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Walking with the Enemy (2013)

  • Rate: 5.7/10 total 367 votes 
  • Genre: Action | Drama | History | Romance | War
  • Runtime: 124 min
  • Filming Location: Southern California, California, USA
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Walking with the Enemy (2013)

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  • IMDb page: Walking with the Enemy (2013)
  • Rate: 5.7/10 total 367 votes 
  • Genre: Action | Drama | History | Romance | War
  • Runtime: 124 min
  • Filming Location: Southern California, California, USA
  • Gross: $357,000 (USA) (25 April 2014)
  • Director: Mark Schmidt
  • Stars: Jonas Armstrong, Ben Kingsley, Hannah Tointon | See full cast and crew »
  • Original Music By: Tim Williams   
  • Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
  • Plot Keyword: Disguise | Nazi | Love | Revenge | Budapest Hungary

Writing Credits By:

  • Kenny Golde (screenplay)
  • Richard Lasser (additional screenplay material)

Known Trivia

  • The working title of the film was “The Glass House” because part of the film takes place at the historical glass factory, in Budapest. It became a legation of the Swiss government during WWII. Many innocent lives were saved from the Nazi death camps by the covert missions that emanated from there. 6 of 6 found this interesting Interesting? YesNo |
  • While scouting locations in Budapest, the Liberty Studios production team stopped in a cafĂ© where the stars of BBC’s Robin Hood, including Jonas Armstrong, were relaxing. Little did they know, a year later, they would cast Armstrong as the lead role in “Walking with the Enemy.” 9 of 10 found this interesting Interesting? YesNo |
  • The producers received small roles or cameos in the film: Producer Randy Williams can be seen as a Nazi officer in the restaurant scene, Producer Christopher Williams plays Jacob, the printer, and Associate Producers Brian and Shaun Schmidt play Arrow Cross guards. 5 of 5 found this interesting Interesting? YesNo |
  • Some of the actors worked with dialect coaches for German and Hungarian pronunciations. 7 of 8 found this interesting Interesting? YesNo |
  • The first day of shooting consisted of the bridge explosion and major stunt work, like jumping off the bridge into the river. 6 of 7 found this interesting Interesting? YesNo |
  • Liberty Studios, Inc. was created by director, Mark Schmidt, for the filming of “Walking with the Enemy.” 4 of 5 found this interesting Interesting? YesNo |

Plot: A young man, separated from his family in WWII, disguises himself as a Nazi SS Officer and uncovers more than just his family whereabouts. Full summary » |  »

Story: A powerful new film inspired by a true story. This feature follows the heroic lives of a world leader and a young man swept up in the horrors of WWII. Both men are from Hungary–a country and German ally that had been spared the atrocities orchestrated by Hitler throughout much of Europe. As the war reaches its climax, Germany begins to doubt the loyalties of the Hungarian leadership-in particular Regent Horthy (Academy Award winner Ben Kingsley). The Regent tries to navigate his country between the growing terror of Nazi Germany and the oppressive threat of communist Russia. He is ultimately faced with ceding power to another political party or accepting the execution of his son. As the crisis unfolds, thousands of his citizens are forced underground or put into ghettos. One of them is a young man named Elek Cohen (Jonas Armstrong) who is separated from his family and determined to find them. Aided by the woman he loves (Hannah Tointon), Elek disguises himself as a Nazi SS officer … Written byLiberty Studios

FullCast & Crew

Produced By:

  • Steve Nickell known as line producer
  • Vlad Paunescu known as co-producer
  • Mark Schmidt known as producer
  • Shaun Schmidt known as associate producer
  • D. Scott Trawick known as producer
  • Christopher Williams known as producer
  • Randy Williams known as producer

FullCast & Crew:

