale Rostron known as matchmove artist: Double Negative
  • Trina M. Roy known as research & development
  • Kayte Sabicer known as model maker
  • Gia Sadhwani known as visual effects artist
  • Matt Sadler known as matchmove supervisor: Double Negative
  • Thomas Salama known as paint/prep artist: Double Negative
  • Rhys Salcombe known as modeller: Double Negative
  • Matthew Salisbury known as matchmove supervisor: Double Negative
  • Olov Samuelsson known as compositor: Double Negative
  • Kevin San known as visual effects: Double Negative
  • Lui Sanchez-Fontillas known as rotoscope artist
  • Mark Sawicki known as opticals
  • Sabrina Scalfari known as visual effects line producer: Double Negative
  • Eduardo 'Lalo' Schmidek known as senior previs artist: Double Negative
  • David Schott known as roto/prep artist
  • Andrew E. Scrase known as data wrangler: Double Negative
  • Leona Sharkey known as CG artist: Double Negative
  • Chris Sillitoe known as digital paint artist: Double Negative
  • Jessica Clare Smith known as compositor
  • Dan Snape known as compositing sequence supervisor: Double Negative
  • Richard Stay known as senior compositor: Double Negative
  • Thomas R. Steiner known as digital compositor
  • Katie Stetson known as visual effects coordinator
  • Mary Stroumpouli known as digital compositor: Double Negative
  • Yanti Suryati known as matchmove artist: double negative
  • Kain Suwannaphin known as visual effects artist: New Deal Studios
  • Christopher Taylor known as digital compositor
  • Benoit Terminet Schuppon known as matchmove artist
  • Michael Thingnes known as paint/prep artist: Double Negative
  • Lee Tibbetts known as technical director. Double Negative
  • Chris Tomkins known as track/matchmove artist
  • Shahin Toosi known as look development/senior compositor: Double Negative
  • Oscar Tornincasa known as digital compositor
  • Jon Uriarte known as digital compositor
  • Nick van Diem known as 3D support: Double Negative
  • Helga Victoria known as matchmover: Double Negative (as Helga Yeo)
  • Robin Walsh known as roto/paint artist
  • Joe Wehmeyer known as data wrangler/matchmover/photographer
  • Mark H. Weingartner known as visual effects director of photography
  • Stephanie Whitmarsh known as matchmove artist: Double Negative
  • Amber Wilkins known as visual effects artist
  • Jeff Winkle known as assistant visual effects coordinator
  • Annie V. Wong known as digital compositor: Double Negative
  • Patrick Woo known as model technical director
  • Ryan John Woodward known as lighting technical director: Double Negative
  • Alison Wortman known as cg sequence supervisor: Double Negative
  • Sammy Wu known as roto artist
  • Perry Yap known as roto artist
  • Leanne Young known as visual effects coordinator: Double Negative
  • Jackson Yu known as visual effects assistant editor
  • Farhad Yusufi known as matchmove artist: double negative
  • Luca Zappala known as senior visual effects technical director: Double Negative
  • Daniel Caffrey known as technical support: Double Negative (uncredited)
  • Max Chan known as prep/paint artist: Double Negative (uncredited)
  • Donna Dubuc-Curtis known as visual effects artist (uncredited)
  • Favian Ee known as rotoscope artist (uncredited)
  • Christoph Keller known as compositor (uncredited)
  • Taz Lodder known as technology support manager: Double Negative (uncredited)
  • Christopher Marino known as assistant visual effects editor (uncredited)
  • Heather Page known as camera operator (uncredited)
  • Fredrik Rönnvall known as systems administrator: Double Negative (uncredited)
  • Jacky Toh known as prep artist (uncredited)
  • Kat Tysoe known as studio: double negative (uncredited)

Release Date:

  • USA 16 July 2012 (New York City, New York) (premiere)
  • UK 18 July 2012 (London) (premiere)
  • Australia 19 July 2012
  • Hong Kong 19 July 2012
  • Malaysia 19 July 2012
  • New Zealand 19 July 2012
  • Philippines 19 July 2012
  • Singapore 19 July 2012
  • Taiwan 19 July 2012
  • Canada 20 July 2012
  • Denmark 20 July 2012
  • Finland 20 July 2012
  • India 20 July 2012
  • Indonesia 20 July 2012
  • Ireland 20 July 2012
  • Israel 20 July 2012
  • Netherlands 20 July 2012
  • Spain 20 July 2012
  • UK 20 July 2012
  • USA 20 July 2012
  • Argentina 24 July 2012 (Buenos Aires) (premiere)
  • Belgium 25 July 2012
  • France 25 July 2012
  • Iceland 25 July 2012
  • Morocco 25 July 2012
  • Norway 25 July 2012
  • Sweden 25 July 2012
  • Switzerland 25 July 2012 (French speaking region)
  • Trinidad and Tobago 25 July 2012
  • Argentina 26 July 2012
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina 26 July 2012
  • Cambodia 26 July 2012
  • Chile 26 July 2012
  • Croatia 26 July 2012
  • Georgia 26 July 2012
  • Germany 26 July 2012
  • Hungary 26 July 2012
  • Kazakhstan 26 July 2012
  • Peru 26 July 2012
  • Russia 26 July 2012
  • Serbia 26 July 2012
  • Slovenia 26 July 2012
  • Switzerland 26 July 2012 (German speaking region)
  • Ukraine 26 July 2012
  • Brazil 27 July 2012
  • Bulgaria 27 July 2012
  • Colombia 27 July 2012
  • Costa Rica 27 July 2012
  • Estonia 27 July 2012
  • Japan 27 July 2012
  • Latvia 27 July 2012
  • Lithuania 27 July 2012
  • Mexico 27 July 2012
  • Panama 27 July 2012
  • Paraguay 27 July 2012
  • Poland 27 July 2012
  • Republic of Macedonia 27 July 2012 (Skopje)
  • Romania 27 July 2012
  • South Africa 27 July 2012
  • Turkey 27 July 2012
  • Uruguay 27 July 2012
  • Venezuela 27 July 2012
  • Vietnam 27 July 2012
  • Portugal 2 August 2012
  • Armenia 10 August 2012
  • Egypt 15 August 2012
  • Lebanon 16 August 2012
  • United Arab Emirates 16 August 2012
  • Egypt 17 August 2012
  • Bahrain 18 August 2012
  • Kuwait 18 August 2012
  • Pakistan 20 August 2012
  • Greece 21 August 2012
  • China 28 August 2012
  • Italy 29 August 2012
  • Switzerland 29 August 2012 (Italian speaking region)

MPAA: Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action, some sensuality and language



Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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