  • Jonas Armstrong known as Elek Cohen
  • Ben Kingsley known as Regent Horthy
  • Hannah Tointon known as Hannah Schoen
  • Simon Kunz known as Jozsef Greenberg
  • Simon Dutton known as Miklos Schoen
  • Burn Gorman known as Colonel Skorzeny
  • Shane Taylor known as Miklos Horthy Jr
  • William Hope known as Carl Lutz
  • Flora Spencer-Longhurst known as Rachel Schoen
  • Simon Hepworth known as President Szalasi
  • Andrew Brooke known as Capt. Kovarcz
  • Charles De'Ath known as Lt. Krieger
  • Mark Wells known as Ferenc Jacobson
  • Charles Hubbell known as Adolf Eichmann
  • Mark Wingett known as Sorenzi
  • Patrick Toomey known as Wisliceny
  • Karl Backus known as Col. Weber
  • Robert Jezek known as Janos Balacz
  • Naomi Capron known as Mrs. Schoen
  • Richard Albrecht known as Rabbi Cohen
  • Ralph Brown known as Gruzdev
  • David Leon known as Lajos
  • Jade Moulla known as Sofi Cohen
  • Christopher Williams known as Jacob
  • Giles Alderson known as Dorian
  • Jonty Stephens known as Mr. Farkas
  • Asier Newman known as Adam Cohen
  • Tom Bacon known as Samuel
  • Gay Hamilton known as Frau Lustig
  • Iulia Lumânare known as Horthy's Secretary
  • Ken Bones known as Samuel Stern
  • Robert Lonsdale known as Gyula
  • Michelle Miklosey known as Marketa
  • Heather Bleasdale known as Mrs. Cohen
  • Jeffrey C. Hawkins known as Andras (as Jeffrey Hawkins)
  • Dan Hembal known as Drunken SS #2
  • David Jon Wilson known as Drunken SS #1
  • George Remes known as SS Officer
  • Irina Saulescu known as Col. Weber's Secretary
  • Christopher Adlington known as Tomas
  • Stephen Marzella known as David Koenig
  • Brian Schmidt known as Arrow Cross #7
  • Aaron Kissinger known as Ari
  • Ioana Abur known as Refugee Mother
  • Marian Soare Aurelian known as Adam
  • Aurelian Soare known as Adam
  • Maria-Antoaneta Tudor known as The Young Mother
  • Shaun Schmidt known as Arrow Cross #8
  • Cristian Motiu known as German Soldier 1
  • Alin Olteanu known as German Soldier 2
  • Catalin Paraschiv known as Arrow Cross Lieutenant
  • Roxanna Ravenor known as Mother
  • Mihai Stanescu known as Uli
  • Graham Powell known as Col. Weber's Aide
  • Tyucodi Szabolics known as Labor Camp Guard
  • István Teglas known as German Soldier 3
  • Estera Zainea known as Death March Girl
  • Stefan Iancu known as Adam
  • Diego Josef known as Adam (voice)
  • Brooke McCormick known as Prisoner / Victim (voice)
  • Ioana Picos known as Suzi
  • Chad Gibbs known as Concentration Camp Laborer (voice) (uncredited)
  • Alex Purje known as Shutzpass Prisoner (uncredited)
  • Sunny D. Smith known as Mrs. Farkas (voice) (uncredited)



Supporting Department

Makeup Department:

  • Alexandra Barladeanu known as hair stylist
  • Daniela Busoiu known as key makeup artist
  • Musat Claudia known as makeup artist
  • Mark Garbarino known as special makeup effects artist
  • Deb Garcia known as key makeup artist
  • Ramona Geaman known as makeup artist
  • Letitia Ghenea known as key hair stylist
  • Joyce A. Henriquez known as makeup artist
  • Tara Lang known as special makeup effects artist

Art Department:

  • Scantei Cosmin-Catalin known as assistant property master
  • Karl J. Deitch known as production buyer
  • Bostina Florin known as construction coordinator (as Florin Bostina)
  • Viorel Ghenea known as property master
  • Adi Handac known as assistant property master
  • Petre Ionut known as swing gang
  • Catalin Martis known as swing gang
  • Iasar Memedali known as lead man: additional photography
  • Matei Niculescu known as assistant art director
  • Paul Ruiz known as storyboard artist
  • Cosmin Serban known as swing gang
  • Mugur Szabo known as leadman
  • George Vasile known as construction coordinator




Production Companies:

  • Liberty Studios

Other Companies:

  • Castel Film Romania  production services
  • Central Casting Romania  casting
  • Clearance Lab, The  clearances
  • Hollywood-DI  HD screening services
  • Local Hero  post-production facilities
  • Local Hero  post-production services
  • Mark Litwak & Associates  legal services
  • Oana Paunescu's Dada Workshop  costume manufacture
  • Raza Studio  location sound recording


  • Liberty Studios (2013) (USA) (theatrical)



Other Stuff

Special Effects:

  • Cosmic Forces (visual effects)

Visual Effects by:

  • Henry Borrasso known as compositor
  • Melissa Brockman known as visual effects producer: Cosmic Forces
  • Glenn Campbell known as visual effects supervisor
  • Jeffrey Jasper known as digital artist: New Deal Studios
  • Jeffrey Kalmus known as visual effects supervisor: Cosmic Forces
  • Tim McHugh known as visual effects supervisor
  • Maksim Solonovich known as visual effects artist
  • Maksims Solonvich known as 3D visual effects artist
  • Ryan Trenhaile known as visual effects supervisor
  • Joe Young known as matte painter
  • Joseph Young known as matte painter

MPAA: Rated PG-13 for war violence including crimes against humanity



Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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